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Jan 10 2017

Is It Time to Ban Gun-Free Zones?

In light of the recent senseless violence at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, people have concluded that enough is enough. It is time for a ban — on gun-free zones. Gina Loudon and crime expert Dr. John Lott, Jr. make the case:

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Torcer

    The Continuing Disaster of “Gun-Free Zones” #GunSense Boot #MomsDemand from #everytown

    ‘Caracas by day torments and by night terrifies’ #Socialism500yrsofFAIL #Venezuela

  • ramrodd

    Do You Patronize Gun Free Zones That Undermine Your Freedoms – Fact is, mindless gun-free zones are what mass shootings have in common. They are Killing Zones, free from good guys with guns. That’s why the Aurora movie theater killer chose the more distant theater where guns were not allowed and thus where he wouldn’t have to worry about his plan being foiled.

  • ramrodd

    Photo evidence shows Ft. Lauderdale shooter is a Muslim Terrorist.

    As far as the “mental illness” is concerned, this rampage was carefully
    planned. He flew for Alaska to FLA via MPS-St Paul. The act was too cold and
    calculating. The attack compares to the summer 2016 attack on Ataturk Airport in
    Turkey and ISIS terrorist channels knew Esteban’s name before the news reported
    it. A U.S. senator gave Esteban’s name out live on MSNBC. It is unclear if ISIS
    channels spread his name before MSNBC.

  • ramrodd

    “Image of Esteban Santiago Ruiz wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh neck scarf
    symbolizing his allegiance to Islam #FLLshooting

  • ramrodd

    John Lott lies through omission…………

    FBI Knew About Ft. Lauderdale Islamic State Jihadist for 4 Months –
    Investigated for Child Porn Years Ago..

    Ft. Lauderdale shooter was posting on jihadi forums when he was 17 years
    old in 2007. That twitter account, @Esteban00903, is now closed.

    The Fort Lauderdale gunman was known to the FBI for four months prior to
    this massacre.

  • LampofDiogenes

    And that negatives his point HOW, exactly????????????

    “John Lott lies”. Quoth Inigo Montoya, “You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Or, you might just be an ignorant, partisan troll.


  • ramrodd

    ive been posting here for years, genius….

    by refusing to address this murderer and jihad – he is no different from the MSM and US Police State!!

    try making sense, or better yet – put down the drink!!!!!!
    or better yet…come back when you surpass 1000 posts..

  • TrojanMan

    I do not know about other airports but at DFW you can carry (open or concealed) right up to the TSA molestation screening. As long as you are on the non-secure side you can carry your gun to your hearts desire.

  • LampofDiogenes

    “ive been posting here for years, genius….”

    And still, apparently, haven’t learned punctuation and grammar. So, does having posted here “for years” give you license to be stupid? Just asking.

    Yes, the murderer SEEMS to have been a jihadi. How does that negative his point that the jihadi CHOSE a “gun free” zone to act out his jihad???

    1000 witless posts makes you? Witless.

    I aspire more to quality than quantity. Since you are capable of only ONE of those two options, I understand your “choice” to go for quantity. Good luck with that.

  • ramrodd

    this is the internet, professor….who gives a flying f-uck about my punctuation!!

    in your giving islam a pass – proves you are you are dangerous.

    btw how many monikers do you use!

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    it’s pretty obvious to the most casual observer of recent history that gun confiscation and so-called ‘gun free zones’ only put normal, honest people at hazard. It does absolutely nothing to stop gun crime. I give you Washington, D.C. and Chicongo as prime examples.

    Now if only the media clowns would own up to the truth… Yeah. As if.

  • MAS

    Civilized! Why am I still living in California? he asks himself.

  • MAS

    Sane or not fry him. If he is truly insane he will have no idea he is getting executed or won’t care anyway. We’ll just tell him it’s an amusement park ride…

    BTW ever notice how even the most “bonkers” of criminals don’t do their dirty in front of LEOs? Insanity defense is way over used.

