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Mar 24 2016

Valerie Jarrett’s Bizarre Praise of Communist Hellhole

Despite early promise, prospects for the 2016 are looking bleak. At least we can console ourselves that not even Hillary or Trump is likely to be worse than what we have now. Here’s what our Commander in Chief’s supervisor burbled in light of Obama kissing the dictator’s ring in communist Cuba:

The most conspicuous characteristic of collectivism is that — with the exception of dictators enshrined in cults of personality — it places no value whatsoever on individuals. That is the fundamental difference between Americanism and Christianity on one side, communism and fascism on the other. It is why leftists like Jarrett and Obama persist in their communist sympathies despite communist countries killing over 100,000,000 of their own citizens during the 20th century. All these people were merely individuals, of no significance when you consider the benefit of bestowing theoretical utopia upon the faceless masses.

A few responses from Twitterland:

On a tip from Torcer. Hat tip: Twitchy.

  • Scuttlebuttin’

    “For the totalitarians of our more enlightened century there is no soul and no Creator; there is merely a lump of physiological raw material moulded by conditioned reflexes and social pressures into what, by courtesy, is still called a human being. This product of the man-made environment is without intrinsic significance and possesses no rights to self-determination. It exists for Society and must conform to the Collective Will. In practice, of course, Society is nothing but the national State, and as a matter of brute fact, the Collective Will is merely the dictator’s will-to-power, sometimes mitigated, sometimes distorted to the verge of lunacy, by some pseudo-scientific theory of what, in the gorgeous future, will be good for an actuarial abstraction labelled ‘Humanity.’ Individuals are defined as the products and the instruments of Society.” – Aldous Huxley

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  • Fiberal

    The pundits on the right are incensed by BO’s callousness toward the victims of the Belgian bombing.

    How is it that the glitterati of the news media have still not yet figured out the vacant sociopathic conscience of BO?

    Meanwhile the left of course, shrugs.

  • RKae

    And they lock up poets in prisons, you stupid cow.

    She’s managed to utter something dumber than Patty Murray’s praise of Osama bin Laden’s “building daycare centers.”

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  • GhostRider2001

    Sounds like a great place for a former President and his staff to retire. They looked very comfortable and right at home with the Castros.

  • ray

    Why don’t Val and Huma and Obo stay in Cuba with El Supremo Loco? No hurry. They can fiesta and chuckle about fleecing their nations.

  • Alphamail


    1st paragraph – PUNDIT: Any media talking- head EITHER left or right, who by nature and/or by lack of education knows less than their audience but who by self-acclaim or by government-standard assessment, preaches a hollow expertise idolized by a ill-informed guppy-sucking public.

    2nd paragraph – SOCIOPATHIC CONSCIENCE: “Oxymoron Alert” – I.E., two random psyches at odds here, both lost in a confused paradox of a conundrum coupled with a dilemma leading to a query…..That well-reasoned and succinct definition explains the last seven years of BO.

    Last paragraph – THE LEFT OF COURSE SHRUGS: Their standard recourse when not lying.

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  • taxpayer22

    Her parents’ were well known communists.

  • TED

    Why not, she has NO problem with THESE people(?).

  • physicsnut

    Commies need to be THROWN OUT

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