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Apr 01 2016

Hate Hoax: Manhattan Self-Slasher

Given their crybully tendencies, it is no surprise that Muslim colonists have been quick to adopt the moonbat tactic known as the hate hoax. The latest example:

A 20-year-old woman who claimed she was slashed and called a ‘f***ing terrorist’ by an attacker in Lower Manhattan has owned up to carrying it out herself.

The student, of Middle Eastern descent, was walking at 4.10pm on Thursday when she said a man appeared outside Trinity Church, near Wall Street.

She alleged he was armed with a blade and wounded her on the left side of the face. The attacker was then said to have fled as locals heard a commotion.

Emergency services were called after the woman contacted her father describing her injury and ordeal.

Detectives last night were at the scene searching for clues to what was seen as a random violent assault.

But they struggled in their hunt for witnesses and evidence before she admitted to carrying out the attack on herself. …

The attacker had been described as a white man, 5’10’, 180-200 lbs, wearing a black jacket, a black hat and blue jeans.

On the bright side, Middle Easterners who copy militant blacks and gay persons by staging hate hoaxes display an encouraging capacity for assimilation.

Or maybe this is a heartwarming example of cultural integration. The unnamed woman could have been trying to apply a touch of Muslim Ashura to the all-American April Fool’s prank.

Multiculturally enriching Ashura.

On a tip from Rusty Bill.

29 Responses to “Hate Hoax: Manhattan Self-Slasher”

  1. cecil11 says:

    Is she going to jail and facing fines???

    If not then justice has not been served. Oh yea, and deported. To a place with less ‘hate’

  2. Henry says:

    It must have been so easy for the police to figure out this was a hoax from the start.

    There has been an epidemic of slashing attacks in NYC over the past several months – this was the perfect cover, or so the muzzie thought… but her attack didn’t fit the pattern: All of the attacks have been in the subway; every victim has been white and the perpetrator has always been described as black or “person of color” – a few have even announced that they were attacking because the victim is white.

    The police know that these slashings are racially motivated hate crimes against whites. So, the likelihood this muzzie was attacked, on the street no less, was close to zero.

    I would also add that 2 months ago, I was in NYC, staying at a hotel one block away from where this happened – during the day, the streets are filled with people, especially around 4:30, as that is right after the market close. The police had to have known that a lack of witnesses was a strong indication of a hoax.

    I hate muzzies.

  3. Hungjumper says:

    Gaawwwwdddd. America is sooooooo racist.

  4. No ted says:


    Sorry, Cruzbattery, looks like the Bushies are going to turn on you too.

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  6. MAS says:

    “Sorry, Cruzbattery, looks like the Bushies are going to turn on you too”

    Way to post in context to the article. Trump trolling at its finest…

  7. Donna M says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!

  8. TED says:

    YOU are EITHER one incredibly STUPID DUMBFUC or a typical run-of-the-mill LEFTIST ASSHOLE.

  9. TED says:

    I’m BETTING the latter.

  10. TED says:

    No ted has an IQ that if you divided it by a FRACTION the result would STILL be a FRACTION!

  11. Donna M says:

    By the way…
    The val-jar, Wormwood, Kerry the corpse, killary the beast and all of Western Europe are lying to us!
    “Muslim” governments, no matter who they are,…
    Will never “honor” any deal, bargain, treaty or “handshake” they make with the West. They’re just incapable, that’s all!
    …and the val-jar, Wormwood, Kerry the corpse and killary the beast know it!
    For them, it’s just expedience…
    They themselves know that muslim identity is EVERYTHING!!!
    They do their very best, NEVER TO INSULT OR OFFEND ANY OF THEM!
    They do have a true, understanding and functional knowledge of the EXTREME, and I most certainly mean that in every sense of the word, of the monolithic differences and prejudices, present in regards, to each other’s, peoples…
    VIOLENCE is an accepted, “normative” practice, as a legitimate means to an end…!
    Normative, “normal”, hardwired, socially accepted and practised!
    The term “Middle Eastern”, covers alot of territory and peoples…
    From N. Africa to the borders of China…
    The most familiar, recognized races of the area that are predominantly influential muslims are, the regional tribal, indigeonous peoples of India and Pakistan, Berbers of NE Africa, Arabs (everywhere) and Persians…
    And as a rule, they hate each other, too…but,
    The only thing they actually do have a share in common…is,
    Their universally accepted hate of Western civilization…
    Yeah, the one they can’t wait to get to!!!
    Other races that are being systematically being targeted for extinction or being driven out of their homeland are, Armenians, Lebanese, Chaldeans, Palestinians, (Christians), Kurd and Yizidis (Zorastrians) and well as, other lesser influential known peoples and tribes.
    According to the val-jar, the wormwood admin…and killary the beast,
    “Ya’ gots ta make a few “human sacrifices”, kill alotta innocent people, clean up the collateral damage and control the messaging, to get ahead, make exhorbitant cash, buy influence, apply power and strong arm pressure! To, gosh darn it, get “things” done!

  12. Donna M says:

    We’re getting SOOO….played!

  13. Buffalobob says:

    It’s the old ploy. Cowboys dressed up as Indians.

  14. rpp618 says:

    They’ve been doing this with much success and gleeful help of the antisemitic mainstream meadia like the New York times for decades in “Palestine”. It should come as no surprise they would import it into the USA.

  15. TED says: The word Accomplice comes to mind…

  16. Jack says:

    Blacks & Muslims working together to discredit Whites with false attack claims. Should be charged with hate crime.

  17. Donna M says:

    This is the “new” reality!
    I just hope, the Wormwood is stepping up surveillence and protection of our nuclear reactor sites! Even the ones off line!
    As well as our water sources and power supplies…
    ‘Cause his nuclear “deter-gent” summit, is a wash!
    He already created the arm’s race that won’t end until we’re destroyed!
    One, of the prominent nations of Islam, that has spinning centrifuges, and are now his new BFF, has promised it!

  18. TED says:


  19. Rusty Bill says:

    It gets worse. According to Legal Insurrection ( ), ABC New York is reporting that she has a history of self-cutting, and that there is video apparently showing that she administered the cut to herself.

    “Authorities say she has a history of cutting herself dating back to when
    she was a teenager, and that surveillance video recovered from the
    Make-Up Designory school at 65 Broadway shows her entering a bathroom on
    the 15th floor. When she came out, she had a cut on her face.”

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