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Dec 19 2016

D.C. Public Schools Spokeswoman Wants to Abolish White Men

Just how toxic is the venom government schools are injecting into children’s minds? To get an idea, consider that the Director of Communications for D.C. Public Schools has announced she would like to abolish white men. Rick Perry, who has said he wants to do away with the Energy Department, was chosen to head that same agency. In response, Hilary Tone took to Twitter and Facebook to bark:

“If wanting to get rid of something qualifies you to run it, I would like to be Secretary of White Men.”

Ms. Tone is not alone in her radical views:

[T]he school district’s deputy chief of school turnaround and performance, Eugene Pinkard, favorited the tweet.

For now, this kind of rhetoric is supposed to be limited to the classroom and the teachers’ lounge, lest it raise alarm among the taxpayers who finance it. When Tone’s malevolent lunacy began to attract attention, she restricted her Twitter and Fakebook accounts. However, Daily Caller has screenshots:



Imagine the repercussions for her career if she had said this about a preferred group that is supposedly oppressed. Yet Tone is unlikely to face repercussions from the likeminded educrats of DCPS, who responded to the outrage by dutifully coughing up some boilerplate B.S. about how proud they are proud to be “an inclusive organization regardless of race, ethnic background, [blah blah blah].”

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