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Dec 23 2016

Watch Newt Crawl

Maybe the past-his-prime Newt Gingrich was chagrined that despite chucking his free trade principles out the window to participate in selling Trump to the masses, he has not been offered a chance to run the White House from behind the scenes, or to play any other significant role in the administration he helped enable. Maybe he thought the charade had outlived its usefulness. Or maybe he really did think that Trump “should be marginally more dignified than talking about alligators in swamps.” In any case Newt, appropriately named after a squishy-soft creature that inhabits swamps, told NPR that the quintessential crony capitalist Trump would drop the rhetoric about “draining the swamp.”

But then he was called on the carpet. See if you can watch his sniveling apology without wincing on Newt’s behalf:

A “boo-boo”? Maybe Trump will reward this groveling submission by putting Newt in charge of federal daycare centers.

On a tip from TrojanMan.

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