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Dec 26 2016

Drexel University Professor Preaches Genocide to Rid World of His Fellow Whites

Even white guys can get a cushy, high-paying job spewing anti-Caucasian race hate thanks to Big Education. You just have to turn all the dials up to 11 on the moonbat rhetoric, like Drexel University associate professor of political science George Ciccariello-Maher:

Cicariello-Maher, a white man who specializes in race and racism among other topics, has been the subject of criticism from media outlets and social media users after he tweeted on Saturday, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He subsequently deleted the tweet and brushed it off as a joke, saying that “White isn’t a race.”

If whites were acknowledged as a race by moonbats, they would have to acknowledge themselves as racists — which according to their own ideology is the worst thing anyone could possibly be.

However, Cicariello-Maher’s view that “white isn’t a race” doesn’t match up with his past tweets. On Sunday, Ciccariello-Maher said that the massacre of whites during the Haitian Revolution was a “good thing.” During the Haitian massacre in 1804 as many as 4,000 whites were killed.

But look how nicely it turned out. If only all whites could be killed, the whole world could be as functional and prosperous as Haiti.

Another Ciccariello-Maher tweet suggests that he concurs with the Nation of Islam belief that whites were created as a race of devils by a black scientist named Yacub.

“Abolish the White Race,” shouts the nutty professor, who has tried to pass off the psycho killer Dylann Roof as typifying white people, and who tweeted “#Gulag these Racist Crackers” in support of the latest obnoxious hate hoax by Adam Saleh.

Ciccariello-Maher also tweeted in Sept. 2016 a purported exchange between him and his son: “Son: If I was a slave, I’d bake a cake & put a potion in it & the white people would steal it Me: What would the potion do? Him: Kill them,” Ciccariello-Maher wrote.

Cicariello-Maher describes himself as a communist, which might explain his affection for gulags. No need to pay $67,665 per year to attend Drexel University to bask in the sophistication of his intellect. Although his tweets are protected, you can always read his books, or scoop up his pearls of wisdom at The Huffington Post, The Nation, and Salon.

If you’re as white as he is, he wants you dead.

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  • Saxon Warrior

    He obviously hasn’t looked in a mirror for years. If he did he would be forced to kill himself immediately. Just occasionally, I wish that moonbats would get what they wished for.

  • TrueConservative

    All the leftist colleges and universities have become asylums, too…

  • TrueConservative

    You don’t have to be clinically insane to teach at Drexel ——–WAIT, YES, YES YOU DO !!!!!!

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Wait until Keith Ellison becomes DNC chair. These people will seem somewhat normal.

  • FeatherBlade

    He should start the genocide with himself.

    Show the rest of us how it’s done

  • Jimmy Flounderello

    Let me guess: He has a hyphenated name because he’s “married” to another guy, right?

  • I didn’t know you could teach a cockatiel to speak.

  • The Bad Captain Madly

    PSA: Concerning the Drexel professor who called for White Genocide, there’s currently a petition demanding university’s meeting with him be recorded and made public, along with an accompanying video.

    Here’s the petition:

    and here’s the accompanying video by Sargon of Akkad:


  • tom the mechanic

    I sure hope he feels safe coming out in the white public again without disguise…

  • JackisBack

    IS he really White or is Maher self identifying as a black folk like Sean King or Rachel Dolezal? THERE is no way the communist pig was joking.

  • Agrippa

    Load .45; place in mouth; pull trigger (if this pussy has strength enough to do that). There you go, buddy! White “guilt” problem solved! Ba-da-bing!

  • NotKennedy

    Compare and contrast:

    “All I want… is a BLACK…”

  • Mack

    Needs to shave and put on a coat and tie. The Leave it to Beaver look is over.

  • Szabadsag
  • DM

    Breathtakingly nuts.

  • It does explain why Leftists and Islam are so close. They are both cults that worship death.

  • grayjohn

    If he believes that, why is he still alive?

  • MAS

    You want us all dead eh Mr Quisling? You first then we will follow…I pinky swear it.

  • 762×51

    I shall be happy to furnish this fecal stain a pistol and one round, All he has to do is say when and where he wants to do this.

    I’ll be back in ten minutes to reclaim the pistol.

    Note to mental midget jerklesTw*t, this does not constitute a “death threat”. I know you cannot tell the difference.

  • 762×51

    The same reason that Obama’s “Marxist professors” still collect their six figure salaries for preaching Marxist ideology – hypocrisy.

  • JackisBack

    My President is White my lambo blue
    lots of angry Negroes and communists too

  • Mike_W20

    Another victim of the communist war on Christianity and humanity.
    We should all say a prayer for him.

  • Marylou

    I thought advocating homicide was a crime in this country. Or did they move Philadelphia?

  • daveclay

    You first, douchebag.

  • StephaneDumas

    If he had been to East St. Louis or Detroit, I guess he might have the same fate as South African activist Steven Otter.

    I already mentionned that link on American Thinker, Breirtbart or at Moonbattery itself but it’s worth to mention it again this blog post from Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism about a world without white people and its unintended consequences.

  • StephaneDumas

    Wouldn’t be ironic if she got the same fate as South African activist Steven Otter or David Ruenzel who worked for the SPLC.

  • oldguy

    Ciccariello. that isn’t a Sicilian name is it? Remember what was said about Sicilians in the movie “True Romance”?

  • JackisBack

    Something about eggplant?

  • CTsOpinion

    Drexel University’s POS professor George Ciceariello-Maher represents the self hate problem of racial strife not the resolution.

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  • 762×51

    We all know Ellison is NuckinFutz, it should be very entertaining. Normal everyday people may finally see that and refuse to follow them into total insanity.

  • Pyrran

    How come these guys never lead by example?
    They remind me of the imams who don’t dare put on a suicide vest but gladly send kids out to do their dirty work for them. Step up, George and show the rest of us racists the courage of a real moonbat hero. Start with yourself.

  • Pyrran

    Hmmm, I’m not taking that bet.

  • Indeed… from your DOWNTREND link:

    David Ruenzel had made a living using the notion of white privilege to excuse any and all black crime:

    As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything.

    This mantra of the Critical Race Theory and the Southern Poverty Law Center applied to all white people because, even if they were not personally cracking the whips, or breaking the skulls, white people benefitted from a racist system that did all that — and a lot more.

    The greater irony, as Flaherty astutely states, is that Ruenzel was basically an “enabler of black violence” who for whatever reason believed that he was somehow magically “exempt from it.”

  • Indeed as you mention, but Steven Otter and David Ruenzel are perfect examples of what happens when you start not only enabling but encouraging one race to engage in unchecked criminality, for any excuse. Serves them both right, as much as it pains me to say that about anyone.

  • Well as long as it’s not “white” crime…

  • Nah, he’s trying (and failing) to channel Frank Zappa.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    I’ll pray that is the case.

  • KirklesWorth

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