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Apr 19 2016

More Code Pinkery From Trump

9/11 Truther Donald Trump lost his last informed and principled conservative supporters when he spewed Code Pink moonbattery at the February 13 debate in Greenville, South Carolina, shrieking like his ideological doppelgänger Medea Benjamin that Bush deliberately tricked us into war. Since his supporters don’t seem to object to this rewrite of history, he is doubling down, calling for portions of the 9/11 Commission Report to be declassified in hopes that this will prove the perfidy of the party he is devoted to destroying, i.e., the GOP.

Trump wants us all to know that he was always against the war in Iraq — although even that is a lie. Now he barks:

“You know, again I’ve said it for a long time, we attacked Iraq and frankly by attacking Iraq they were not the ones who knocked down the World Trade Center. I’ve been saying that for a long time, let’s see what the paper say. I think they should have been released a long time ago, I think they’re finally going to be in some form released.”

As RedState observes:

At no time did George W. Bush or anyone in his administration claim that we were going to invade Iraq because they knocked down the World Trade Center.

You know who invented this particular red herring? Code Pink and their allies in the Democratic party. And what they said specifically is that we should not invade Iraq because they weren’t responsible for 9/11, to which anyone who was paying attention at the time said, “who the hell said that’s why we were invading Iraq in the first place?”

We don’t need to declassify anything to know that a claim that Code Pink invented in their own heads and then attributed to George W. Bush is false. The only person who thinks that this is some sort of hidden information is Donald J. Trump and the anti-war Internet leftists who have apparently been feeding Trump his foreign policy talking points for the last 15 years.

Iraq turned out to be a disaster that opened the door for the rise of the Islamic State — but not because the lunatic accusations howled by Code Pink banshees and echoed by Trump have any merit. A hard-earned victory was deliberately thrown away to make a political point when Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama prematurely withdrew our troops. It is worth noting that Trump was an avid supporter of Obama, even sneering that America is too racist to appreciate him.

Trump is not just a liberal posing as a liberal’s fascistic conception of a right-winger. He is a full-blown moonbat.

But at least it is a relief to learn that Trump has enough of an intellect to have intellectual influences.

Code Pink in Chicago, 2012. I knew Trump’s anti-NATO rhetoric sounded familiar…

On a tip from Torcer.

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  • Auburn Rapunzel

    The question now becomes, who let Trump into the GOP in the first place?

  • ramrodd

    I hate to think i agree with these people on any issue…..

    but…..NATO isnt what it was….add Turkey

    Think Arab Spring….howd that work out!!

  • DrMicahStone

    Trump = best spokesman Code Pinkos ever had !!!

  • mr. history

    9-11 was not an attack it was a counter attack for all of you morons who think history started on9=11 2001 and what happen before doesn’t count.

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Suppose you enlighten us, “Mr. History”. (But please clean your keyboard first. Your space bar’s a bit sticky, and don’t get me started on your shift key!)

  • Deep North

    How exactly could we have ever won a “hard earned victory in Iraq”? That country was going to collapse. All they have to do is wait us out while we bankrupt ourselves. We’re still in Korea btw. The basing of American troops in Muslim lands was one of the reasons Bin Laden attacked us on 9/11. The other reason is our government supports the Zionist state:

  • KHarn

    Muslims have been at war with the world for over 13 centuries. Read a history book, “mr. history”.

  • KHarn

    You’re an ignorant yankee ass. If you really believe that, tell us what all the other attacks on Americans (Or other people for that matter) DECADES before the First Gulf War were about.
    Muslims are NOT peaceful. It is their goal to rule the world. I’ve known many muslims over the course of my 58 years and I know their ways.
    Do you want to understand them? Start with the tale of the camel’s nose in the tent; it’s their basic tactic for conquest.
    And by the way, the middle east was once CHRISTIAN and JEWISH dominated. What do you think happened?

  • Skip

    If Trump does not win the nomination because of the ‘establishment’ the GOP is trashed. This is our last chance to attempt to turn the country around, if the Republican Party does not win the presidency this year, they will never win it again.

  • KHarn

    If there was some hidden information about 9/11 that the US president could release, don’t you think that Obama or someone else in his inner circle would have made it public, thereby destroying the Republican party and damning Bush eternally?
    But if there IS such information and Obama had done nothing with it, he’s part of the conspiracy and just as guilty as the others.

  • KHarn

    Agreed. (But not necessarily about Trump)
    The “SOP” (Stupid Old Party) care more about the status quo than about winning elections.

  • mauser 98

    Trump a troofer? … do the Saudis know this?

  • Lobotomist

    The dimwit probably thinks the Crusades was what started this, like Obama does. They don’t understand that the Crusades were a counter attack. Islam is the original aggressor here, not the rest of the world.

    This will go on for another 1400 years if we don’t defeat them once and for all, and by defeat, I mean kill.

  • Lobotomist

    Ask Ukraine how its workin out for them.

    NATO has become just a vehicle whereby the socialist demagogues in Europe can both rattle their swords and look down their noses at America while we defend them and they spend their money on socialist programs.

    What would the European economy look like if they had to foot the bill to keep the sea lanes open, something the American taxpayer has done since 1945. Much less all the military actions that have been paid for by America since WWII. All Europe does is hold our coat for us while we fight.

  • Brandyhwells4

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  • CTsOpinion

    Trump has already trashed the GOP, hope the Trump asshats enjoy the raise of the Left.

  • Deep North

    The solution is simple: don’t let the ragheads into our countries and don’t stick our noses in their business. We go democracy crusading in the Middle East as if they are going to take up Jeffersonian democracy. I don’t want to waste Western lives in useless Middle Eastern wars. We should round up every ragtop in Europe in deport them.
    No shit Islam is an aggressive religion. Post WW2 attacks on the United States by Islamist are due to our foreign policy in that region, that’s a fact whether you can comprehend that or not.

  • Deep North

    As long as we support the Zionist state, you can be sure the Muzzies will target us.

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