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Nov 13 2016

Why Hillary Needs That Pardon From Obama

Shrillary had better get that pardon from Obama, because it is likely to be her last chance for a while. Despite the kind words and generous donations Trump bestowed upon her in the past, things got ugly during the campaign, and he isn’t known for letting bygones be bygones.


Passed along by Scott D.

  • Kevin R.

    Hillary’s e-mail server scrubbed her.

  • She belongs behind bars, but pardon would be best for long-term politics. She goes down in history as needing the pardon, it taints Chelsea and Republicans don’t get bogged down in unpopular investigation.

  • JonathanBurke
  • Kevin R.

    Justice needs to be blind, not political.
    She needs to get her day in court. No one is above the law.

  • ArmyAviator

    IF CrooKed HIllary accepts the Pardon that 0bama will no doubt offer her, she loses her Fifth Amendment rights regarding testifying AGAINST anyone else, possibly even Chelsea and (gasp) Old Bubba! Since she will be immune from prosecution, by testifying, she can’t be incriminated, having already been pardoned! So, I hope the OLD BAG takes the Pardon, then is compelled to turn on all of her “friends.” Guiliani will have a field day, if he’s to be our next Attorney General!

  • ArmyAviator

    The server “wiped her” with a “cloth or something.”

  • Federal law on spousal privilege says a husband and wife can not be compelled to testify against the other except if special cases.
    And those cases, I don’t think, would apply to the crimes of Bill and Hillary.
    Obama can only give Hillary a pardon for federal crimes.
    NYC police department said they would present to the NYC AG evidence for prosecution of Hillary on various violations of state laws.
    In addition other states may line up to prosecute her.
    Just my opinion.
    Guy Fawkes

  • Agreed – jail would be great — but ball is in Obama’s court. Sadly, Trump won’t prosecute.

  • 762×51

    “The Donald” can get back all that money he paid her off with all those years, with interest. Having been an admitted, willing participant in political corruption for decades, this should be easy for him.

  • TED

    THAT 3 a.m. call……

  • Billll

    Obama needs that pardon for Hillary because you can bet that if she’s indicted, she isn’t going down alone.

  • cieran58

    She needs to go to prison, along with everyone involved with the Clinton Foundation, but that most likely will not happen. A pardon at least acknowledges that criminal activity did occur, as in Ford/Nixon, Of course, Hillary/Billy Jeffs criminal activity is so far beyond Richard Nixons you might have to come up with a whole new category of presidential pardon.

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