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Feb 14 2012

Government Produces Obscene Gay Sex Manual

Of course the government has to choke off the feeble “recovery” by raising taxes still further. How else is it to pay for essential services like providing the public with gay sex manuals? From California:

Ironically, on the night that much of the state’s gay and lesbian population was cheering Proposition 8’s gay marriage ban being ruled unconstitutional, state workers were sounding the alarm about something they say marginalizes the gay community with its crassness.

It was a print order.

There would be nothing strange about a pamphlet provided by the state health department reviewing the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and how you may be tested for them.

But a pamphlet with anatomically correct male stick figures engaged in various sexual acts.

According to someone who works for the state printer and wants to stay anonymous so as to keep his job,

“It’s almost like a how to manual to have gay sex. … The language used: they’re using the F-word, you know? And male sex organs using the C-word and the D-word.”

Who pays for this obscene depravity? You do:

All of that comes with the supposed endorsement of state department of public health and federal funding.

But the taxpayer money flushed away here is peanuts compared to what gays cost the public by spreading AIDS — a cost that will only go up as Big Government tightens its stranglehold on the healthcare sector, socializing expenses while doing everything in its power to promote homosexual debauchery.

This is what your tax dollar is paying for.

On a tip from GoY.

  • nancz

    It is no longer about reproduction. Oh. No. It’s. Not.

  • kiplingsburdens

    So umm… Bloomberg as Hitler gets pulled.. but how to f*ck your buddy stays? good god.. I am greatly disturbed..
    Psychologically scarred at having read that. “Men” really have these conversations?

    I need “eye bleach” after reading that…

  • Jimbo

    This is getting down to protecting your family from SMUT at what ever cost. Homosexual sex acts may be deadly. Someone puts this in front of one of mine, I’ll hurt him. Bad.

    Remember – crap like this exported to the world is a big reason the murderous islam-bastards kill westerners and call us “Satan”. Freaking homo-bastards and their filthy liberal enablers are what causes 9-11s to happen.

    Arm yourselves, America.

  • Bill T

    “If you aren’t convinced by now that there are some truly sick pups behind Planned Parenthood, this video from the American Life League should erase any lingering doubts,”

    ‘Hooking Kids on Sex’: Graphic New Vid Report Shows How Planned Parenthood Is Creating ‘Future Customers’

  • Airborne Ranger

    California, Land of Fruits and Nuts. No wonder
    Texas and Florida are getting all the busine$$e$ to move there, Screw these idiots.

  • Ivon Fergus

    I got to your website via a link on Dan Riehl’s blog, Riehl World View. He may not be abhorred by the article above like I am, so I suggest you stop paying him any money to refer people to your website. Specifically, not far from the link to your site, there was an ad abobefor simiarly immoral behaviorbfeaturinfg suggest

  • Max & Eric

    Aliens, its Aliens, we don`t need Jesus Christ. we have aliens, and Che (who was an alien) and gay, he worked miracles, he could raise the dead. (not jesus, Che) Those mean consertives lie. HA/HA/Ha/ha sorry its so sad, its funny. OMG its to bad its illegal to clean up the streets with guns cause thats what we need to do.

  • Ivon Fergus

    Sorry fat fingers. The ad shows a naked woman in a sexually provacative pose, in fact if there was a man in the same pose, it would lead directlty to the topic of this article. The ad $an is running essentially is a service to procure young women for sex. But vthis ad is not a fluke, I commented days ago he should take it down, b ut he hasnM

  • Ghost of FA Hayek

    They may well have also been describing the thorough f***ing over taxpayers are getting.

  • Hail The Amberlamps!

    Yep that is exactly what liberalism looks like.

    Gonna hurl now.

  • Nathaniel M.

    GIMMEE SOME F+++ING EYE BLEACH NOW!!! That was just wonderful to read.

  • IslandLifer

    If you live in californicator, you had better leave!

  • Nathaniel M.

    “If you live in californicator, you had better leave!”

