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Mar 29 2016

Insider Confirms: Trump Campaign Was Never Intended to Go This Far

Not even Donald Trump was cynical and/or egotistical enough to believe that people would choose him in the primaries over a genuine conservative rebel like Ted Cruz. His candidacy is a publicity stunt that got out of hand when everyone involved underestimated the destructive power of nihilistic rage. Former top Trump strategist Stephanie Cegielski shares the view from inside the campaign:

Almost a year ago, recruited for my public relations and public policy expertise, I sat in Trump Tower being told that the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count. That was it.

The Trump camp would have been satisfied to see him polling at 12% and taking second place to a candidate who might hold 50%. His candidacy was a protest candidacy.

Having semi-accidentally created the Frankenstein monster that now seems likely to incapacitate resistance to the Democrat agenda, Cegielski is having what has been called the Colonel Nicholson moment.

In 2015, I fell in love with the idea of the protest candidate who was not bought by corporations. A man who sat in a Manhattan high-rise he had built, making waves as a straight talker with a business background, full of successes and failures, who wanted America to return to greatness.

I was sold.

Last summer, I signed on as the Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC.

In that role, she was amazed to see that every time Trump said something outrageous, his numbers shot upward, so fed to the teeth is the public with political correctness.

I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far. And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all. …

What was once Trump’s desire to rank second place to send a message to America and to increase his power as a businessman has nightmarishly morphed into a charade that is poised to do irreparable damage to this country if we do not stop this campaign in its tracks.

I’ll say it again: Trump never intended to be the candidate. But his pride is too out of control to stop him now.

She makes a desperate plea to those who support Trump even at this point:

And if you are one of the disaffected voters — one of the silent majority like me — who wanted a candidate who could be your voice, I want to speak directly to you as one of his biggest advocates and supporters.

He is not that voice. He is not your voice. He is only Trump’s voice.

Trump is about Trump.

If there is one fact too gaudy and gigantic to deny, it is that Trump is driven by egotism. Cegielski notes his reaction to the latest Muslim atrocity in Pakistan:

He alone can solve a problem that civilization has struggled with for 1,400 years, although he has no coherent strategy for doing so. This is pathological.

I, too, think our country has gone off track in its values. I, too, think that we need a dramatic change of course. But I am, in my heart, a policy wonk and a believer in coming to the table with necessary knowledge for leading the free world.

The man does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know — the most frightening position of all.

Trump is just playacting. Other than who to bribe to get a casino built with minimal red tape, he knows nothing about government, and has shown no interest in learning.

And he has no problem abusing your support the same way he cheated hard-working men and women out of millions of dollars, for which he is now being sued. …

And here’s what he tapped into: the unprecedented, unbelievable anger.

Because we are all angry — and we all have a right to be. But Trump is not our champion. He would stab any one of his supporters in the back if it earned him a cent more in his pocket.

In the beginning, the Trump campaign seemed like a good thing. It brought the immigration issue to the forefront, and sent a message to the GOP that voters were not in a mood for Jeb Bush types. But what started out as a controlled burn is now a conflagration threatening to destroy the Republican Party whether or not Trump is given the nomination. This will leave the country defenseless against a radicalized Democrat Party led by the ruthless and corrupt Hillary Clinton. Soon we really will have something to be angry about.

Stephanie Cegielski’s Colonel Nicholson moment.

On tips from Torcer, Wilberforce, and Nobama.

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  • Stephen

    That was actually my guess about him from the git go–he saw Brat beat Cantor and recognized there was a significant unfulfilled niche for a populist / anti-immigration / nationalist campaign and probably figured taking up such a campaign would give him a nice bit of pub but it was a much bigger phenomena than he initially expected (and bigger than I expected).

