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Jan 31 2012

Rick Santorum: The Tim Tebow of Politics?

Although he’s trailing, the GOP race has been so volatile that the only conservative left in it could still pull out a win. But what then? Between the mainstream media and Obama’s $billion war chest, the demonization campaign against Rick Santorum would be vicious, relentless, and ubiquitous. With his emphasis of faith, family values, and freedom, he perfectly embodies everything the liberal establishment most hates. He would be gleefully cast as a cross between Ward Cleaver and the Church Lady, a nerdy throwback American Mullah Omar. The entire liberal establishment, which controls most everything we see on TV, would devote itself to reducing him to a laughing stock — like they did with Tim Tebow.

For awhile you couldn’t even watch sports on the local news without seeing denunciations of Tebow interspersed with clips from a humorless Saturday Night Live segment ridiculing him for his faith. That’s the sort of wall-to-wall derision Santorum would be exposed to as the nominee. But the media campaign against Tebow didn’t turn out so well:

The Denver Broncos quarterback finished first in an ESPN Sports Poll asking Americans about their favorite active athlete.

The more degenerates assail Tebow for being good, the more people love him. Liberals would not be able to refrain from attacking Santorum on the same grounds, because decency is a stick in their eye and because they have nothing else. With any luck the response would be the same; the harder the establishment pushes, the harder the public would push back.

In contrast, the case the media would make against Gingrich — that he’s a creep, a beltway swamp creature, amoral, untrustworthy, phony, pompous, insufferably condescending, et cetera — would resonate in too many ears for defense to be possible. If all he can do in response to Romney’s ads is alternatively whine like a sore loser and denounce his opponent as a capitalist, imagine how ineffectual Newt would be against the Obama/”mainstream” media machine.

If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.

  • karasukanzaemon

    Dave, One thing that I would like about a Santorum presidency is that it would, I think, thoroughly destroy the negative campaign against him that was started several years ago by the pervs. They ought to be kicked in the teeth, but I’ll take a Santorum presidency as a consolation. The truth is that we could do a lot worse than Santorum and I have more confidence in him being able to pull it off than either (any) of the other current candidates.

  • Santorum simply doesn’t have a winner’s swagger/charisma… imho Obama would kick his butt, and the day I realized that I endorsed Gingrich

    His conservative credentials won’t do us any good if he can’t win the general- my impression has always been whiner/self-absorbed dude that got his head handed to him last time out.

    As Palin says, Newt’s an imperfect TEA Party vessel, but vs Obama onstage and out there on the stump it’s got to be Newt for me, Santorum doesn’t have the skills to show a tired and confused electorate the way forward.

  • JustAl

    We’re looking for a President, not a deacon. “Faith” and “family values” have absolutely zero to do with the Constitutional duties of the POTUS. What we need is a CinC who puts Americans first; someone like Allen West. Not someone who relies on middle eastern mythology to get elected.

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    The biggest Obama “butt kicker” out there seems to be Obama himself.
    The results of his policies are self explanatory.
    The only thing that will help at this point is for the right, and the indies to sit this one out again.
    To do this they need the most liberal opponent possible.
    Then they run ads telling the right just how un conservative he is.
    Want evidence of this upcoming strategy ? Google voter suppression, and scroll through the recent links from the left, and their “concern” over it.
    They always telegraph their intentions.
    Also, they must successfully paint this candidate (through this upcoming negative campaign strategy) as Genghis Khan, Stalin, and Hitler, all rolled up in one for the indies.
    In other words, Obama needs EVERYONE sitting at home Nov.2
    Now ask yourself who exactly will most likely make voters sit this one out.

  • AC

    Only Obama is more self-absorbed than Gingrich. Newt doesn’t have much room to speak about that particular character flaw.

  • Sgt Brock E Lee

    Tim Tebow has a presence that sadly Santorum lacks. Great conservative credentials but he does not inspire people. Fact.

  • Brian_Boru

    I agree 100%, Dave. The left is going to hate anyone we nominate anyway, so it might as well be the most conservative candidate we’ve got. At least then we can defend him without being hypocritical, as would be the case if the nominee were Romney, or especially Gingrich.

