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Dec 28 2016

Academic Bully Wilts When Shoe Is Placed on the Other Foot

Better have a box of tissue handy. WaPo has done a follow-up on the leftist “human sexuality teacher” Olga Perez Stable Cox of Orange Coast College, who denounced Trump supporters as terrorists and asked them to stand up to be publicly shamed in her class. Her tale of torment makes the heart bleed:

For weeks now, nightmares have been jolting Olga Perez Stable Cox awake several hours before sunrise. Sometimes she’s able to fall back asleep, but more often she finds herself lying in the dark, body tossing and thoughts racing, until she’s reduced to tears.

The morning offers fleeting distractions but no permanent relief — a cup of coffee, some Christmas decorating, maybe a phone call from concerned friends.

But the blinds in her home will remain closed, her door will remain locked and the formerly outgoing professor — a woman who has always thrived by connecting with others — will spend another day isolated by fear, weeping, too scared to walk outside.

For a while her fear drove her out of her home. But apparently that became inconvenient, so she went back…

…but her life hasn’t returned to normal.

“Now, at 66, I’m paranoid,” Cox said. “It doesn’t feel good at all to be looking over my shoulder and wondering when an unfamiliar car pulls up across the street whether they’re going to take a picture of me or something worse — but that’s my life now. I feel like I’ve been attacked by a mob of people all across the country,” she added.

What could have reduced such a bold bully of young students to a sniveling wreck? WaPo wrings its hands feverishly as it recounts some of the horrors. After a student released a video of one of her vociferous diatribes against non-leftists,

Her inbox and voice mail were filled with hundreds of threatening messages that referred to her as “libtard,” “Marxist,” “nutcase,” “vile leftist filth” and a “satanic cult member.”

“Keep your anti-white, man-hating, traditional-values-bashing, islamophile radical views to yourself!” an emailer named Xavier Israel Matamoros wrote. “You are an intolerant Marxist terrorist who causes division by bringing up your one-sided radical viewpoints and intimidating and shaming your non-conforming students. You are a sick, demented, evil b****!”

“You professors teach that Whites are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide,” a woman named Jennifer wrote. “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

“Go out in the middle of the football field, pull out a handgun, put it to your temple and shoot yourself,” Jim Ernst wrote. “Or better yet, douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire.”

Bill O’Reilly joined in by calling her part of “the totalitarian left” and observing that she could use a psychologist. She was added to Professor Watchlist among many other aggressively moonbatty academics.

Although Olga screams unconvincingly about people telling her “over and over again” that they want to shoot her in the face, to judge by what WaPo quotes, suicide suggestions are as close as the invective comes to actual threats, unless you count a threatened doxing. Conservatives who refused to climb aboard the Trump Train during election season received similar treatment, but generally didn’t crumple in the face of it. But then, conservatives don’t get rewarded for pusillanimity with lengthy fawning profiles in the Washington Post. This one finally ends on a bravely cheerful note with the upbeat news that Ms. Perez Unstable Cox plans to return to the classroom from the extended vacation she has been taking at the end of next month, to embark on a homosexual “marriage,” and to “continue her healing process one day at a time.”

Olga likes bullying better than being bullied.

On a tip from 762×51.

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