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Jan 31 2012

Moonbat Marries Crumbling Warehouse

It would be impossible to desecrate the institution of holy matrimony any more profoundly than to call liaisons between same-sex perverts “marriages.” But that doesn’t mean moonbats can’t try:

A beaming bride, a crumbling warehouse — Babylonia Aivaz said it’s a love that will never die, as she exchanged wedding vows with the Seattle building on Sunday.

Aivaz and the 10th and Union warehouse entered into a self-described “gay marriage,” surrounded by friends singing of love and united against displacement in their neighborhood by means of new development.

Aivaz told the crowd of approximately 50 people about her relationship with the building, which is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for a new apartment complex.

The wedding ceremony even featured vegan cake. But not all local moonbats participated in the gala festivities.

While the majority of the crowd cheered for the love between the woman and the building, some disagreed with how Aivaz described it as a “gay marriage.”

“With the delicate nature of Washington state and the attempt to legalize gay marriage, I find her saying it’s a gay marriage disrespectful,” said Phoenix Lopez.

Lopez and others who held signs reading “This is not a gay marriage,” quietly stood in protest.

In Seattle, even marrying ruins in protest against urban renewal can get you attacked from the left.

Babylonia Aivaz married warehouse
The blushing bride.

On tips from Festivus, Nobody, David O, Turkey Lurker, Zilla, and Shawn.

  • Dr. 9

    Here is another clear example of why we must reinstitute public hangings. One of the major problems with our society is that there are too many irrelevant and unnecessary people in it. The gene pool needs a much stronger filter.

  • “Gentrification” is one of their favorite little buzzwords. It’s basically what happens when erstwhile shitholes start to develop a budding affluence. In typical hypocritical fashion, though, moonbats do not decry the “gentrification” that occurs when hipsters setup colonies in bad neighborhoods out of some bizarre desire to indulge in an ironic poverty.

  • beforethestorm


  • Jeff

    Question, is that the bride or a clown? More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • beforethestorm

    The name is approprate; I feel like I’m living in Babylon.

  • Jeff says: January 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    I was going to say that given the “bride” looks like a clown, I can confidently call the whole spectacle a freakin’ circus.

  • Hail The Amberlamps!

    Bloated fatass gasbag “marries” a hangar. I hope the Hindenbergs enjoy their wedded bliss.

  • Mickey Shea

    Checkout the moonbat in a dress blowing into a tube…

  • James Whale

    Lagerhaus is neuter so the bride should be described as an it if it were to be a valid gay marriage.

  • TED

    How is it possable these morons EVER got into a position of power, let alone be a president!!!???

  • angryK9

    By ballots or bullets, its time to end this madness.

  • Bob Roberts

    Come on guys, be nice. Can’t you see her only hope of getting married was to marry some inanimate object?

  • Bob Roberts

    Dr. 9 says: January 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Funny, your post sounds a lot like something a lunatic liberal moonbat would say.

    Kill those who disagree with you. Nice.

    I tell you what – as long as I get to pick who’s “irrelevant and unnecessary” maybe we will have a deal – but please don’t be too upset when I decide you’ve got to go, OK?

  • Bob Roberts

    Jeff says: January 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    It’s a clown bride, obviously!

  • soulpile

    I guess she’s declaring herself a “brick house.”

  • SkyWatch

    Hmmm… So how did the building say “I do?” Just wondering.

  • LyleLovet6666

    Did ya see her picture?I think she’s lucky to have even a building.I’d like to know how she got a building drunk.

  • Marmo

    After the building is demolished, I wonder where they’ll bury it? Does she have a life insurance policy on the building?

    So many questions…

  • Jester

    History repeats itself. Roman Empire boredom = Modern American boredom. Ancient Huns = Modern Islamic Terrorists.

  • Nathaniel M.

    SkyWatch says:

    Hmmm… So how did the building say “I do?” Just wondering.

    It didn’t. It grew legs, lurched itself off of its foundations and then ran screaming.

  • Festivus

    Rumor has it the Maid of Honor was a cute little 2 bedroom bungalow.

    She was given away by a sewage treatment plant.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    I hope she practices safe sex.
    we wouldn’t want her catching termites.
    Then again, this warehouse is probably the “cleanest” partner she could find

  • Morris

    Wonder what kind of government bennies you get when you marry a building?

  • whotothewhat

    The marriage to the warehouse was soon annulled when she ran off with a Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • So Much Ammo so Little Time!!

  • Moonbats are stupid. How can you marry something that can’t give consent? What if somebody already married the building, does that make the building guilty of bigamy?
    Freaking clowns.

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