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May 03 2016

ESPN Banishes Curt Schilling to the Memory Hole

As noted previously, baseball great Curt Schilling was recently fired by ESPN for opposing the presence of male sexual deviants in women’s bathrooms. But firing him wasn’t good enough. Literally following Stalinist protocol, they are now erasing him from sports history.

ESPN produced a documentary of the 2004 Red Sox season that featured selective editing equivalent to leaving George Patton out of a history of WWII.

ESPN did not leave out just any game—it cut out the “Bloody Sock” game, one of the most heroic performances in recent baseball history, if not in the three-century history of the game.

Pitching at Yankee Stadium for the Red Sox, who had not won a World Series for 86 years up to that point, Schilling won a decisive victory a day after doctors had sutured a loose tendon back into the skin. His ankle began to bleed, soaking the sock, but still Schilling pitched seven innings through pain and blood, as the camera focused on his ankle and his performance.

Against all odds, the Red Sox went on to defeat the Yankees in seven games after being down 0-3 (the only team to have ever done that) and swept the Cardinals in four games, overcoming the 86-year curse. ….

And ESPN left this game out of a documentary, “Four Days in October,” which purports to chronicle that comeback?

This is how they treat a guy who 2 weeks ago was one of their own broadcasters (although he was already in the doghouse for his non-PC views). Sports, history, and common decency will always take a backseat to promoting far left politics at ESPN, in which the moonbats running Disney have an 80% stake.

Even diehard Yankees fans admire Schilling’s heroics. But if the ESPN mentality prevails, future generations may never know about this defining moment in baseball history, or even that Schilling ever pitched, despite that he would make the Hall of Fame if he were more politically compliant.

After currently living greats who fail to comply with up-to-the-minute politically correct ideology have been banished to the Memory Hole, the Thought Police will cast their net backward in time. Babe Ruth was a rowdy guy; no doubt he said something at some point that would currently be regarded as “discriminatory,” whether an off-color joke or an opinion that would have been regarded as uncontroversial for thousands of years until last Thursday or so. If so, he too will eventually be erased. Tell your grandkids all about him or they will never know he existed.

The sock that belongs in the Hall of Fame.

On a tip from Varla.

  • Jack

    DSPN – Deviant Sex Purveyors & Nihilists

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Extraordinarily Sick Perverted Nazis

  • ray

    Had the game on ESPN yesterday. Cubs/Pirates. A (male) announcer was genuflecting over the raising of a player from the Dominican Republic by his granny:
    “Definitely something to be said for being raised by a strong, independent woman.”
    Yep. No males or daddies required. All it takes to raise sons in the Western world are Strong Independent Women. Heck that’s all your Economy needs too! Because no problem, all the boys raised by Independent Women will turn into multi-million-dollar baseball stars. What a great plan!
    I could almost see viewers all over New Amerika, nodding in agreement with Mr. Feminist Jock.
    ESPN betrays both God and nation. I backed Curt on his comments, but the reason it’s gotten to this point is both the Left and Right let this go on, decade after decade. The Republicans and Right groveled to feminism and political correctness for many decades, and indeed still does. Now you’re trying to make your stand on the issue of Transgender Bathrooms, and you are way too late.
    They co-opted even the masculinity of our athletics, while everybody lived The Good Life and let someone else take the hits. And now that they’ve finished with us, they are coming to get you.

  • Agrippa

    Fortunately, real BoSox fans will never forget Shilling’s contributions. The answer of course is: Fuck ESPN and their PoS “reporters/commentators,” all of whom are total Moonbat PC fascists. Heil, Libtardism! All the rest goes down the memory hole!

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  • StephaneDumas

    What’ll happen if the daughter of a ESPN executive will be hurt by one of these guys? We know they might try to keep that quiet but one leak and….

    f male sexual deviants in women’s bathrooms
    f male sexual deviants in women’s bathrooms
    f male sexual deviants in women’s bathrooms

  • calmly_observing

    ESPN is only useful to me any more to see certain games, especially college football. The talking heads and any other programming I avoid. Too bad they don’t have serious competition in getting those game broadcasts. There really is nowhere else to turn.

  • 762×51

    This is being done with everything now. It reached a full head of steam with the Confederate Flag debacle where chickenshit assholes refused to stand and fight to stop the enemy. Now they believe they can get rid of everything they don’t like which is most everything American.

    Progressives are killing America but the people who are responsible for that downfall are the ones who will not fight.

  • Lobotomist

    I wouldn’t watch ESPN if you paid me to.

  • 762×51

    THAT ^^^^

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