  • Torcer

    Charlie Sykes Interviews Donald Trump
    I just listened to Wisconsin’s conservative radio host Charlie Sykes’ telephone interview with Donald Trump. It was a typical Trump interview in that the candidate meandered and the host reined him back in to focus on the issue at hand. Sykes actually challenged and pushed back on Trump, which was refreshing. It would be nice to see other media outlets stop treating him with kid gloves and press him for clear and concise answers. As I am unable to find a complete transcript of the interview, I have grabbed a couple of the more interesting portions from other sites.

    Sykes brought up the attacks made on Mrs. Cruz by Trump, and Trump kept insisting that Ted Cruz started the whole brouhaha with the release of that now infamous political ad featuring a nude Mrs. Trump — an ad released by Liz Mair’s anti-Trump PAC Make America Awesome. (Preemptive strike: Both Liz Mair and Ted Cruz have denied Cruz’s involvement or knowledge of the ad.) But hey, why should that stop Trump from pushing an inaccurate story!

    “Is this your standard?” Sykes asked. “That if a supporter of another candidate, not the candidate himself, does something despicable that it’s okay for your personally –a candidate for president of the United States– to behave in that same way? I mean, I expect that from a 12-year-old bully on a playground. Not someone who wants the office held by Abraham Lincoln.”
    In response, Trump explained that his decision to tweet the photo of Cruz’s wife grimacing was a very “mild” response.

    “I didn’t even know it was necessarily a very bad picture of her versus [my wife] Melania,” he said.
    Oh puleeeeeze…
    Then, affirming that he really is a 12-year old, Trump continued to blame Ted Cruz for everything:

    Later in the interview, Sykes pressed Trump again about not apologizing for the mocking photo of Heidi Cruz. Trump continued to incorrectly claim that Cruz “started it.” Sykes again pointed out the offending ad about Melania Trump was from an independent group, not Cruz himself or the Cruz campaign (or even a Cruz-supporting group).

    “No it wasn’t,” Trump said, incorrectly. “No, he knew about that. Is Ted Cruz going to apologize for starting it and sending out that photograph?”

    Also interesting was Trump’s claim of being a conservative, but not too much of one, and reiterating his confusing view of free trade:
    “Why shouldn’t conservatives here in Wisconsin think your claim to be a conservative is just a giant fraud?” Sykes asked.
    “As a businessman, I never even thought about all the things you’ve talked about,” Trump said before lauding his past business successes.
    “You’re not answering my question,” Sykes responded.
    “I am a conservative,” Trump said. “I’m not so conservative when it comes to the pure aspects of trade… I believe in free trade, which is nice and conservative,” he said before repeating his usual talking points about being a tougher negotiator with other countries by threatening to implement costly tariffs on imported goods.

    “It’ll never happen,” Trump said of a tariff. “But you have the threat out there.”

    “Well you’re a much better negotiator than I am,” Sykes said. “But you just said it’ll never happen, so you’ve basically said your negotiating ploy is a bluff.”

    Trump stammered and repeatedly insisted that other countries like China, India, and Mexico are “killing us.”

  • Rotohammer

    Hard to imagine he would enter into this to spend a lot of his own money with the end game being a concession speech. On the other hand, he has expressed bewilderment at his own success, saying he could do or say anything and not lose support.

    I wouldn’t climb into bed with Stephie, though. Here are titles for some of the articles on her blog:

    5 Important Things to Consider Before Attending or Hosting a Sex Party

    Kathy Criswell: I Thought I’d Be Fine When My Wife Opened Our Marriage, But I Got Drunk and Freaked Out

    My Girlfriend and I Both Thought We Were Straight Until We Met Each Other

    My Best Friend is Dating My Partner, and This Arrangement Feels Totally Natural to Me

  • Torcer

    BREAKING: Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski arrested. [VIDEO] | RedState

    Trump campaign manager CHARGED with BATTERY and ARRESTED! Police release NEW VIDEO of assault!!

