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Mar 29 2016

In Britain, Ethnic Pakistani Father Forbidden From Taking Son Into Christian Buildings

This story should clear up any lingering doubts as to whose side authorities in Britainistan take in the 1,400-year-old struggle between Christianity and Islam:

A British father has been banned from taking his son to a church after the boy’s Muslim mother won a controversial court order preventing the boy from attending.

The father – a non-practising Muslim who has forged close connections to his local Christian community and is divorced from the boy’s mother – has been warned that he could be denied access to the nine-year-old if he attempts to take him to church or to a leisure centre it runs.

Now the father, who was born in the UK to Pakistani parents, is challenging the ruling made by District Judge [Sue] Williscroft at Derby County Court earlier this month. …

‘This judge is simply scared of being branded Islamophobic,’ he said. ‘I want my son to have a balanced life in which he is exposed to different faiths and can make up his own mind about which, if any, religion he follows. …

‘If I don’t show him other types of life he will become just like a dumb sheep. I want him to see and learn about different cultures.’

Sorry, exposure to local culture would be a violation of multicultural principles. It could lead to assimilation, which is clearly not on the official agenda.

The father, unnamed for legal reasons, doesn’t want his son to undergo the same brainwashing he went through himself:

‘He is being fed the same lies I was as a child and I want better for him. This judge was so busy being politically correct that she has ignored the influence of myself as a loving father. I am terrified that he will stop wanting to see me because of his indoctrination. …

‘I was taught that Christians were heartless and immoral, that only Muslims have a peaceful faith and all others are evil. It was only when I began mixing with Christians that I learned this was nonsense.’

Once the parents led a Western lifestyle. But then the darkness pulled one of them back…

[H]is Pakistani-born wife turned to the Muslim faith after her father’s death in 2007, when her mother told her that because he had not adhered to his faith he was in Hell, and would remain there unless she became a devout Muslim.

She began attending a madrasa – an Islamic place of learning – wearing a hijab and shunning the couple’s Christian friends. She left her husband in 2013, taking their son with her. The couple divorced last year.

The boy lives with his mother but sees his father every other weekend. ‘After my divorce, the Christian community embraced me,’ the man said.

‘They run many activities my son enjoys so I go to the church and would like to take my son.

‘But when his mother found out, she applied to the court and won the order which prevents the boy being taken to any Christian building.’

Needless to say, no one is forbidden from taking children into Muslim buildings.

Those in charge have taken sides.

On a tip from seaoh.

  • bobdog19006

    This man obviously insults Islam(tm) and ipso fatso should be killed on sight.

    I think that’s how it works, anyway.

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  • Fiberal

    Now with one-third of the states with a 15% muslim population and six with over 25%, the transformation of America is well underway.

    America is following in the UK’s footsteps; not much less to be in Sweden’s in just a few short years, along with a transference of Mexico (or at least their impoverished) for good measure…. just to be sure I suppose.

    All this as the left and anti-Trump right throw themselves on the barricades to wage war against Trump.

    The left armed with anti-Hilter and pro-Sweden banners (not realizing that neither exists any longer) while the anti-Trump right doesn’t seem to be quite sure just what they are fighting against, except that maybe Bully Trump offends their finer sensibilities.

    Meanwhile muslims continue to flush into the country like an over-loaded toilet.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    It is a good thing that the judiciary has taken sides. Think of all the money being saved by avoiding litigation, seating juries, taking testimony and actually having to listen to one side blather on about his rights.

    Like the Red Queen says, “Verdict first, then a trial.”

  • Manda Gambrell

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  • physicsnut
  • grayjohn

    Shouldn’t that read “Humanity vs. Islam” ? Sure they hate Christians, But they also hate and murder anyone who is not Muslim.

  • Rotohammer

    Liberalism, Socialism, and Islam cannot compete in a free market of ideas. They have to eliminate the competition.

  • Donna M

    Of course, the “judge” is in gross error!!!
    Flat out, wrong, wrong, wrong!
    Which is “truly”, unfortunate!!!
    Since when did the state, become “experts” on faith and religion?
    Like by whose “authority” do they even get to “rule” on such matters?
    Is the state above “God”?
    I can tell ya’, quite frankly, ” no”!
    Their authority, “is” subject, under obediance to God!
    Like, the Wormwood, val-jar and the courts in our country forget that, they are not an authority unto themselves…
    Ya’ know, some of us, have multi ethnic, multicultural families.
    There is no way! I would take that prejudicial, blatant, preference of one religion over another, “pure cr@p bias! OFF of that judge or anyone else!!!
    I’ve dealt with this kind of intimidating, agressive, demeaning hostilty before, myself!
    How come, why is it? That, “CHRISTIANS” are the only ones asked to “TEST OR PROVE” their faith, in the first place, HUH???
    …and I can tell ya’, its just an excuse to bash and beat up CHRISTIANS!
    Well, lemme tell ya’…for some of us that have been battle tested!
    It’s very heartening when the Holy Spirit uses the staff of learning or the rod of correction to “enlighten” opposition to Christ!

  • Appalled By The World

    That father had better start practicing his islamania soon because the way things are going over there he’ll be killed for apostasy.

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