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May 25 2016

Trump Campaign Emails Battle Plan to Enemy Camp

From the headquarters of our potential next Commander in Chief:

Trump only hires the very best people. Apparently, Trump decided that he wanted to attack Hillary Clinton on the Whitewater scandal. You know, the same scandal that failed to take down the Clinton in the 90’s? That one. The only problem is that neither he nor his campaign really know[s] anything about the scandal so they asked the RNC to research it for them.

How do we know all this? Well, because Trump campaign spokesman Hope Hicks meant to email Republican consultant Michael Caputo, who is a Trump advisor, and instead emailed Politico reporter Marc Caputo [no relation.]

Once in office, Trump will probably email secret counterterror strategy to Al Jazeera, whose operatives will hopefully be too paralyzed with laughter at the Three Stooges level of incompetence to make use of the information.

Our next Commander in Chief?

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Tom

    The Nixon Era probably being before your time, I guess you never heard of the term “ratfucking”.

  • MicahStone

    Rhetorical question: Is there ANY d-cRAT liberal that’s NOT a pea-brain?

  • Nobama

    So the truth finally comes out. #NeverTrumpers really are pushing for Hillary to win…

    Rich Lowry and National Review meeting with paid Hillary Clinton protesters

  • G6loq

    Fear, uncertainty and doubt … FUD rules!

    Best elections evah!

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  • 762×51

    Yeah, that’s it. It must have been the NeverTrumps who made Hicks fuck up so royally. Trying to distract from your boys incompetent campaign does not alter the material FACT that he is running an incompetent campaign. Your post is pure Alinsky.

    The army of winged Trumpamnzees devolves further into fantasy with each revelation of “the donnie’s” ridiculous performance, forced to compromise any beliefs they every thought they once had. The stench of Progressive ideology is now oozing from the pores of tRump supporters, thus clearly identifying them as the enemy. I love a target rich environment.

  • 762×51

    Tsk, tsk, such language, what will your 13yo think? Probably the same thing I think of you, now that he getst to see that yellow stripe running down your back. You piss and moan when it’s directed at you but being a dirty Progressive, you turn right around and use it when it suits you, Duplicity is your trademark.

    So we already know you are a liar and a cheat, I’m guessing you are a thief as well, it suits you perfectly.

  • Nobama

    Not sure I follow you but my “boy” was Cruz up until he dropped out.

    The more I think about, I’d say we’ve all been played. But not by Trump (IMO Trump is too crazy and immature to carry out such an devious plot. If he ‘flips’ on us, which he may, it’s more due to his mental instability).

    The people who’ve been playing us are the so-called Conservative establishment…not just the GOPe. Other people have said this for months and I thought they were nuts. But now I see National Review literally conspiring with Hillary’s paid protesters to help get her elected. What else are we to think of about all this?

  • Yolandadmanno

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  • Ugli Orange Massengill 2016!

    We might think Trump is an incompetent, narcissistic douchebag who has burned every last bridge with any conservative who has both a backbone and principles.

    Apologies to conservatives with Spina Bifida, no disrespect intended.

  • Nobama

    So Suzana Martinez criticized Mr. Trump’s rhetoric about Mexicans? What? For telling to truth about illegals? Ms. Martinez supported Mr. Amnesty Rubio. No surprise there. Thanks for making my point about all the phony Conservatives.

    Last I checked Jeff Sessions still supports Trump.

  • Ed. G. Mann

    Trump just secured the 50 uncommitted delegates to give him the 1237 necessary. I thought I would tell you first.

  • Grumpy Cat
  • 762×51

    Well aren’t you just giddy as a school girl? Matches your outfit.

    You just don’t get it do you fucktard? Once everyone else dropped out, it was likely he would get the delegates, I mean, even you must understand that no competition makes it easier for an asshole to win. Hell you could probably win under those circumstances, maybe.

    It doesn’t affect me at all, I’ve known the war with you asshole Progressives ends in a pretty big gun fight for a decade. I’m fully prepared for it, this is just one step closer, that’s all.

    Now you will have the fascist dictator you always dreamed of, or will you? See you on the battlefield, bitch.

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  • Ed. G. Mann

    No battlefield, you’re in the rearview mirror.

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