  • ramrodd

    In this new video, I expose how mainstream media and law enforcement
    officials consistently MISCHARACTERIZE and dismiss Islamic jihad attacks as manifestations of mental illness. I taped this just days before the Orlando jihad massacre, but it applies to Omar Mateen as well, as he has been widely described in mainstream media reports as mentally unstable.


    Mental health is the avenue to gun control..

    American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..
    After crafting by politicians and Media all will be crazy except for them..

    300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs were written in 2009 alone..
    Your children on medication for ADHD?
    Single woman with children diagnosed with depression?

    be careful what you ask for

  • 762×51

    Go to it’s Disqus profile. All it does is post flames and troll users on all the sites it goes to. Just another vermin to slither in from the Disqus sewer. I’ve been here for ten years and never seen it here before.

  • 762×51

    “gun free zones” = criminal shooting gallery. Get them on a two way range they run every time.

  • Bosun Higgs

    The limit of Hollywood’s and the MSM’s “knowledge” on handguns:

    >McClane (Bruce Willis) identifies the handgun to Chief Lorenzo (Dennis Franz) as a “Glock 7,” (no such model exists) and recites a string of inaccuracies, describing it as “a porcelain gun made in Germany that doesn’t show up on your airport metal detectors and costs more than you make in a month.”<

  • Eddie_Valiant

    I found it interesting that this newest muzzie shooter chose to lay down his weapon and surrender, rather than be taken out by the police.

    Could this be a new tactic? Save themselves, worm their way into the US legal system and when found guilty, make the courts and the US legal system look like the problem. This could be an argument, in the muzzie’s demented minds, of why sharia would be better.

  • OldSailor

    “It ain’t fair that the clay pidgeons can shoot back!!!”

  • TrojanMan

    Why indeed!

  • MAS

    Family amigo, family…

  • MAS

    When the vain philosophy of men masquerades as science it changes with every new whim and thus disqualifies itself as even soft science.

  • EugeneAustin

    It was a seven minute interview about gun free zones. Nothing you mention has anything to do with the topic. Nor does it have anything to do with John Lott’s research.

    Next time, try to cover up the fact that you are a moron by making your comments relevant to the discussion.

  • SNuss

    Along with banning gun-free zones (UNLESS they have sufficient armed security at hand), I would like to see reciprocity for ALL Constitutional rights. I don’t become less of a citizen, just because I am crossing State lines.

  • ramrodd

    this is deliberate….

  • ramrodd

    you are just one more Lott style apologist for jihad…

    this murderer was an islamist and Lott ignores it!!

    buy a vowel

  • EugeneAustin

    Once again they are talking about “gun free zones.” Do you know what a “topic” is? You apparently don’t know the meaning of “relevant” and disregarded my advice. I would also point out that when someone is talking about “gun free zones” and doesn’t mention mention Islamic influence because there was limited time and they were talking about “gun free zones,” it doesn’t make him a liar. (It means he’s talking about “gun free zones” and the motivations for picking “gun free zones,” not the religious motivations for a particular shooting.) However, it does make you a liar for calling John Lott a liar without a valid basis for making the claim.

    I would suggest that you “buy a vowel,” unfortunately you appear to be a moron and it won’t do any good.

  • ramrodd

    now youre the liar because also race and saneness is also talked of in this video..

    Lott talks of this persons mind and him being deranged but he ignores jihad..he talks of Dallas….he also talks of ISIS….as you cover for jihad!
    Dallas Mass cop murderer’s Arabic name was Fahed Hassen – racist domestic terrorists ‘Black Lives Matter’ and their Comrades

    “During the search of the suspect’s home, detectives found bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics.”
    • Dallas Mass cop murderer’s Arabic name was Fahed
    • Dallas Mass Cop Murderer was Follower of Nation of
    • Chaos in St. Paul – Police injured after #BlackLivesMatter Attacks
    Cops With Rocks, * Rebar, Bottles, Fireworks, Molotov Cocktails, July 10, 2016
    • Gunfire hits San Antonio police headquarters, July 10, 2016
    • Violence at another Black Lives matter event in Chicago, July
    9, 2016
    • New Black Panther Leader: Cop Killer Micah Johnson ‘Just Got Five Of The Bastards’


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