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Mar 09 2017

University Bans Long List of Common Terms Deemed Politically Incorrect

Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales has taken a leading role in reforming Newspeak by publishing a list of 34 terms that must no longer be used, along with the terms we must use instead so as not to fall into thoughtcrime:

Term – Suggested alternative
“Best man for the job” – Best person for the job
“Businessman/woman” – Businessperson, manager, executive
“Chairman/woman” – Chair, chairperson, convenor, head
“Charwoman, cleaning lady” – Cleaner
“Craftsman/woman” – Craftsperson, craft worker
“Delivery man” – Delivery clerk, courier
“Dear Sirs” – Dear Sir/Madam (or Madam/Sir)
“Fireman” – Fire-fighter
“Forefathers” – Ancestors, forebears
“Foreman/woman” – Supervisor, head juror
“Gentleman’s agreement” – Unwritten agreement, agreement based on trust
“Girls” (for adults) – Women
“Headmaster/mistress” – Head teacher
“Housewife” – Shopper, consumer, homemaker (depends on context)
“Layman” – Lay person
“Man” or “mankind” – Humanity, humankind, human race, people
“Man” (verb) eg man the desk – Operate, staff, work at
“Man in the street”, “common man” – Average/ordinary/typical citizen/person – but is there such a person?
“Man-hour” – Work-hour, labour time
“Man-made” – Artificial, manufactured, synthetic
“Manpower” – Human resources, labour force, staff, personnel, workers, workforce
“Miss/Mrs” – Ms unless a specific preference has been stated – though its common not to use titles at all these days
“Policeman/woman” – Police Officer
“Right-hand man” – Chief assistant
“Salesman/girl/woman” – Sales assistant/agent/clerk/representative/staff/worker
“Spokesman/woman” – Spokesperson, representative
“Sportsmanship” – Fairmess, good humour, sense of fair play
“Steward/ess” – Airline staff, flight attendant, cabin crew
“Tax man” – Tax officer/inspector
“Waitress” – Waiter, server
“Woman doctor” (or feminine forms of nouns eg actress, poetess) – Doctor (actor, poet etc)
“Working man”, “working mother/wife” – Wage-earner/taxpayer/worker
“Workman” – Worker/operative/trades person
“Workmanlike” – Efficient/proficient/skilful/thorough

Please note:

The policy also dictates that the phrases “homosexual” and “heterosexual” should not be used as they are “laden with the values of a previous time”.

That is, a time when people had morals, and were not so depraved as to revere depravity as an end in itself.

Revise your copy of the Newspeak dictionary accordingly. Only by restricting language can we restrict thought to within politically permissible parameters.

As Strident Conservative notes,

Over ninety percent of the universities in the United Kingdom restrict free speech on campus, and such restrictions are growing in America.

Soon thoughtcrime will be inconceivable, because we will not have the words to express it. Achieving this objective will require gradually limiting the vocabulary to ever fewer words.

newspeak dictionary

On a tip from J.

  • BiffWellington

    Would mail man become person person? I think my gender fluid is about a quart low…

  • Eddie_Valiant

    I’m updating my Newspeak dictionary at this very moment

  • Lovekraft

    Wondering why the blatantly-sexist term “Gunman” isn’t on that list.

  • Jack Bauer

    So…..when the ship is in danger of going down, what is the captain supposed to order?

    “Person the lifeboats!!!”

    Do the purveyors of this p.c. rubbish realize how stupid and/or insane they look to the average person?

  • Auburn Rapunzel

    So when a professor announces a pop quiz, will the students be expelled if they groan, “Aw, man!”?

  • TED

    HER’S ONE FOR YOU!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Americangirl5

    The professor will for having used “pop” quiz and not “grandparent of non-specific gender” quiz.

  • Mr. Freemarket

    The policy also dictates that the phrases “homosexual” and “heterosexual” should not be used as they are “laden with the values of a previous time”.

    OK. Rather than use those terms, how about we use the terms “deviant” and “normal?”

    Or should we use the terms “mentally ill” and “healthy?”

    Happier now?

  • While you’re at it, try removing gender from French. Good luck with that. Idiots.

  • TED
  • Have they run this by King Elizabeth yet?

  • MikeyParks

    So the feminist Left is now in charge of the language? Give it up gals, we ain’t buying.

  • 762×51

    I used to view lists like this the same way until I realized that here was an enemy who has provided me with a list of things that bother them, that is a list of their weaknesses. All I had to do was capitalize on that weakness.

    I have zero concern for their feelings and seek only to disrupt their day and hopefully prod them into exerting substantial effort toward rebuking or otherwise opposing me. I’ll take a few spare minutes and concoct a note, tweet, letter, email, whatever, to them using as many of the words on their list as possible. Whether they respond is irrelevant, you have invaded their space and most likely disrupted their day. If they take any overt action like writing back or perhaps develop some system whereby they can oppose you that is a bonus, you’ve won. Hobbies are important.

    Try it, here is Cara Aitchison, Vice Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University, twitter feed, @CaraCAitchison. Drop the scrunt a note, let her know you care.

  • We are doomed, as a republic and a society…

  • SNuss

    When are they going to protest the use of “bitches” and “ho’s” in rap music?

  • concern00

    I’m ok with the ruling on homosexual/heterosexual. I personally prefer deviant and normal.

  • StephaneDumas

    Some folks started once “Operation Google” about folks on /pol/ or 4chan started to think about substitute words to bypass Google censorship where folks use the word “google” as a substitute for some n-word.

    I guess it’s time to start “Operation Newspeak” to mock this move.

  • StephaneDumas

    That reminds me of that episode of Family Guy where they substitued the f-word with the French word “phoque” which mean seal in English.

    This is one of the moments where a blind squirrel find a nut, like that other moment where Family Guy mentionned black on black crime.

  • Kris Sandbom


  • bobdog19006
  • I be waiting for you and we’ll have a few pints…

  • 762×51

    Any progtard that objects to the dreaded “N-word” has never listened to Rap.

    If it’s only okay for blacks to use that term, then only whites should be able to use the term “cracker”.

  • Some Rabbit

    If it’s ok to identify someone as an Irishman, Englishman, Dutchman or Frenchman, why is it racist to call someone from China a Chinaman?

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  • The MUSEman

    Great (if disturbing from a Free Speech standpoint) post!

    Here are some more words & phrasses we might see in the future:

    Thanks for reading!

  • TheRandomTexan

    Hey! Why no garbageperson, or lumberjill?

  • irandom419

    University = kindergarten

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