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Well, I voted for Santorum today in the Florida primary. Michelle Malkin endorsed him for a host of reasons, all of them good ones. Read “He didn’t cave when the chicken littles in Washington invoked a manufactured crisis in 2008…”

  • GoY

    Yes, it is true he lost his senate race in 2006 to a man who may well be mentally retarded. (Bob Casey… the Brick Tamlyn of the US Senate; a man so stupefyingly dumb the Pennsylvania Democrat party wouldn’t dare let him debate Santorum). Worst of all, he endorsed the pile of diseased excrement Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey, mainly because Karl Rove instructed him to do so.

    Santorum certainly isn’t perfect,but compared to Professor Vengeance, Crazy Grandpa, and the Mittbot 3000? C’mon! Since the nomination has come down to “Who will probably do the least amount of damage,” Santorum’s no worse than the other three.

  • /not my real name

    Santorum is a good guy and I wish him the best.

    Thanks for taking the highroad, David. I’m glad you are laying off of Newt. Drudge is not allowed in this house anymore because of constant bashing.

    It’s one thing to talk up your choice but quite another to bash a fellow conservative.

    Looking forward to whomever wins, taking it to Obama!

  • Hedgehog

    They also said that Reagan could never win. Look what happened. Go with Santorum all the way. Sure the evil bastards will try to stomp him into the ground. But in the end, he would be the best thing that could happen to this country. I was hoping that Michelle Bachman would do better, but I was torn between her and Santorum. Go Rick. God bless this great country. Don’t let us go down the evil sink hole of Communism. That is the alternative.

  • Sinister66

    looks like Romney took florida.

  • Festivus

    Santorum is probably the best of the field all things considered from a conservative perspective.

    Too bad 0.01% of the people disagree and will nominate the Romneyac.


  • AC

    Imagine, Romney and Boehner working together.

    The thought of it makes my skin crawl.

    It also makes me want to buy more gold.

  • lao

    Romney’s Florida vote count beat Gingrich and Santorum combined.

  • Cluebat from Exodar

    Yes. Gingrich’s foray into mudslinging was very counter-productive.

    But I still believe that most of the bad press surrounding him has been fabricated by the left and their media allies. The fact that they are attacking him and giving Romney a pass speaks volumes.

    The left has chosen to fight the wall street tycoon. The media sold him to us and now we must stand by and watch how they have planned to fight this rich boy.

    My vote is against Obama either way, but I see Romney as way more liberal than Newt.

    Giant douche it is.

  • Sid

    Santorum is the best candidate for conservative republicans. He is consistent, he is grounded, he has a good platform. He is by far the best candidate because he is running for all the right reasons and he would provide the sharpest contrast to Mr. Obama. Obama can’t win a debate agaist his record, Obama will make Carter the second worse President ever. Santorum can win.

  • CT

    This Christian is leary of anyone that wares their religion on their sleeve. Rick Santorum’s other major failing is that he comes off as a whiner no matter what he is advocating. Nobody wants to elect a Whiner-in-Chief.

  • Graycat

    I have liked Rick since his many guest hostings for Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” when Bill was gone for whatever reason. I often thought he would make a great president. As far as his expressing religious beliefs are concerned, it does not bother me, we know who he is and what he believes without trying to see through any pretentions.

    Recall how the liberals–Bill Marher, and others, made a mockery of Sarah and Todd Palin’s, Trig, who was born a Down Sydrome child. How long will it be before the liberals make a mockery of Rick’s and Karen’s daughter, Isabella, who has a congential birth defect called trisomy 18, caused by a partial or total duplication of a third–instead of two–chromosome number 18. Most Trisomy 18 babies are stillborn. Survival even for a few days beyond live birth is rare. The fact that Isabella has lived three years is a miracle. Full life expectancy might be 10 years at best.

  • Graycat

    Hedgehog: Speaking of evil bastards who want to stomp Rick Santorum into the ground, look no further than Dan Savage, the liberal, venom spitting gay activist in moonbat infested Seattle. He has placed and defined the name “Santorum” into his own personal vocabulary, to mean a sickening sexual act that Savage defines as—“would make his big, white teeth fall out of his big, empty head.”

    Washington state’s Senate today is expected to pass a law allowing same sex marriage, and the state’s House of Representatives, is expected to pass the law as well. All is needed then is a signature from the Dummycrat guv’nuh and it’s a law. Opponents want a voter referendum on the November ballot. They really have their work cut out for them.

  • Frumuda Mabalz

    Sign the Rick Santorum petition here:

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