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Feb 02 2017

Berkeley, Home of the Free Speech Movement, Violently Rejects Free Speech

Berkeley. A “racist” is anyone leftists want to silence.

Berkeley was the home of the Free Speech Movement that erupted in 1964. That is highly ironic, considering the intolerance for free speech that holds sway there now:

Officials at the University of California, Berkeley canceled the appearance of a right-wing speaker on Wednesday after protesters swarmed campus, lighting fires and smashing windows.

University police placed the campus on lockdown and ordered protesters to disperse, but crowds remained—some dancing in celebration of the cancellation, others wearing masks and destroying property. As of 8 p.m. local time, there were no reports of arrests.

In the end, one person was arrested.

Campus officials said about 1,500 people had gathered for the protest. Officials said in a statement they canceled Wednesday’s event “amid violence, destruction of property, and out of concern for public safety.”

The campus police told students to leave the area immediately and said additional outside resources were being brought in to deal with the “violent demonstration that has been taking place.”

The riot successfully prevented Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos from being heard. A moonbat also managed to pepper spray a young woman evidently suspected of supporting Trump in the face on camera:

Her hat actually reads, “MAKE BITCOIN GREAT AGAIN,” but that is close enough to MAGA to warrant assault in Berkeley.

College Republicans had paid over $7,000 for security, and their speaker still couldn’t be heard. This is one reason non-leftist voices are so rarely heard on college campuses.

Here’s what the Mayor of Berkeley has to say about a lawless mob using violence to suppress free speech in his city — followed by a response from someone else campus leftists have used fascist tactics to silence:

On tips from J, Torcer, and Bodhisattva. Hat tips: Twitchy, New Americana.

  • MiloMason
  • Fred Sanders

    Correction: Her hat says “Make Bitcoin great again”.

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Now hang on just a damn minute. I thought the standard rhetoric was “you only hate because you fear”–whence the endless diagnosis of non-left people as -phobic. Therefore, making racists afraid is going to make them even more racist.

    Why, it’s almost like they want to start a civil war.


    Citizen Justice Seekers and Patriot Brigades are going to have to do what police are refusing or forbidden to do. Since that armed terrorist enjoyed macing an unarmed woman, surely he is deserving of a bit of extra-special citizen justice with mace – only with an ignited cigarette lighter providing suitable illumination of the coward.

    The hour dawns to harden your hearts, abandon all Christian sensibilities and administer justice.

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    Justice is a Christian sensibility. In fact, it’s the center of our faith.


    This method is even more effective:

  • Not a Cuck Unlike You

    This should make your phony cuckservative black hearts filled with glee. Because up until November 8, you all hated Trump.

  • godhelpus

    I wonder if, at some point, these assholes will run into armed and pissed off people who are not afraid to protect themselves and that does not include the police who are obviously willing to let them set fires, loot and attack people.

  • Thanks Fred. Fixed.


    The people who would resist them have been effectively disarmed, marginalized and ridiculed for so long in these bastions of free thought that they will be disarmed minorities at the mercy of mongrel hordes of jihadists, communists, anarchists and foreign nationalists.

  • The Trumpening

    You cucks all talk so tough. Kind of like you did before Trump was elected. Remember, how you were going to bash heads in, march armed to the teeth on Washington. team up with Hillary supporters to burn down Trump supporter houses. Remember?

    Didn’t think so pathetic ball-less wimps.

  • The Trumpening

    What about Torcer and 7.62 IQ wanking off Blount every day. What faith is THAT the center of?

  • Torcer

    “Anti-Fascists” Burn Berkeley to Protest Milo. They’re The REAL Fascists!
    Firstly, prepare to be incensed. A mob of violent nazis protesting “fascism” are burning Berkeley to protest Milo Yiannopoulos. A gay conservative. Let that sink in. To ease you into this swarm of sh!t, here’s a joke.
    Somewhere at Berkeley, this conversation apparently happened at some point.
    SNOWFLAKE #1: This Milo guy really triggers me with his hateful words. What’s a good way to protest him?
    SNOWFLAKE #2: Lets burn down Berkeley and prove everything he says about us.
    SNOWFLAKE #1: Genius!I mean, really?

    For people who hate Milo, you pretty much wrote his next book, took a photo for the cover, and created the electronic press kit to go with it. Sadly the cost has been violence against people and property. Violence perpetrated by people who ironically think they’re fighting fascism. Spoiler alert: that’s the thru line to this entire post.

    This is what Fascism looks like. They beat and bloodied this man for supporting #Milo and Trump. #UCBerkley #Berkley

    Female Trump supporter is pepper sprayed by fascists on the campus of UC Berkley. #MiloYiannopoulos

    This is #TheResistance. These are the faces of liberalism actual fascism.
    They are burning it down. But remember, they’re super pro-free speech and super against fascism and stuff. They even said they’re fighting fascists. So it must be true.