  • BillyBob Bob

    Still rather embarrassing. I’d have filed bankruptcy decades ago if everyone sued me as shown. This is a great day for the grievance industry. Can you imagine the lawsuits as you try moving through a #BLM crowd?
    At 1:44 mark, you see Michelle ‘Snowflake’ Fields getting pushed down by police as they try to move OWSers back in 2011. She defends OWS in the clip and is offended the police pushed her down in the crowd while she’s right in the middle of it.

  • Gary

    She proves herself to be an unprofessional and untrustworthy hack to be ignored.

    No true professional (lawyer, accountant, doctor, campaign consultant) would ever trash their paying client in public. And no sane person in politics would ever hire this witch to work for them. She has her own agenda and I suspect the truth comes in 2nd or 3rd.

  • Torcer

    How does Trump defy ‘political gravity’? (Guest Post) via @floppingaces

    How does Trump defy ‘political gravity’? (Guest Post)
    Abstract: The title question has been baffling political pundits for months now with good reason, Trump has been a fountain of gaffes, lies, missteps and frauds that would have long sunk any kind of normal campaign and yet his polling has actual risen from theses occurrences. Thus there needs to be a close examination of these events and their causal relationships. The phenomena can be explained as a combination 3 factors of modern political realty: Chaos operations by democrats, bandwagon (with bleed over) effects and society’s Culture of celebrity.

    Dissertation: The Trump Phenomena has been one of baffling contradictions and manifestations. Each gaffe, lie, fraud allegation and incident of violence was met with predictions that said events would be the end of the Trump candidacy. And yet each gaffe, lie, fraud allegation and incident of violence only served to energize the phenomena. The result of the news cycle would be seemingly even more acolytes clamoring to support the Trump cult of personality.

    In order to properly analyze the Phenomena we must first stipulate that there are several subsets of those who profess to support Donald J. Trump. This critically important in validating our hypothesis in answering the title question on the Trump Phenomena. It is the actions of each supporter subset and their unique reaction to the phenomena that best explain the situation. And while there may be some overlapping of the subsets each is distinct in their rationale for supporting Trump in the primary process.

    Subset 1: Left leaning Trump supporters
    The first subset of supporters are primarily left leaning and it is this subset that is of the most interest in our study here. This subset is the primary reason gaffes, lies and allegations of fraud are cause for an increase in support.

    Simply put, the worse a candidate Trump became, they more they supported him as the best way for the Democratic party to defeat the Republican party in the general election. Each new revelation or gaffe would show them he would be the easier to be vanquished by their party in the general election and thus they would throw their support behind for the time period of the primary process.

    This part of the theory is easily confirmed by examining a few empirical events. One is the many instances where vast numbers of Democrats have switched to vote for the least general election favored candidate1 2. This is sometimes colloquially referred to a Ditch and Switch. The theory is also confirmed by the fact that closed primaries favor candidates other than the subject while open primaries favor Trump3. Taking these factors into account it should be clearly evident how the Trump Phenomena deifies political gravity.

    Subset 2: Right leaning Trump supporters.

    This second set of Trump supporters are primarily right leaning as opposed to the first group. This mostly consists of those identifying with ideals of Conservatism or Libertarianism . The ideology of this subset would seem to present a problem for the proposed theory given that they should have the opposite reaction to the gaffes, lies and fraud allegations. And in some cases this is the correct assumption, but to a certain extent this effect is drowned out in the statistical noise of the reactions of the other subset. And in many cases we see the bandwagon hold sway over the rest of this subset when they see the support increase instead of decrease.

    In many way this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy in that people have come to expect an increase in support and the addition of left leaning Trump supporters has reinforced this expectation in most cases.
    Thus we have seen that with two distinct subsets of groups supporting the Trump Phenomena has skewed the traditional political calculus to the polar opposite inverting the process to it’s detriment. Issues that would have doomed candidates and campaigns of the past only serve to advance the phenomena. Mutually reinforcing factors of Democratic chaos operations coupled with bandwagon and celebrity effects caused the inversion of the standard political calculus of the past, resulting in ongoing consternation of certain political parties.

