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Apr 19 2016

Pervert Pastor Stages Fake Cake

Not even in moonbatty Austin are persons of preferred sexual preference safe from harrowing hate crime:

Texas pastor and founder of the Church of Open Doors Jordan D. Brown tweeted a photo Monday of a cake he had allegedly picked up from a local Whole Foods, saying, “That’s not the cake I ordered, @WholeFoods and I am offended for myself & the entire #LGBT community.”

The cake in the photo had “Love Wins Fag” written on it in frosting β€” a message that would likely be upsetting to many.

The easily traumatized are advised to shield their eyes. The cake:

As you have probably already guessed, the supposed hate crime appears to be yet another hoax.

In a statement on their website, Whole Foods maintained that the request had been for a cake that said “Love Wins,” and that’s what the customer got.

The statement proudly avers that the P.C. suits running Whole Foods “stand behind our bakery team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community.”

Whoops, the accused cake maker is a deviant too. Not that anyone would believe Brown’s laughable allegation anyway.

Brown’s congregation, Church of Open Doors, bills itself as a “place where all can experience God” and “LGBT friendly.”

Apparently the congregation has been a little thin, so Brown set out to acquire some sympathetic publicity. Like the concept of a sin-friendly church, his effort can be summed up with the word FAIL. But at least he made the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Henry, Jack S, and Wilberforce.


Good for Whole Foods: they are planning to take legal action against the hoaxer. The golden era of hate hoaxes may be coming to an end.

  • Wilberforce

    Update: “Whole Foods taking legal action against cake accuser, releases video.”

    A bit ironic: if the this was a hoax, yet the ‘pastor’ believes he was harassed, then who are the open-minded Whole Foods to judge? πŸ˜‰

  • Wilberforce

    Sub-note: Many media outlets are so sssenssitive, they’re actually blurring out the offending word. Weaklings.

  • Wilberforce

    To wit.

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  • Donna M

    Hummmmm…lemme see, now…
    I guess the Ten Commandments, somehow, are “NOT” part of their Doctrinal Theology.
    Institutional hedonistic paganism is quite facsinating to watch.
    Like a train wreck.
    Ya’ know ya’ should, but somehow ya’ just can’t look away!

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  • Auburn Rapunzel

    You have to remember that more “liberal” interpretations of Scripture include “unless you feel it’s a good idea” at the end of each Commandment…er, Suggestion.

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    I would want to see a copy of his receipt for this purchase. I have a sneaking suspicion there’s another line item titled “Betty Crocker decorating gel”.

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Oh, a detail that got missed: Brown filed a lawsuit yesterday against Whole Foods when they didn’t immediately kowtow. What we’re seeing is press releases intended to bias the jury pool.

    Technicals: If you visit here, select “GN”, enter “16” under Cause Year, and “001648” in the remaining blank, you can see the listing for the filed suit. I’m afraid I can’t link you directly to the case listing because Travis County’s site is uncooperative.

    EDIT! Whole Foods’ countersuit isn’t on file yet, though it should be later today or early tomorrow.

  • DrMicahStone

    I’m had enough of the

    A-ttacks claimed by
    G-ays !!!!

  • irandom419

    So is he an anti smoking activist?

    “Fag, a British and Australian colloquialism for cigarette”

  • Pyrran

    In the video Whole Foods released, the box was brown and the label was on the side, not the bottom. And another thing, when you order a cake with something written on it, you’re telling me you don’t look at it before you pay for it?
    Uh huh, hope this guy has a lawyer because he will be needing one.

  • Jodie

    What kind of lazy hate hoaxer does not even bother to put the “got” at the end of the world? /s

  • Berzrkr50

    It’s twoo! Whole Foods has a video of the cake when it went through the check out and it simply said “love wins”! It appears that the “Church of The Open Back Door” won’t be around very long…

  • jayeS

    I knew it was fake from the beginning because the lettering on the “FAG” part is skinnier than the “Love Wins” part. As a cake decorator, you don’t screw that up. I want Whole Foods to sue his a$$ into the ground and them some. Make it so bad that his a$$ cheeks will never pucker again.

  • Henry

    Of all places to accuse… Whole Foods? Really?

    Pastor Fag better ask his lawyer about the rules of spoliation… A discovery Request for Inspection followed by a comparative lab analysis of the substance used to make the lettering of “Love Wins” vs. the lettering of “Fag” will probably punch a ginormous hole in this d-bag’s shakedown.

  • rex freeway


  • rex freeway

    It’s why it was specified to have the writing up top. This really needs to be brought to a civil trial and responsible parties hammered for all they are worth. Which isn’t much.

  • Donna M

    Couldn’t agree more!
    It’s no longer the “Rule”…of faith and conduct…
    My how inconsequential “Ten Suggestions”…have become.

  • ultratrain

    Normally not a big fan of Whole Foods but got to give them 2 thumbs up for taking the dirtbag “pastor” to court. Maybe more companies will start to fight back. Can only hope so.

  • Buffalobob

    Sue the living shi& out of him. This so called pastor needs to loose his pews.

  • Jethro Harris

    “Not only that, but Whole Foods tells us the baker was gay himself. To review, then: he went to one of the most gay friendly stores in one of the most gay friendly cities and ordered a cake from a gay man, but it happened to be a gay man who hates gays.” -Matt Walsh

  • Scuttlebuttin’

    Why waste the effort to fabricate evidence? If this moonbat had simply said “Someone looked at me crossways when I picked up my cake”, he would have been an essentially unassailable position. Certain, Twitter would never questioned his bona fides.

  • Brandyhwells4

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  • bkhuna

    As much as I dislike whole foods, I hope they prevail in court over the hoaxer and his lawyers. Those fools should be forced into financial ruination.

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  • RKae

    I don’t see what the problem is with the cake. “Love Wins” is pretty vague. It’s not inherently a pro-gay statement. But the addition of the word “Fag” makes it specific.

    Pastor Fag should be happy.

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  • bob

    What’s wrong with calling a fag a fag?

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