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Mar 23 2016

Open Thread


Compliments of Stormfax.

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  • chuck_in_st_paul

    oh no!! you just caused death and destruction in the university system with the macro aggression graphic and NO warning!! Down twinkles!

  • Torcer

    Nate Silver: Cruz Favored To Win Wisconsin

    Nate Silver: Cruz Favored To Win Wisconsin
    Wednesday afternoon, Nate Silver, widely regarded as the mathematician with his finger squarely on the pulse of the American electorate, released a post in which he favored Ted Cruz to win the Wisconsin primary. Silver gave Cruz a 60% chance of winning the primary, with Donald Trump following at 39% and John Kasich a paltry 1%.

    Silver has a natural distrust of polls, and noted, “Not all polls are created equal, so our forecasts are calculated based on weighted polling averages.” Still, this was his estimate as a polls-only forecast, rather than a polls-plus forecast, so given that Cruz has won key endorsements in the state, notably the Club for Growth PAC, Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes, and Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, Cruz’s chances may be even better that 60%. The group Right Wisconsin endorsed Cruz on Monday.

    Cruz’s chances will likely improve even more if Governor Scott Walker endorses him. Walker hinted on Wednesday he may do just that, saying, “If you’re someone who is uneasy with the front-runner right now, there’s really only one candidate. Ted Cruz is the only one who’s got a chance other than Donald Trump to win the nomination statistically, and my friend Gov. (John) Kasich cannot.”

  • Torcer

    BOOM!! Cruz LEADS in Wisconsin, and NATIONAL poll has him within 3 points of Trump!!

    BOOM!! Cruz LEADS in Wisconsin, and NATIONAL poll has him within 3 points of Trump!!
    The Cruz Crew has a lot to be thankful for in Wisconsin where a new Emerson poll shows the TedNado is rocking the cheeto-faced fascist:

    As establishment Republicans look for ways to slow Donald Trump’s relentless march toward the party’s presidential nomination, Wisconsin’s winner-take-all GOP primary contest on April 5 offers some intriguing possibilities. In a statewide Emerson College poll released today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not only leading Trump 36% to 35% in the upcoming primary, but Cruz is only trailing Hillary Clinton by one point in a hypothetical general election matchup, 46% to 45%. In contrast, Trump is trailing both Clinton and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, by the same 9-point margin of 47% to 38% in a potential general election match-up.

    BOOM!! Let’s hope this signals that America is more interested in a proven Constitutional conservative than in a loudmouth lying lout!

    But that’s not all, folks!

    According to a new Fox News poll, Cruz is also within 3 points of Trump nationally as well:
    Read more:

  • His name is a trigger word!

    Emory University president says students are scared and ‘in pain’ after someone wrote ‘Trump 2016’ in chalk on campus

    President Jim Wagner said students viewed graffiti as intimidating

    Officials arranged a meeting for those offended to address concerns

    University organizations also offered counselling to those affected

    But some commentators have told the students to grow up

    They don’t need to grow up – they need to seek serious mental help!

    By the way, I’m establishing a pool concerning how many days until this is exposed as yet another hate hoax… anyone want to buy any days?


    Concerned about strange people running through their neighborhood at night, several Hidalgo residents invited a CBS 4 News reporter to stop by — and witness the problem firsthand.

    Graciela Perez said she’s concerned about the people who attempt to sneak through her neighborhood every night.

    Depending on the day, 30 to 50 people pass through the Hidalgo Viejo neighborhood, Perez said. Dogs start barking, waking many residents.

    “We think they are undocumented immigrants and we’re scared,” Perez said. “Honestly, we’re scared because of what’s going on in Mexico.”

    CBS 4 News reporter Imelda Mejia spent Monday night and early Tuesday morning at Perez’s home.

    At about 4 a.m., dogs started barking. Through the window, CBS 4 News cameras captured several men running down Levee Avenue.

    Someone called the Hidalgo Police Department, which dispatched an officer to patrol the area.

    Border Patrol agents, who typically park near the border wall, weren’t spotted until 8 a.m.


    Sea level has been falling on the Atlantic seaboard for the past six years.

    Or, perhaps, the land has been rising – isostatic rebound?

  • Because Belgium has rules, laws against such things…

    The announcement by the Belgian authorities that they had confiscated more than 30 pounds of the explosive TATP from a dwelling used by the attackers in Brussels was, in some ways, an expected development. But it contained one detail that bomb-disposal technicians and security officials regarded with surprise: the quantity of the particular explosive involved. TATP, also known as triacetone triperoxide, is a white, crystalline explosive also used in the attacks in Paris in November.

    And you all know that, for instance, we could solve our gun problem if we just had more laws banning guns outright – that would fix it, right?


    Liberal moonbats still don’t understand that criminals (and terrorists) ignore laws, so more gun control generally means law-abiding citizens are going to be at a disadvantage facing armed criminals.

  • A Utah victory for Cruz – but he must get 85% of the remaining delegates to clinch it over Trump.

  • It’s the case of the wrongfully identified penis and one that showcases TMZ’s girth.

    Marques Johnson, a hip-hop artist known as Andre Roxx, who once was associated with the Wu Tang Clan affiliated outfit Killa Beez, has brought a defamation lawsuit against TMZ over an April 2014 article.

    The story in question reported that a “rapper affiliated with Wu-Tang Clan was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday after he cut off his penis and then jumped off a second story balcony.”