    Talk about zero self-awareness. They’re the real fascists here. They’re the nazis they claim to be fighting. Perhaps if they weren’t destroying all the mirrors along with any other property in their path, they’d take a beat to see they’re the real monsters.

  • The Trumpening

    I can hear Neil Young now……Four Dead in Ben Ghazeeeeeeeee……

  • Don

    Hey cuck. Don’t ever come over to Weasel Zippers again. We can sniff out the NeverTrump cucks. I’ll have General Mossberg chew you up for a nanosecond and spit you out. Go suck McCain and McConnel’s tiny microdicks you spineless wimp.

  • Kevcar

    You really need to get out of your mom’s basement more. Nobody said that here so stop sniffing the sink drain dumbass.

  • Torcer

    Well, now that I’ve been encouraged to do so, I’ll be heading over to Weaselzippers

  • Kevcar

    Wow two fake new accounts in less than an hour. Stupidity does breed stupidity.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Not in California.

  • Spleenicus

    Here is what they really are. Stop using the ruse name they have made for themselves.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Let em’ bring that sht to the neighborhoods in flyover country, they will find out….Fukn kids better stay close to the dorm or the cesspool cities if they value their life….

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    And Obama wanted to do away with bayonets. The sight of several inches of cold steel on the business end of a rifle tends to give even idiots pause for thought.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Im perfectly fine with liberals rioting in liberals areas.
    This country has about 50 million rednecks with personal arsenals and 4x4s.
    Be careful where you try the anarchy thing.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    In other words, the leftist hater couldn’t read, he just saw the red hat and that set him off like someone waving a red flag at a bull.

    American edumacation is the best ain’t it?

  • Bob Elfers

    Word is that Project Veritas was infiltrating this event and will provide a report very soon. Soros is purported to be implicated.

  • Bob Elfers
  • Anonymous
  • ICEvictim

    these little jerkwads are nothing but crypto fascists who KNOW they’re going to get their butts kicked out here in the real world so they take full advantage of the round heel administrators at the U’s whose only goal is cash flow.

    Having said that, some of these are dangerous sociopaths. They’re the ones you see smashing windows and setting stuff on fire. They usually wear masks as well. The girls and the Nancy Boys just cheer them on but will run fast if counter attacked.

  • StephaneDumas

    The Ralph Retort posted more about the guy who used pepper spray.

    And I spotted these 3 vlogs, the 1st one have a lenght of 47:38 posted by vlogger nicknamed Hank Bastard and I quote the description:
    night a riot broke out at UC Berkeley because a group of people wanted
    to exercise their right to free speech and watch Milo Yiannopoulos give a
    speech. Violence is being embraced by the left and they are fighting
    against fundamental freedoms that are the very fabric of our nation.
    They also apparently have no problem with men assaulting women, which is
    something we continue to see happening on a regular basis. The left is
    no longer liberal, and has adopted political violence as a strategy. I
    don’t see any other option then to reject it altogether.”

    The 2nd clip is from Youtube vlogger nicknamed Some Black Guy.

    And the final clip from Youtube vlogger Styxhexenhammer666.

  • ICEvictim

    watch out over there. I got banned for pretty much nothing with no explanation and no reply to my queries after several years of posting and being up voted hundreds of times.

  • StephaneDumas

    These old hippies would had been triggered like trigglypuffs if some folks decided to do some internet memes with that image.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    I have not used the Orwellian term “liberal” in reference to a leftist in quite some time. Not even in conversation. It’s great to call them what they are. They react like a cat being rubbed the wrong way when you refuse to play along with their self-delusions.

  • SNuss

    This stupid Leftist mayor (but, I repeat myself) needs to learn that the purpose of the 1st Amendment is to PROTECT speech that some may find objectable, because supposedly “popular” ideas have no need of such protection.

  • SNuss

    If you called them “fascists”, it would be even more accurate.

  • Bob

    Look at the image at :02. This is not a kid spraying the pepper spray. Its some old guy. Must be working for someone.

  • Bob

    It could be the arm of someone spraying her too. Either way these people are going nuts.

  • Torcer

    I know what you mean, but since someone here issued threats in that regard (it’s comments subsequently deleted) Their childishness will have the opposite effect.

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  • Anonymous

    Never too late– rage on hippies, don’t forget your Vanilla Fudge albums and Geritol…

  • Anonymous

    This from a Milo supporter who got beaten by left/libtard thugs:

  • Anonymous

    Yup, they ain’t called “libtards” for nothin’…

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