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Jan 04 2017

Refugees Welcome Girls Get a New Sign

Remember the smiling German girls who welcomed a tsunami of Islamic colonists to their country with this hospitable sign?

In light of recent events, they have exchanged the sign for a new one:


Compliments of John27.

  • TrojanMan

    Yeah that sign just as well read “Rape and Beheadings Welcome”

  • JackisBack

    For White liberal Euro-trash, any non-White rapist will do.

  • Good photoshop work.




    Better photoshop work:

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Teenage girls do not have good judgement. That is why they need fathers.

  • TED

    Fathers with guns and balls

  • TED

    I believe we are looking at the heart of the liberal (leftist) movement. Who else could make such incredibly WRONG decisions?! Decisions using absolutely NO intelligence at all, all FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELING.

  • Pamelarsheridan

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