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Mar 04 2017

Leftist Journalist Makes Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers

Juan Thompson, leftist journalist, hate hoaxer.

Not all hate hoaxes are specifically intended to generate moonbat propaganda. Hate hoaxer Juan Thompson appears to have had a different nefarious motive — not that he isn’t a tried and true moonbat:

A 31-year-old disgraced journalist has been arrested in connection with eight bomb threats made against Jewish Community Centers and organizations across the country, federal authorities say.

Juan Thompson, of Missouri, is accused of making the threats as part of an extensive cyber-stalking “campaign” against his ex-girlfriend to “harass and intimidate” her, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced on March 3.

Despite their political correctness, interracial relationships often prove to be terrible mistakes. At least Thompson’s turned out better than O.J.’s.

Thompson was fired by The Intercept last February after he was accused of fabricating sources in a story about the Charleston church shooting.

He also fabricated a motive, claiming that Dylann Roof went off the deep end after a love interest started dating a black guy.

On Twitter, Thompson claimed that the threats were made by his ex-girlfriend, the FBI said in court documents.

This was not Thompson’s first foray into hate hoaxing. A rabid opponent of Trump, having claimed that the POTUS is conspiring to “remove black ppl from the southside of Chicago,” he once wrote about receiving racist mistreatment at a Trump rally:

The Intercept was forced to publish an update acknowledging that Thompson’s account was riddled with lies, including fabricated quotes.

With any luck, at least we don’t have to worry about the self-proclaimed socialist becoming Mayor of Saint Louis and inflicting his 10-point plan:

On tips from rpp618, Troy McClure, KitsuneKoji, and Artfldgr.

  • PhiloTFarnsworth
  • grayjohn

    Put the puke if prison for 10 years.

  • tfhr

    I’m supposed to believe this idiot had a girlfriend?

  • Marylou

    Oh, yes. Splendid idea. Because St. Louis doesn’t have enough criminals now.

  • Rickvid_in_Seattle

    Hey, help private groups turn blighted lots into gardens, and make the mayor take questions. Ok, sure, maybe. The rest, kripes, I hope the Seattle City Clowncil does not get ahold of them…


    Want to see what things would be like if HITLERy had won the election? Be glad we got President Trump as you watch TURDeau announce that Canada will do away with all visa requirements for Mexicans!

    Go to 4:50 to hear it all.. Canada Goes Full Moonbat!

    This IS the correct video, it covers several topics.. hence the title does not refer to the TURDeau announcement directly.

  • Chantal

    Jason Castro ! They may not be related but both Marxist .

  • ICEvictim

    have you guys ever know a happy leftard? I mean other than the smug, self deluded “intellectuals” that log in to lecture us dunces on the “science” of global warming and such?

  • Americangirl5

    The New York Times will probably hire him, so all is good!

  • Mr. Freemarket

    Curious….how is Juan going to bring business to St. Louis that will introduce new jobs and new skills? Does he have an in with the business fairy that bestows businesses on deserving cities?

    And then Juan wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

    Sadly Juan seems to not understand the concept that businesses exist in order to make the owner money. If you don’t make a profit, that business will go away. If it seems that the business can make a better profit in a city without a $15 per hour minimum wage, it will go to that other city.

  • 762×51

    He forgot the most important point for ANY Progressive Plan, FREE STUFF. I mean real, tangible merchandise like phones, TV’s, alcohol, etc. Add that to his dopey plan and I’m sure he can get enough St Losers to vote for him.

  • ronwf

    Point #10 would cost nothing and would likely provide entertainment. Have you ever watched “Prime Minister’s Question Time” from the U. K. Parliament? I’d certainly love to see the Mayor of Chicago have to field questions from Aldermen for 1/2 an hour once a week.

  • Aaron in Raleigh

    If he ran for mayor of St. Louis tomorrow against George Washington, he’d win in a landslide.

  • Estajfann

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  • Andy

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  • roccolore

    The fascist left still blamed Trump.

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