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Apr 15 2016

Hate Hoax: Syrian Refugee in Bingen am Rhein Spray-Paints Swastikas, Sets Fire to Shelter

Maybe there is hope of assimilating some of the millions of refugees welfare colonists pouring out of the Muslim world after all. They have already adopted the Western practice of staging hate hoaxes:

A Syrian refugee has admitted to setting fire to a German shelter where he was staying, spray-painting swastikas on the walls to make it look like a political crime. The asylum seeker said the arson attack was in response to poor conditions at the shelter.

Presumably free room and board = poor conditions. Poor guy probably had to make do without butler service. I thought these people were supposed to be desperate.

“During police questioning, the man admitted that he had set [a] fire in the cellar of the multi-use building,” police spokesman Achim Hansen told NBC News, adding that the refugee had also stated that he “had a lack of hope for the future.”

So does Europe, thanks to massive Third World colonization.

The 26-year-old refugee sprayed three swastikas on the exterior in the building, located in the town of Bingen, in an effort to make it seem like the fire was started by far-right protesters.

The idea is to help the media drive home the notion that anyone who opposes being displaced from his own country is a politically irresponsible extremist nutcase.

A total of 26 people were inside the building when the fire was started on Thursday. Two firefighters and four residents suffered minor injuries as a result of the blaze.

The Syrian had been living in the shelter for 6 months and apparently got bored.

Angela Merkel, Germany’s answer to Vidkun Quisling, let a staggering 1.1 million “refugees” into Germany in 2015 alone. A recent poll indicates that 81% of Germans are aware that the situation is out of control.

Please welcome the Bingen Syrian to the Hate Hoax List.


On a tip from rpp618.

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