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Mar 27 2016

The National Enquirer Sleaze Attack on Ted Cruz

With Donald Trump, one unprecedented low is quickly followed by another:

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is trying to survive an explosive “dirt file” on the finger-wagging conservative senator!

And the new issue of The National ENQUIRER — on newsstands now — reveals how the reports say the staunch Republican is hiding FIVE different mistresses!

The National Enquirer’s reputation for publishing salacious unfounded rumors is well established. Sometimes a blind squirrel finds a nut, as with the John Edwards story that no one else would touch. However:

Consider stories such as Hillary Clinton has brain cancer (it may seem that way but her only mental disease is her extreme liberalism), Angelina Jolie was down to 83 pounds and near death (there was a recent picture of her in the latest Vanity Fair and she looks pretty hot for a dead lady), and of course Michelle Obama’s planned divorce because the president has been with 12 different women (with all the time he is taking to ruin the country he has little time to sleep around). Face it this is the magazine that has said Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were getting divorced so many times that I am sure the still happily married couple must be beginning to doubt themselves.

As for why the Enquirer would tell lies about Ted Cruz in particular,

The Enquirer piece neglected to mention that National Enquirer owner David Pecker is a close friend of Trump’s and this is not the first time the magazine tried to destroy a Trump rival.

This past October 7th issue, on the same cover that announced Ben Afflack and Jennifer Lopez were once again an item (no one told them), the National Enquirer promoted a story about how Ben Carson butchered a child’s brain. Inside they published a story about Dr. Ben Carson (who just so happened to be catching up to Donald Trump in the polls) called “Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge in Patient’s Brain!” (which btw sounds like the title of a great horror film). Per the article, Carson “brandished a scalpel like a meat cleaver!” (meat cleaver? Who knew he did circumcisions). The article said he botched surgeries leaving patients disfigured and in pain. According to the author of the piece “Judging by White House wannabe Ben Carson’s track record as a neurosurgeon, his presidential campaign should be declared dead on arrival!”

When Carly Fiorina had an excellent debate in September and began to rise in the polls the Enquirer ran an article called, “Homewrecker Carly Fiorina Lied About Druggie Daughter.” That story however, didn’t make the cover because of more important stories such as “Joan Rivers Death Cover Up,” “Dolly Parton’s 6-year Affair” and of course, “Tom Selleck’s $25 Million Divorce Shocker.

The National Enquirer has endorsed Trump. It isn’t just that the tabloid and the Donald share the same Velveeta-like cheesiness. As New York Magazine notes,

Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. “They’re very close,” said a source close to the Enquirer. In July 2013, Trump even tweeted that Pecker should become CEO of Time magazine, which at the time was being spun off from its corporate parent, Time Warner. “He’d make it exciting and win awards!”

This person also said that Trump’s campaign was a source for the article [maligning Carson’s surgical skills].

No wonder Cruz believes the extramarital affairs smear originated with the Trump campaign.

The tactics are so disgusting that Trumpster Michael Savage is threatening to dump the Donald:

Savage said [Friday] on his radio show that the National Enquirer story smearing Ted Cruz is completely false, and he knows this based on a source he says he would trust with his life. … [W]hile he doesn’t blame Trump for the story, he threatens to withdraw his support of Trump if he doesn’t completely disavow the story and the man who owns the National Enquirer, David Pecker.

Savage may want to rethink not blaming Trump, considering that the only source quoted in the Enquirer piece is Trump henchman Roger Stone:

Stone’s reputation for bareknuckle politics is so infamous, the profile of him that the New Yorker published a few years ago was titled “The Dirty Trickster.” … Trump himself has been known in the past to feed stories to the media which he knew were false, simply because it benefited him to do so.

If this is how Trump and his buddies use a crappy tabloid to go after their adversaries, imagine how they will exploit control of the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, and all the rest. Small wonder the #NeverTrump stand is catching on with conservatives.

Accused mistress Amanda Carpenter responds to the sleaze.

On a tip from Stormfax.

  • Krummholzt

    John Edwards says “hi”.

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  • Wilberforce

    Trump’s a coward and a punk. This is what small men like him do.

  • Cruzholio is BusTED.

  • Stephen

    Rumors about Cruz and Katrina Pierson go back to at least January 2015, 6 months before Trump announced his candidacy. Cruz has a problem keeping it in his pants and that ain’t on Trump.

  • Fantom

    Trump loves Pecker. What else from the Sham Wow boy.

  • The National Enquirer? Oh, please. Has America really fallen that far?

  • cecil11

    The story is accurate. Truth still applies. See Bill Still’s channel for a telling report.

  • Duckster1964

    Is this the same National Enquirer that broke the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal when none of the mainstream media would touch it?

    ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT and Dave Blount….Protecting their politicians of choice since 9/18/1851…

  • ed357

    You believe the National Enquirer…..????

    Aw hell nawwwww…….

