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Mar 25 2016

Leftist Publication Calls for Burning Constitution

Moonbats don’t always dress in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes they come right out and tell you who they are and what they want:

Jacobin, a new socialist magazine, has published an essay advocating destroying the U.S. Constitution.

The magazine, which was launched in 2011 and is published four times a year, is the creation of Bhaskar Sunkara. Sunkara, 26, is the son of immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago. He lives in Brooklyn.

A new profile on argues that “Jacobin has in the past five years become the leading intellectual voice of the American left, the most vibrant and relevant socialist publication in a very long time.”

Jacobin claims a circulation of 15,000 with a web audience of 750,000 a month. A 2013 profile of Sunkara in the New York Times revealed that when Seth Ackerman, a graduate student at Cornell, wrote a piece critical of the U.S. Constitution, Sunkara came up with the title: “Seth had a title with nine words and a semicolon. I crossed it out and wrote ‘Burn the Constitution.’”

Ackerman’s article argues that the Constitution, with its governmental checks and balances, prevents “the democratic will” and “popular sovereignty.”

It sure does. Students of history will recognize these terms as euphemisms for mob rule leading to authoritarian statism. Jean-Jacques Rousseau famously propagated the notion that government represents the will of the people. It follows that government has the right to impose whatever it wants on those same people, no matter how many it has to kill to get them to comply. Rousseau’s toxic ideology helped create the French Revolution and the following Reign of Terror, the template for authoritarian revolutions to follow.

Speaking of the French Revolution, here’s what “Jacobin” means:

a member of a radical society or club of revolutionaries that promoted the Reign of Terror and other extreme measures, active chiefly from 1789 to 1794

The American Revolution resulted in a government whose power is limited by the Constitution. It was the polar opposite of the French Revolution, producing freedom and consequently wealth rather than tyranny and consequently terror. All politics boils down to which revolution will prevail.

burning constitution
Their openly stated objective.

On a tip from Steve A.

  • Jester

    I’ve known lots of sleazebags from the Caribbean in my time, no different from these ones. They’re a cancer.

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  • Saxon Warrior

    ‘Getting to the point where I’m not caring anymore.
    I’m armed and I’m waiting. Even if they somehow take our guns away, I’ve got bows, arrows, spears, crossbows, slingshots, and last but not least…. my fists – they still work (just about).
    But when it comes to a real fight, I’m not worried about most lily-livered moonbats. They only squabble and whinge in their own territory, surrounded by and guarded by other fellow moonbats who praise them with adulation.

    It’s the Muslim terrorists who are the real warriors and much as I despise these inbred cultists, I admire them for their dedication and respect them more than the cowardly maggot moonbats who enable them.
    Nevertheless, Muzloids are still the enemy and I detest the way they treat women and the way they abuse kids. If any filthy Muslim rapist falls into my hands… woe betide him. I have a special pair of rusty pliers reserved for his genitals and I don’t possess any anesthetics. He won’t be praying to Allah again once he’s crying tears of agony as I pull out his cherries one by one.
    Sorry for being so crude, but the time for messing around is over.

  • Henry

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg now needs to change her Depends

  • fredrickbarbarossa

    Like all leftists, they are garden variety totalitarian wannabes. They are mad because they aren’t in charge of other peoples money yet. they also resent the leftists in charge of, and who work for the present regime. They get attention by out lefting the left and claiming leftist purity. Their movement will grow if our economy continues to falter no matter who wins in November.


    The 1965 Immigration Act allowed millions upon millions of “immigrants” like this one who have no love for our nation, only desire to break it and have no connection to our customs, social norms or history – but they do possess a virulent hatred for it.


    The lily livered moonbats are using the beheading, crucifying jihadists that you “admire” to do the dirty work and heavy lifting.

    The enemy of mine enemy is a damn good cossack to employ


    Brooklyn is filled with them..

  • RestlessLegs

    Sorry. Obama beat you to it.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    all libs are fascists at heart who appoint themselves to rule over the rest of us.————-

    “Liberal: a power worshiper without power. ” – George Orwell

  • Appalled By The World

    Might as well. The usual suspects have twisted and distorted that great document so much that it’s almost meaningless. About the only thing that surprises me about the current regime is that its god hasn’t written a new one himself yet, to be delivered in the same manner as Moses delivered the Ten Commandments.

  • Kristabstrobel1

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  • Donna M

    Well, just a reminder…the Obamacare ENSLAVEMENT NIGHTMARE!!!
    …and it still has not been”FULLY” implemented!
    ‘Cause they haven’t finished “writing” IN ALL THE FRAUD, yet!
    …and it’s already tanking like the Titanic…!
    It never was EVER about a “competent” healthcare delivery system for the “consumer”…
    It was all about the fed gov, confiscating individual rights, and gaining power and management control, by getting in between the transactional relationships of patients, healthcare providers and insurance carriers. It empowered the fed gov to acquire rights over the free market and obtain ultimate, management “control”, over and above, the rights of the consumer, as it subjugated and transfered the burden of all insurance carriers accountability to the fed gov.
    …and that was only the beginning!
    It’s a very lucrative business, if your in the federal gov!

  • Jack

    Is it any surprise that he is friends with the other America-hater Tavis Smiley? Instead of burning the Constitution like most democrats want to do, Burn Bhaskar Sunkara,the ungrateful son of ungrateful immigrants.