    1. Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party – Boston Herald, February 29, 2016
    2. 60,000 Democrats Voted in Virginia Republican Primary – The Gateway Pundit, March 2, 2016
    3. Trump doing better in ‘open’ primaries; Cruz sees success in GOP-only contests – Fox News, March 07, 2016

  • ComradeJ

    That is an interesting piece of news. It raises a question on other half-forgotten issue. George Soros bailing out Trump on Trump Tower:

    Soros gave Donald Trump a mezzanine loan, which is basically a bailout, because Trump didn’t want to, or couldn’t, front his own money to build the Chicago Trump Tower. Mezzanine loans are loans offered with outrageous interest that help the developer on the front end of finance, and which often offer a stake in the building.

    If Trump indeed is (or at least was) a reluctant candidate, did George Soros pull him into the GOP race as a repayment of the bailout?

  • Torcer

    There is the old saying ‘It’s not the crime but the cover-up’
    IF Don J. had simply offered an apology and perhaps an exclusive interview, this would have be over in a flash.
    But Don J. decided not to take the high road.

  • BillyBob Bob

    For someone who never worked for Trump’s campaign team, she sure makes it sound like she’s an insider.
    Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, told Yahoo News that Cegielski was never employed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign:

    Evidently she worked for a Super PAC which Mr. Trump disavowed and requested the closure of via the FEC.

    The “Make America Great Again” super PAC went dark as of October 2015.

    Cruz 2016!

  • Sauer Thirtyeight

    “In that role, she was amazed to see that every time Trump said something outrageous, his numbers shot upward”

    Amazed by the glaringly obvious. Not impressive.

    I’m disappointed that Trump didn’t do a better job of hiring. “Public relations and public policy expertise”, indeed.

    “A charade that is poised to do irreparable damage to this country” — pardon me if I remain underwhelmed by this woman’s powers of insight and prognostication.

  • MAS

    The key to understanding this is voter anger. I’d wager that Pee Wee Herman could run using the same hot button pushing verbiage Trump uses and probably be on top too. My dad used to call this cutting off your own nose to spite your face…you’ll be sorry Trumpians.

  • MicahStone

    He’s “in” until he’s NOT…

  • J.j. Cintia

    You idiots are gonna have to face the Truth, Cruz is done. Its over. Most of his support came from Evangelicals and this serial adultery story has made them walk away and now he’s finished. Looks like his little fellow Cubano Rubio was a sore loser and dropped this bomb now. Rest assured Hillary and the media would have used this if that sleazeball Cruz got the nomination. So you idiots have a choice, support Trump or get on the go nowhere Kasich ego trip.

  • Wilberforce

    Keep calling us idiots. We’re this close to joining Team Trump™, and your ravings only draw us closer.

  • Johnny Monday

    You’re being funny, right? You made me laugh anyway.

  • ComradeJ

    Right, we are idiots because we caught Trump lying on muslim ban and you on spreading ignorant lies about Ted and GS, right Mr.-Brokerage-firms-don’t-even-get-involved-with-loaning-money?

    Lead us ignorant sheep, oh you the Prophet of Trump. We are unworthy to join your ocean liner Titanic Trump… lol

  • J.j. Cintia

    Look you can keep bashing Trump til the cows come home. Cruz had most of his support from Evangelicals and they are now walking away due to the serial adultery story. Without the Evangelical vote, Cruz is done and gone. Bashing Trump is not getting those voters back.

  • ComradeJ

    I am sorry it’s hard to hear your words, could have something to do with your head being so deep down in Mr. Trump’s colon?

    There was something that sounded like “Trump bashing”?

    Who knew that Trump’s own words and actions (putting Soros’s leash on his own neck) is bashing mr. Trump. Bad Trump, bad.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Look your insults are worthless. Cruz has lost his base of support. Little boy Rubio was a sore loser and dropped the bomb that ended his campaign. Its over. The media knew about this story and were waiting for him to get the nomination so they could use it against him.