    Reverend Jessie Jackson

  • Skip

    This site will continue to attempt to protect Cruz while blaming Trump. Too funny! This gives Cruz something more to blame on Trump while he and Heidi try to plug their holes of deceit. Why…Cruz is a good Christian man according to the nutbag Glenn Beck and he would never cheat on his wife…would he?. Hell yes!

  • 762×51

    Trump Trolls documentation is the National Enquirer, too funny!

  • Chantal

    Rick Wilson #the thing # He was sitting on this for months . Now that Marco dropped out Rick is pretending to be an innocent bystander . If you look at Rick s Twitter he sure is enjoying himself . I am not laughing . Look the bigger picture is winning this election and defeating Hillary Clinton .

  • 762×51

    Any way you look at it, they are a couple of dicks.

  • cruz is a pervert

    cnn again shows why the american people consider the news media sanctimonies pompous asses. amanda should have been asked if national review would fire her if she admitted she had sex with canada perv ted cruz.

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  • bobdog19006

    I understand that the National Enquirer has just been hired to publish Trump’s presidential autobiography.

  • MicahStone

    Seriously, if you can’t believe National Enquirer, who can you believe ?
    National Enquirer BREAKING NEWS: “We have proof that a THREE-HEADED MARTIAN voted three times for Cruz in the primary –and then had his baby !”

    Good news:at least the baby has NORMAL SIZE HANDS – not TINY trump-ettes !

    Say, Trumpsters :Isn’t Palin a Trump supporter?

  • MicahStone

    In case you’re wondering what TINY trump-ette hand look like…

  • 762×51

    Wouldn’t surprise me, who better to publish the autobiography of the king of sleaze.

    The NE also did hit pieces on Rubio, Carson, JEB!, etc., as each becames a threat to Trump.

  • Big Al

    Amanda Carpenter’s twitter is hilarious and damning.

  • Trump, the Insult Dog

    I’ll believe the National Enquirer as soon as Bill Clinton went to on his UFO ride.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Well, if there were a news agency left that would do some investigative discovery and report from that, we would have a story.
    But now we just get reports from comments on tweets, Sad.

  • maudieNmandeville

    Roger Stone on Cruz Sex Scandal: Ted Cruz Won’t Sue “Because the Allegations Are Largely True”

    Is “largely true” lawyerspeak? Is it “largely true” except for the affairs?

  • maudieNmandeville

    Drudge broke the story 1-17-1998. That would be a month before your NE date.

  • J.j. Cintia

    This guy is a real conservative after all. A complete phony without any morals who betrays those who trust him. He certainly epitomizes the “conservatives” in Congress like Boehner “Obama’s best friend”, and Ryan who funded every rotten idea Obama has for the rest of his term, and let’s not forget that surrender monkey in the Senate McConnell who still has to beg favors from that slimeball real estate thief Filthy Harry Reid, even though he’s supposedly in the minority now.
    When they’re in the minority they can’t help you. When they’re in the majority they can’t help you either. If you want their help you have to send them out of the country for underage hookers and blow I hear, or maybe an unregistered “loan” like Canadian Bacon got from his wife’s firm Goldman-Sachs.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Forget National Enquirer’s Cruz scandal. Here’s their next issue: Aliens from Planet Altair IV have been sending out all of Cher’s Tweets since her death two years ago!’

  • Greenhornet

    I liked the Enquirer a lot better when they ran stories about UFOs.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Lemme see if I have this straight…..
    1. Trump has had three marriages to progressively younger women and an untold number of affairs, but that doesn’t count because he doesn’t attend church regularly and loves America.
    2. Cruz has been married to one woman and may or may not have had extra-marital affairs, and that counts because Cruz is a regular church attender and thus, isn’t allowed to swerve across the yellow line.
    3. Hillary has been a lesbian for at least 20 years, but that open secret is ignored because she stood by her man as he had an unknown number of affairs, some of which were actually consensual.
    4. Bernie Sanders is to old to know if he has had any affairs. Under the principle of “equal distribution of wealth,” Bernie thinks he should have been married to one of Trump’s wives.
    5. Trump supporters don’t give a damn about Trump’s affairs, but are outraged at the thought that Cruz may have had affairs…..just like typical democrats.

  • ROFL, still high as a kite on that bogus hate hoax Michelle Fields garbage I see.
    What a joke!

  • CQM in Western Colorado

    Trump has all the presidential qualities of Jerry Sandusky.

  • jayeS

    It was Rubio who started the Cruz affair rumors. Put the blame where it belongs.

  • jayeS

    Either way, I’m convinced it’s true. The guy should admit it and move on. But oh wait, he can’t because Glenn Beck has anointed Ted Cruz as the chosen one. It’s Cruz that’s going to be behind Christ’s return. It’s all hilarious! LMAO!