  • fredrickbarbarossa

    Agreed! Don’t forget that through Obamacare, our Federal government effectively gained control of higher education by taking control of all student loans thereby controlling all practices and procedures of administration including their interpretation of Title IX, diversity, affirmative action and “research”. Health care and Higher Education represent more than 20% of our economy.

  • Jodie

    You are so right Donna!

    My employer switched insurance companies at the beginning of 2016. Since January 1st, I have had two prescriptions denied by UnitedHealthcare. One for allergies and the other for asthma. In both cases, I went to pick up the prescriptions, only to be rejected, with no explanation. CVS printed a form both times and I had to come back home and call the insurance company to find out what the problem was. Then I had to contact the doctor numerous times to get the RXs rewritten.

    It turns out that UnitedHealthcare is trying to strong arm people into using Walgreen’s instead of CVS and also trying to force people into using the mail order prescription fulfillment – instead of CVS.

    It would not have been so bad if the insurance company had pre-warned me and I could have acted sooner, but they did not.

    If anyone has asthma, they likely know how frightening it can be to go even one day without an inhaler.

  • Mannie

    the Constitution, with its governmental checks and balances, prevents “the democratic will” and “popular sovereignty.”

    That is what it was designed to do.

  • Sounds like subversion and a self-declaration as a domestic enemy of the Constitution. I believe we have a lot of civil employees bound by oath to protect and defend against people like this. They need to act upon that oath.

  • grayjohn

    I call for the burning of radical organizations and their idiot members.

  • Donna M

    Absolutely correct fb!!!!
    I didn’t get a chance to explain the “conflict of interest” that the Fed gov take over of individual HEALTHCARE did to the “then” consumer…
    What nobody explained, is “how” the “consumer”, by definition, changed/transformed, right before our eyes, into becoming a “commodity”!!!!
    What is, “exactly!”, the gov’s definition of what “personhood” means in relation to the state of beauracratic gov, to business, commerce, employment, transactions…(the list goes on), but you get the picture. Since our REPUBLIC holds our elected leaders “accountable to the general public” at large, that completely changed with the installment of the Wormwood and his first order of business, obamacare….! Now, everything that is stated, deemed, defined as a transaction, trade, commerce, business, PRODUCT OR SERVICE…is now mandated “accountable to the Fed gov”!!! Including us! Soooo…” WE” got the bounce due to our diminished standing in relation to the Fed gov. BY THE PEOPLE, BECAME, TO THE PEOPLE OR FOR THE “GOOD” OF THE PEOPLE…WITH THE FEDS IN CHARGE…!
    …and of course, the rest is history…

  • Donna M

    Oh yeah! God Bless You, Jodie!
    I have asthma too!!!

  • Donna M

    Try asking for your insurance carrier’s “formulary index list”, of specific medications and treatments covered by your insurance. ‘Cause your healthcare provider is “flying blind” in regard to prescribing covered and and uncovered meds and treatment.
    …and guess what!!! If the insurance carrier doesn’t PROVIDE THAT INFO TO YOU, OR MAYBE HAS NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT….OR EVEN BETTER, DOESN’T GIVE OUT THAT INFO……WELL, THEY ARE OUT OF COMPLIANCE….!!!! And ya’ better find out why… Ya’ know, you have the right to demand “why”!!! That’s where ya’ tell ’em, ya’ want to file a grievance! They are paid a lot of money to “DELIVER” service. You want accountability and not to just be put off! Hope ya’ get it taken care of…
    I’ll tell ya’ Healthcare Options,(Medical), Social Security (Medicare), third party vendors like Molina HC and IEHC, just don’t care for me, too much! I found out that these entities don’t communicate or talk to one another! And their computer systems don’t, necessarily, interface with each other, so if info is sent, it’s not even received! Oh boy!!! Caught them “red handed”! Their “apologies” were “eventually”, accepted after they rectified THEIR PROBLEMS!

  • Steve Skubinna

    Whatever “oath” our civil employees may swear, their true allegiance in most cases is to their unions first and the party second (most of the time there’s no daylight between the two).

    So don’t be holding your breath on that whole upholding the oath thing.

  • Narrator 1

    >Sunkara, 26, is the son of immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago.

    This worthless piece of crap should have asked some pointed questions about why exactly his parents left Trinidad for the US.

  • 762×51

    I’m afraid you may be right, if so the casualties in the coming civil war are going to catastrophic.

  • 762×51

    An interesting quote, considering who made it and the time frame. Orwell was socialist and during his lifetime saw his beloved Progressive movement scorned and vilified to the point where it had to go underground, re-emerging toward the end of his life as “liberals”

    Was he referring to the classical definition of liberal as in Thomas Jefferson or the modern meaning of liberal as in the current crop of fascists?

  • 762×51

    True, but only by force of arms, there is no other way now.

  • Donna M

    Actually could be classified as a terrorist by DHS standards…

  • Jack

    To defend the oath we took would now be considered racist and punishable with death by government hit squads or imprisonment,

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  • Cameraman

    WE are way past the Point of No Return, This election Cycle Proves That, We are Toast no matter the Outcome…Be Ready and Prepared!!!

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  • Beau Toxx

    The Progressive/Marxists don’t have to burn it, they are just ignoring it, making it irrelvant. They are being aided and abetted by Establishment Republicans and there in lies the rise of Donald Trump.

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