    Crew that I was here 1st. As Heston said: Outa my cold…dead…hand….

  • angryK9

    That is disturbing. I have to go vomit.

  • Steve

    That is just so disturbing words fail me

  • California Conservative

    OK, I can go so far as to say, your bedroom, …your business, but when it is my dollars, sorry, that IS MY BUSINESS.

  • Bob Roberts

    I took a moment to decide whether to laugh out loud or be outraged when I first saw this a week or so ago and posted about it here.

    I settled on outraged.

    Airborne Ranger says: February 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm
    California, Land of Fruits and Nuts.
    Actually, it’s “Fruits, Nuts and Flakes” and, since I was born and raised here & live here now also, I am allowed to point that out.

  • Jodie

    I was confused when I first read the above; I thought it was Obama’s teleprompter speech from one of his meetings with Reggie Love.

  • Bob Roberts

    Ivon Fergus says: February 14, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Sadly, as it turns out, one of the chief uses of the INTERNET has to do with the promotion of pornography/sex.

    There is, alas, a lot of money in that field and so, to stay alive, many sites accept such ads.

    Best you consider the same advice I give the atheists every time they see a cross and look like they’re going to have a coronary on the spot – IGNORE IT.

  • Bob Roberts

    What is interesting in the excerpt Blount chose to head this article is this:

    NOTE how they talk about homosexual acts as bringing up “issues of trust, masculinity AND POWER”.

    NOTE how, when they are told that homosexual acts are abnormal and perverted, one of their “go to” defenses is to state how common homosexuality is with other species in the animal kingdom – which may or may not be a fact though whether or not it is more common or not is not the real issue.

    NOTE that the real issue is that, in the animal kingdom in general, homosexual acts are typically acts of rape, where the dominant male viciously and often brutally rapes other males.

    And this is what they point to in order to “prove” that homosexuality is not abnormal, perverted, and wrong.

    Go figger!

  • RKae

    If they are interested in doing a service for humanity, they should tell kids “Your anus is NOT a sexual organ. If you have a penis, find a sexual partner with a vagina.”

  • angryK9

    Seriously. Your tongue? You know that hole is where the man evacuates his bowels.

  • Bob Roberts

    And to top it all off, the likely best candidate for Mayor of San Diego, who happens to be a Republican, also happens to be a gay male, “allegedly”. The claim is he’s “openly gay” though I would not have (and did not) known it before I read that claim.

  • Bob Roberts

    RKae says: February 14, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    It’s really that bad. We need to perhaps start using tattoos on babies – you know, “Tab A” on boys, “Slot B” on girls. Then, at an appropriate age, you could simplify sex ed by simply explaining that the proper method is to “insert Tab A into Slot B”

    Oh, and “EXIT ONLY – DO NOT ENTER” symbols on the anus, of course.

    (Here’s where lao chimes in with “Anal sex – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”)

    No thanks lao.

  • Bob Roberts

    OK joke time.

    So Ivana Trump married Neil Diamond, divorced him, married Jack Nicklaus, then her name was Ivana Diamond-Nicklaus, that gold digger!

    Get it?


  • Dr. 9

    Here’s another reminder that we must all donate to AIDS research. Not to find a cure, but to find a way to spread it faster.

  • Thescribbler

    Talk about TMI. I find this offensive, doesn’t that mean that they have to stop? One person gets offended so it automatically means that everyone else has to just get over it. I say you stay out of my bedroom and I’ll stay the hell out of yours.

  • AlphaMail

    Gay Marriage OK in Washington State

    I don’t know if anybody can possible understand how difficult it is for me to write the above statement. It’s shameful, disgusting, and sad.

    Washington is my home state. Now sickness and perversion have cast a pall on my birthplace. How in God’s name could this have happened?

    I’ve known gay people all my life and have been friendly and kind, never called them names or condescended, never questioned their sensibilities, never discriminated against them, never once felt they shouldn’t live happy lives, and never questioned their right to do as they please in their own private manner.