  • Beau Toxx

    How about Ted Cruz first publishing a 20+ year old simi-nude picture of Trump’s wife implying she was a slut, porn star and whore to win LDS votes. No words on that! That’s the sleazy first blow and don’the tell me it wasn’ cruze.

  • Beau Toxx

    So now Trump’so a pediphile!? Get back on your med and take the stupid tin foil hat off.

  • jayeS

    And Eliot Spitzer…and others.

  • Duckster1964

    Forgot about Drudge…That would make NE the first “old school” media…

  • maudieNmandeville

    The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 in The Washington Post.[23]
    You’re getting warmer.

  • mike

    Sorry, that BS won’t fly… yes the establishment has sold out to libs… but the only ones whom stood and fought were Cruz and Lee. I call BS on your enquirer statement… You are probably a billary paid mouth… she don’t want to face Cruz one on one as big don doesn’t either….50 cents for your post, skippy

  • mike

    50 cents for that post, KID.. don’t you have homework to do?

  • Unhappy American

    Cruz didn’t publish them douch. A Super Pac did. Candidates can not direct or communicate with them. Besides, that material was published by GQ. She was paid for the photo shoot.

  • Unhappy American

    Trump is a Dim. If you have no ideas or convictions, personal attacks are all you have.

  • katya kakhov

    So now today we have the “news” coming from the tabloid The National
    Enquirer that Ted Cruz has had affairs with 5 different women. Over the
    course of this morning two of the women, one being Trump’s
    communications director Katrina Pierson and the other Cruz’s
    communications director Alice Stewart have denied the allocations as
    false and tabloid trash.
    It should be noted that the publisher of the National Enquirer is a good friend of Donald Trump.

    To those that believe that we should vote for Trump if he’s the nominee
    in order to defeat Hillary I want you to take a real good look at
    what’s happening right now, soak it all in. Then ask yourself if you
    want to be responsible in handing over the country to a slimy, gutter
    rolling lying Democrat, and I don’t mean Hillary.

  • You are a liar.

  • Davey-boy, you know the “mistress” story came from the Rubio campaign, so why are you libeling Trump?

    Your obsession is unhealthy.

  • Jamiemlange3

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  • TED

    SLEEZE ATTACK, the ONLY TRUE way Cruz CAN be attacked, just like without lies there would NOT be a LEFT. I see this is the NEW NAME LEFTY TROLL thread.

  • TED

    OH the sacrilege!

  • TED

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Is someone running for star/starlet lead role in a morality play or a high elective office? Hard to see where any of this makes any difference?

  • Ed. G. Mann

    You can’t spell Sleaze or Cruz without the ‘ZZZ’.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Donald Trump will save us….he will save us.

    Donald Trump will save us….he will save us.

    Donald Trump will save us….he will save us.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Let me ask a question…..
    What is the most important, most binding promise you have made in your life? Was it the promise to repay the used car dealer? How about the promise you made to the bank to repay your mortgage?

    Or was it the promise to your daughter to take her to the park next Saturday?

  • TED


  • TED

    Remember… 😎

  • TED

    Please FLUSH… 😎

  • TED

    Especially the ones with the PURRRRDY rainbow colors on them… LOLOLOLOLOL!

  • Ed. G. Mann

    That would have to be the one I made to myself when I undertook the road to Daoism or Taoism as it is sometimes spelled. That requires one to forsake old ways and make the promise to oneself to live an ethical life regardless of what is occurring around one. It also calls for one to remove oneself from places of corruption. (that may be spiritual or secular)

    This started in the Nam in 1964 during my first tour. It is still ongoing and is the most difficult thing one can do.

    It isn’t some mondo chop-chop kung fooey oriental jazz nor is it some Buddha turn the other cheek religion. There are two parts; one may take one or both. One is religious the other is philosophical. I chose the latter while eschewing all organized religion.

    If this doesn’t answer your question, I can’t help you. But my major point from the first posit still stands. I don’t ask nor expect purity or any semblance of such from anyone. One has to answer for their lives to themselves.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    I certainly accept your answer. Many/most people believe the most sacred promise that they make is the one between themselves, God, and their wife. I don’t see how one can abandon that promise and be expected to keep any other promise he may make.

    Then again…..I’ve only been married once.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Doing what is right all the time requires one taking ownership of one’s errors. A painful process which does get easier over a life’s span. One loses friends’ if that is what they were by telling the truth. A H.L. Mencken quote fits, “It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.”

    The best way to avoid being compromised is to avoid situations where corruption is present. Again a tough premise but one learns over time. The Tao isn’t something one gets from a catechism or bible; one lives it. The meaning is “The Way”

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Too bad that so few actual Christians have crossed your path.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Actually I was raised Catholic and have 12 years of Catholic education. I find organized religion to be as stultifying as anything an oppressive government can devise including the demand for money.

    Thanks but no thanks. I’ll live my live as it is.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Too bad that so few actual Christians have crossed your path.

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