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Apr 01 2016

Open Thread


Passed along by TED.

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  • Speed Gibson

    “…..wondering who was going to pay the check….” How about somebody who’s working….like the waiter, for instance.

  • checkmate

    they are talking about how hillary is going to pay the check.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Both of Al’s hands are firmly on view above the table. Bernie’s right hand, I think is resting on Al’s thigh and Al is not pleased by the poor effort at a rub down.

  • Scuttlebuttin’

    “We’re shining beacons to today’s youth: both of us have made it to this point in our lives without ever having a real job.”

  • Now read this and then tell me what YOU think, compared to what I say:

    [TRUMP] said this week that allowing Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan to develop their own nuclear programs would ease strains on U.S. budgets, given the spiraling costs of maintaining America’s nuclear umbrella and foreign troop deployments.

    ‘Japan is better if it protects itself against this maniac of North Korea,’ Trump said on Tuesday.

    ‘We are better off frankly if South Korea is going to start protecting itself … they have to protect themselves or they have to pay us.’

    Obama was asked about the issue Friday night after Trump said Japan and South Korea should develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent to North Korea.

    The president said the United States doesn’t want someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t recognize the potential trouble in such a development.

    And yet we have a guy in office now who’s OK with North Korea and Iran getting nuclear weapons. Who actually is HELPING IRAN DO IT!

  • Any excuse to drag their feet even more!

    The State Department has suspended its internal review into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or her top aides mishandled emails containing information now deemed ‘top secret.”

    Here’s how it works: State suspends theirs.

    Obama has the FBI doing some razzle dazzle but the outcome will be no charges.

    State will say, “Gee, the FBI found no case, and they’re much more thorough than we can ever be, no use going back and looking for anything else.

    Case closed.

  • rex freeway

    Bernie. Either pay up or BLM will follow you everywhere you go. Hillary paid right after we disrupted her speech…..

  • sdharms

    just how big is Sharptons head?

  • Jodie

    Here is another pic of Sharpton’s head. You can see, in relation to a human hand, it is actually very small.

  • Momster

    My first thought!!!

  • Momster

    Just before they dined and dashed.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    The guy who wants to raise taxes exponentially dines with a guy that never pays any taxes.

  • BPatMann

    They finally settled on “the taxpayers.”

  • JacksonPearson

    Sharpton looking for a pardon for not paying his taxes, but only if he endorses the Bern.

  • seaoh
  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Here’s an example of the “socialization” homeschooled kids are missing out on:

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Meanwhile, in LA, a man is formally charged with murdering his son out of “homophobia”–never mind that he said his son was going to kill him with a knife:

    Note that nobody seems to care about the dead mother, not even enough to mention her name. Also, this happened on Tuesday, and yet they somehow gathered enough evidence to file the charges without having completed the investigation!

  • Here is a typical example of the nonsense constantly spewed by those who are full of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change Alarmism (aka CACCA):

    NASA: 10,000-year-old Antarctic ice shelf will disappear by 2020

    This is often used to scare lunatic liberal moonbats into believing that, once this happens, all the ice and snow will slide off Antarctica into the ocean and there will be a relatively immediate 3 meter (about 9.8 foot) rise in worldwide sea levels.

    Of course, this scare tactic depends on complete ignorance of geography:

  • It appears Hillary is losing it.

    Now she’s claiming some link between Bernie Sanders and the Tea Party – a group with views diametrically opposed to Bernie Sanders.

    Like Charlie Brown, Clinton is slowly watching the nomination as it is yanked away from her one more time by Lucy, I mean the Democrats.


    They’re not economic or other refugees. They’re an invading army:

    Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You”

  • Exactly as predicted:

    California Man Dressed as a Woman Busted For MAKING VIDEOS IN A LADIES ROOM

    This is what you get when you insist mental illness is normal.

    And it would not surprise me if he’s also an illegal alien, though of course they don’t mention that.

  • Giorgio Palmas

    Someone else most likely. Bernie left the tip.

  • Scuttlebuttin’
  • Saxon Warrior

    No it’s a normal sized head, but you’ve shown it next to one of Michelle Obama’s hands.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Most negro men are strapping, burly muscular guys. That’s one thing they have going for them and that’s why they dominate Heavyweight boxing.

    So you have to feel sorry for Al for being one of the few shriveled ones, just like the unfortunate weedy ones (eg Spike Lee).

    No wonder they are so bitter about life.

  • 762×51

    Progressive Dystopia of Chicago Falling apart.

    Chicago Disintegrates – Gun Shootings Soar An Unprecedented 89%: “It’s The Struggling Economy”

    Somebody tell me again that we aren’t headed for a civil war.

  • Donna M

    Circular malfeasance and corruption…
    All gov agencies and Dept’s, have been ordered to be silent and get on board, with no deviations or exceptions…
    Requiring all fed gov employees, to “bury” all disclosure on the beast’s illegalities, and to continue to impede and maintain, the present lies and deception…
    In regards to the corrupt status quo of the beast, and those of the wormwood admin, at this time…until further notice.

  • Angela Walker

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  • cecil11

    The antarctic ice mass is GROWING. Scientists are sure why.

    Look it up

  • Antarctic landed ice is GROWING due very likely to the normal, natural process of normal, natural global warming which occurs between normal, natural periods of glaciation. It is expected that, as the Earth warms, normally and naturally, there would be more evaporation and more precipitation and indeed we’re seeing this not only in Antarctica but also around the world – with more water being stored in various aquifers:

    Don’t let it bother you if the sources try to use it to promote their Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change Alarmist theories. it’s simply a normal, natural process that has happened before each time the world has transitioned from a glacial period to an interglacial period. Technically, since we still have persistent snow and ice on parts of the planet, we are still in the end stage of the last glaciation and have not fully emerged – and more warming is a GOOD thing.

    You are correct – those who are doing real science know that Antarctic landed ice is increasing, not decreasing as previously claimed – and increasing enough to make up for global ice mass losses.

    Antarctic sea ice also set several records for maximum extent – funny those full of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change Alarmism never mentioned that.

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