  • ComradeJ

    Trump’s words contradicting Trump are insults? lol
    You like being insulted then?

  • grayjohn

    Go back to your progressive masters and tell them to ESAD.

  • KayElle

    So very sad to see a site I used to enjoy very much has been taken over by anti-Trumpeters enmeshed in the very moonbattery it sought to rebuke.

  • ComradeJ

    That’s strange, and we thought that fighting against a candidate who wants Universal Healthcare, likes Obamacare mandate, Touchback Amnesty, etc. etc. was counter moonbattery. Oh poor fools we are then, ah?

  • Owen

    Even before this he was not winning in Evangelical states, such as South Carolina. That alone should have told him he has no shot.

    Moonbattery still hasn’t figured out the fact that people are choosing Trump as a bludgeon. The entirety of the Republican Party needs to be eliminated. It has proven itself to be a more effective impediment to what conservatives desire than even the Democratic opposition. Its entire raison d’etre is to vacuum up the political momentum of conservatives and then channel it off in harmless directions. On top of that they continue to tell us we better enjoy their Shit Sandwich because it’s marginally less disgusting than the Democrats’ version.

    Enough of that. That’s the agenda and actions of a political party begging to be tossed onto the ash heap of history. If Trump can help hasten that process, that explains his appeal.

  • ouch


    This woman was never a top strategist for Trump.

    She was involved with a PAC he disavowed.

    Her POV posted is nothing more than her opinion.

  • KHarn

    “Hard to imagine he would enter into this to spend a lot of his own money with the end game being a concession speech.”

    Does the name “Ross Perot” ring a bell?

  • Scuttlebuttin’

    “But I am, in my heart, a policy wonk.” So, another statist idiot who believes government is the solution rather than the problem.

    Trump is an amoral, self-involved scumf$^% (ever seen “Small Potatoes”? His final interview explains him in one line), but to paraphrase Lysander Spooner, whether the Republican party really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a candidate as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.

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  • 762×51

    I’ve been posting on this site almost daily for many years. I have never seen your screen name and see you have TWO comments posted.

    How many minutes in a used to enjoy?

  • 762×51

    Trump isn’t spending his own money. He is LENDING his campaign money which he will get back from the FEC money he will get should he get nominated.

  • 762×51

    I think he was the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. At least that’s how much sense the stupid bastard makes.

  • Dump Trump

    “Serial adultery story”…. You mean the pack of speculations and insinuations made by the Irrational Inquirer?

  • Truck Fump

    Trump is another Obama…. Short on specifics, contradictory of himself, vague promises that his followers have to fill in the blanks….just wait.
    He told Ben Carson he didnt really mean what he was saying!

  • Regulator Unlimited

    The GOPe destroyed the party Trump just put the body on display.

  • Silence Dogood

    What? Is this serious? I alone can solve? I ALONE CAN SOLVE? Talk about a messianic complex. Trump is getting into the delusional state.

  • Silence Dogood

    And the TrumpBots just can’t see the forest through the trees. 99% of them are running on high emotions and cannot see the reality.

  • KayElle

    I followed Moonbattery during the days Dave posted as “Van Helsing”, and commented occasionally under a different name – long before Disqus. My definition of “Moonbat” included those who blindly followed where the lapdog media and slobbering pundits led. Counter-Moonbats usually thought for themselves and looked behind the stories they were being fed. Counter-Moonbats were disgusted by phony outrage and the standard response to common sense conservative positions as “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, etc. Now it would seem most here have been led down the same path. The Right behaving as the Left because the UniParty is desperate to take out the only man they can’t control.

  • KayElle

    Not fools. Just cynically and purposefully misled to believe insinuations that are untrue.

  • mjeanns

    Better leave late than never! Cruz will roll over Drumpf!! 😀

  • ComradeJ

    You are welcome to click on the links in my posts on this blog. A lot of them have Trump talking out of both sides of his mouth. Some on video.

    Please take off the blinders.

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