    Having said that, their personal choice to be with someone of the same sex, is personally nauseating. To me, it’s insane.

    But loving America, believing as I have in all the rights and freedoms written into our marvelous Constitution by our God-loving founders, and believing that individuals in this country have the right to do as they please if they don’t harm others, I’ve tried to be a gracious, kind, and understanding neighbor.

    My dad warned me but I didn’t listen – I wanted to be fair. “Give them an inch,” he said, “and they will take a mile.”

    Woe unto all of us, a mile would have been a blessing.

    I’ve been on this earth longer than most anyone who posts on this site. What I see today as far as gay rights – as opposed to well over sixty years ago – is a quantum leap into a cancerous hell.

    Just look at the gay parades. Look at the raunchy government material GoY pointed out. Look at the blatant, vile, hermaphroditic, unnatural, sexually-mutilated transgendered freaks on TV, who pander to and influence our children. Look what destruction 2% of the population has wrought on a naïve and forgiving populace, in the name of love.

    Not content with all their self-centered loathsome freedoms, they now want to take yours. And the sadness is, we never wanted to take theirs.

    But if my dad was correct – and it sure looks like he was – they now want to take our culture, our history, our dignity, and our faiths, and desecrate them all, in the name of putting their noses between one another’s legs.

    If you think what I have said is silly, then just watch, and wait for what is coming next. For them, this is not just about gaining rights, this is about defining a new “normal.” And as they define a new normal, they will “evolve intellectually” – as they are wont to do – and you will become the “abnormal.”

    Any simple disagreement will soon be called discrimination. And it won’t be chastisement. Any new criticism – if they get their way – will earn you jail time. They feel they have been given carte blanche, and that will extrapolate into accusations, judgments, condemnation, and persecution.

    I know AC and many other terrific and bright bloggers post exceptionally erudite opinions on Moonbattery and have suggested they may not vote in 2012 out of contempt for both parties.

    If for no other reason than to stop the onslaught of the demonic sexual sewage which is threatening our kids, I humbly suggest you vote for the only party that has the spiritual foundation and will to purify the water.

  • Stephan the Original

    Thanks for that AlphaMail. It’s unbelievable what we’re watching unfold.

    I’ve posted this before, but here it is again:

    Compare the vagina with the rectum in respect of potential HIV transmission:

    V: Elastic fibres present
    R: NO elastic fibres
    V: 25-40 cells thick wall
    R: 1 cell
    V: Ph low – inactivates the virus
    R: Ph higher
    V: No M cells
    R: M cells present. Their function? To ATTRACT foreign particles for transmission to the immune system – the very target of HIV.

    The rectum is SETUP to absorb. It is part of the digestive system.

    Please don’t tell me anal sex is good.

  • lvb-rocks

    @ AlphaMail —

    “How in God’s name could this have happened?”

    Your answer is hidden in your question. It didn’t happen in God’s name. They’ve killed God, put man in His place, rearranged the natural order, unfettered from truth, and now anything goes.

  • Alan

    Before infants leave the hospital, they need to have tattooed on their buttocks “Not An Entrance”.

  • whotothewhat

    Now would be a good time to bring back chastity belt’s oh wait they still have them. uuuughhh just googled, never mind.

    OK plan B, a underground bunker in North Dakota.

  • Thank you for posting this thread. It is necessary that we know when things like this are going on and are being paid for unwittingly by us.

    It’s absolutely sick and sad by the way. It’s dehumanizing. What next? I bet it will be a rape victim preparation pamphlet so victims can survive and maybe even enjoy the crime.

  • Restless

    A HEALTH organization is advising people to lick the anus of another person?? Besides being vulgar and disgusting, it is obviously NOT a healthy practice. You are opening yourself up to a wide range of diseases. It leads to the transmission of bacteria, parasites, and viruses which can lead to things like hepatitis A or spread HPV. Just when I think our country can’t sink any lower…

  • Winston Smith

    Im sure Mao Lao is stocking up on extra copies to hand out to the kids at the playground.

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