    Johnson says he was first tagged by TMZ as the rapper who did that, before a rewritten story reflected that it was another guy — Christ Bearer.

    But isn’t the real story that this guy cut off his own penis? Not that they initially got it wrong?

    And there’s more:

    When the story came out, the plaintiff says he was in prison and forced to go into protective custody because other inmates began harassing him. Johnson says he got out in June 2015, but hasn’t been able to rebuild his musical career because disc jockeys and promoters told him it was too “risky” to book him due to the publicity.

    Even the Wu Tang Clan allegedly distanced itself from him by “immediately denounc[ing] any affiliation with him, posting on their blog that ‘This m********* ain’t got s*** to do with the WUTANG brand.”

    So Wu Tan Clan simply states he has nothing to do with them, or they with him?

  • IShiiteyounot!
  • ScrewyPuppy
  • Alyce Owens

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  • seaoh

    In theaters soon

  • seaoh

    Can someone please splash Hillary with some water???

  • seaoh

    so much for “white privilage”
    Asians are on their way to toppling whites as the wealthiest group in America.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    your friend’s mate does bestiality pornos, not my cup of tea

  • IShiiteyounot!
  • chuck_in_st_paul

    actually that just might explain at least some of it, the great melt-off after the ice age has lifted North America hundreds of feet.

  • Extortion!

    Rams Made Deal With NFL To Draft Michael Sam To Not Film ‘Hard Knocks,’ Report Say

    A longtime NFL reporter revealed Wednesday the NFL agreed to a deal where the Los Angeles Rams — then St. Louis — didn’t have to do HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series in 2014 if they drafted Michael Sam.

    Sam, fhe former University of Missouri defensive end, was cut by the Rams before the beginning of the 2014 regular season. He was then signed to the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, where he only lasted seven weeks.

    He signed a deal with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League in 2015 but only played one game after leaving the team for mental health reasons.

    Again we see a person who’s CHOSEN a gay lifestyle admitting to having mental problems.

    Whether or not he accepts his problems are directly related to his CHOICES or tries to blame them on others remains to be seen.

    Sounds like he’s not accepting blame:

    “If I had my way, I really do wish I went undrafted,” Sam said at the time. “I could have actually went to a team who really needed pass rush, and needed a defensive end who could pass rush the quarterback. But the Rams, even though I learned a log from Chris Long and [Robert] Quinn, I think that I could have done better being on an active roster right now if I went to a different team.”

  • They’ve got it wrong – the FED is keeping rates low for Obama, not for Hillary. They are trying to keep the rampant inflation that must eventually come, due to his collusion with Congress and the rampant deficit spending that resulted, from happening during his time in office. The longer it is put off, the worse it might be.

    As a result, the US is condemned to a mediocre expansion — or worse — for the foreseeable future.


    She’s wrong about Trump being the GOPs fault – He is a natural reaction, completely foreseeable, to what the Democrats have been doing these past 8 years.

    This is why Trump’s winning, and why I won’t vote for Hillary

    Hillary Clinton’s Brussels response was basically boilerplate, calling for solidarity with Europe and playing chess with Trump to paint him as a greenhorn and hothead. Bernie Sanders (whom I support and contribute to) had little to say, beyond conveying condolences to the Belgian people, because foreign affairs have unfortunately remained a sideline for him. Neither Sanders nor Martin O’Malley ever went after Hillary’s disastrous record as Secretary of State with the tenacity that they should have—a failure of strategy that has proved costly in the long run.


    Smugglers Built Home to Hide Cross-Border Drug Tunnel, a First for Calif.: US Atty.

    A secret, cross-border tunnel found in the Southern Californian desert may be the first in California where smugglers built a home for the sole purpose of transporting drugs.

    The 416-yard tunnel starts at a cement hole in the living room of a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in Calexico, California, 120 miles east of San Diego, and runs across the border and into the kitchen of an open and running restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico, U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said at a press conference Wednesday.

    A hole in the floor – covered with tile – leads to a shaft, descending underground. The tunnel is the 12th large-scale operational drug smuggling tunnel discovered along the border since 2006, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Southern California.

    “We repeatedly see cartels trying to build these tunnels, they spend years doing it, they spend millions of dollars doing it, to create their own private underworld of secret passageways to move drugs unchecked into this country,” Duffy said. “But for the builders, for the financiers, for the operators of these passageways, there’s no light at the end of these tunnels.”

  • Another moonbat who is perhaps confused about her actual reality:

    Jennifer Staines, 23, groomed her victims online under the name Jason Spiller saying she was looking for love.

    She wouldn’t let her victims – aged between 12 and 17 – touch her body and used condoms on the rubber penis. One of the girls went to her doctor believing she might be pregnant and so convincing was her deceit that one of her victims still struggles to believe she was in a relationship with a woman, not a man.

  • TED

    The ONLY “Safe Space!”.

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  • TED

    YES, it IS, just that SIMPLE!

  • TED

    EVEN DANTE has a place for him!

  • TED
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    IF NOT, YOU ARE a liberal and ARE LYING (as usual).

  • TED Which they are GIVEN, every day!

  • TED
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  • TED

    “Hillary’s America” Trailer


  • SNuss

    But, Liberalism IS a mental disease.

  • seaoh
  • seaoh
  • Correct – and the same thing is happening in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

  • Inaacabrera2

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