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Mar 19 2016

Scotland Gun Control: Where Nightmares Are Reality

Colion Noir is on target when he points out that the campaign to deprive us of our precious right of self-defense is incremental. If they tried disarming us all at once, there would be a bloodbath. So they do it inch by inch, until one day we wake up and find we’re in Constitution-free, moonbattery-addled Scotland:

It sure would be nice to have someone making Supreme Court nominations who is a reliable conservative.

On a tip from Screwy Puppy.

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  • Ed. G. Mann

    The term you want for an appointment to SCOTUS is Strict Constructionist. That is one who takes the Constitution as it is written and uses it that way to see if the law as written is constitutional. They don’t go looking for new rights, but to make sure those enumerated in the Bill of Rights are not transgressed. for them if it isn’t in the Constitution, then the Constitution doesn’t apply to that item

    But beware, Abortion isn’t mentioned in the Constitution because at that time it was accepted, there for legal under a woman’s Rights. Before you start screaming, go research the banning of abortion (1910-1913) because doctors were losing money to midwives. Always follow the money trail.

    A Conservative may or may not be a Strict Constructionist. ow many nominées appointed by ‘Conservatives” turned out to be other than conservative.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    well it’s such a flaming success in Australia they’re making TV shorts about it


    Are staple guns required to registered yet? How about glue guns and calking guns?
    In the name of safety all staple guns should be registered.

  • Michael Onoo

    Stabbings are the new thing in New York. Some European countries legislating against knives with pointy ends

  • rex freeway

    For what reason would they want to register air soft guns? They are 100% non lethal.

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  • KHarn

    “Abortion isn’t mentioned in the Constitution because at that time it was accepted, there for legal under a woman’s Rights.”
    It’s not mentioned in the US Constitution because at the time, governments had NOTHING TO DO with medical treatment.
    Saddles, candles and planting season were not included for the same reason.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Of course you didn’t do as I mentioned and researched the issue. I did a great length and wrote about it at several sites including my own. I is fun because it always sucks in the know it alls and the unwary. Medical treatments aren’t mentioned in the Constitution either. The Founding Fathers weren’t out to save your souls, just your political future.

    Given the sepsis controls in the late 1700’s and through most of the 1800’s it isn’t a procedure not without it’s perils. But you will find that doctors lobbied Congress in the early 1900’s to get abortion made unlawful because they were losing money to midwives. Abortions were still performed in hospitals, by doctors for fees most women couldn’t afford. The medical term for them is Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) So the back alley trade continued.

    Anytime you can find any medical terms or the term abortion in the Constitution, please let us all know. But stop instructing us about other items that do not appear either. The word oxygen doesn’t show up, but you are using it.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    If they could register your fingers when you shaped them into the form of a gun, they would. I’m extremely surprised they haven’t banned Pop Tarts because they can be gnawed into the shape of a gun.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    You will be subject to close scrutiny by the truth in ads police for merely posting this bit of anti-state agitprop. Go turn yourself in.

  • KHarn

    “…there for legal under a woman’s Rights.”
    You worded it as if women have rights that men DON’T have. That is the ideal of “progressives” who created special political groups.
    Equal application of the law, you know.

  • KHarn

    They throw a projectile, that’s enough.

  • KHarn

    And by the way, I said that abortion WAS NOT in the Constitution. I never said that something doesn’t exist because it’s not mentioned in the US Constitution.
    Now what you mean by “women’s rights”? Are you one of those who believe that certain people or states (New England) have rights not enjoyed by anyone else?

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    Rho rho raggy!

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Absolutely! They have the right to be colder than Florida, to have fewer tornadoes than Alabama and to have better mountains than Kansas. Now that all this is settled can we dispense with nitpicking over moral tights issues.

    The Constitution never was to establish anything other than the basis for how the political structure of the Country would be conducted. The Declaration of Independence went only so far as to mention Life Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness.No where is happiness guaranteed. Only the right to the other two is offered.

    If people would keep their own moral choices to themselves and live moral lives according to those ideals, we would have fewer internal conflicts. Conservatives are no better than Progressives in that they wish to tell others how to live their lives. All summed up beautifully by Ambrose Bierce:
    “Conservative, n: A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others.

    When one starts dealing in moral issues, then wars come about, civil strife and other unhappy events occur. To make matters worse, SCOTUS creates laws out of whole cloth. The Constitution makes no provision for that to take place. Since we have a feckless GOP Congress a vacuum is created and nature abhors such a thing.

    As for Rights in the Constitution, they’re listed in the First Ten Amendments plus the other Amendments which can be repealed. The First Ten cannot since they are part of the Constitution; one would have to rewrite the document.

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