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Mar 15 2017

End Stage Socialism: Watch Venezuelan Soldiers Dig Through Garbage for Food

The nice thing about socialism is that even though it is not an efficient economic system and does not allow for individual liberty, it guarantees that things can never get too bad, because the government will always take care of you. Or maybe not:

In Venezuela, it’s now common to see people rummaging through the garbage to look for food. However, a new video reveals just how extreme the crisis is, as low-ranking soldiers were also caught on camera looking through trash bags for food.

Have a look:

Army officials have been arrested for stealing goats because they had nothing to eat.

If that’s how socialism treats its servants, imagine being a capitalist exploiter who commits the sin of trying to create wealth.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    Not a wise move to starve your Army. They have the guns the populace lack.

  • C. S. P. Schofield

    I was about to observe that this situation cannot go on long, unless the Venezuelan government is also out of bullets.

  • Maurice Miner

    Nonsense – they are just looking for explosive devices placed by terrorists!

  • Anonymous

    They’ve been far too patient– probably because Hugo Chavez was one of theirs, but that may end shortly.

  • Torcer

    Bakers Must Work with a Cold Metal Rifle to their Heads
    That’s the real headline you won’t read in the papers.

    At this stage of socialism, marked by food shortages, hunger, State-sponsored terrorism; chavismo has declared that the best way to control bread production is by having civilian and military fiscales inspecting each and every bakery to “guarantee” that all the flour is being used for whatever the government wants it to be used.

    “We will ensure that bread production is not interrupted and that its cost structure is controlled, in order to cover demand and get rid of queues!”

    So goes their propaganda, and followers cheer. But don’t think for a moment that hunger has made them stupid. They were like that before and supported every assault on our freedom in the name of safeguarding it. It’s not despair but vengeance that makes the government hold cold metal rifles to the heads of bread producers. With bakeries, they have the perfect excuse to persecute and restrict those who still produce, who still remain somewhat owners of their fates. It’s also an excuse for the xenophobia against Portuguese immigrants; discrimination always surfaces when the government takes over businesses, just think of Chinese supermarket owners last year.

    Mired in fear and self-censorship, bakers are smart, they reveal the truth in simple and terrified words: “we’ll gladly bake the bread, so long as they give us the flour.”

  • Torcer

    TalCual: Venezuela’s MUD Deals with CNE’s Dirty Tricks

    The Legacy of Hugo Chavez

    Venezuelan Gov’t Threatens to Expropriate Bakeries, Jeopardizing Bread

    Pregnant Venezuelans Are Moving to Colombia to Avoid Giving Birth in the World’s Most Miserable Country

  • grayjohn

    They could be looking for anything. I call BS.

  • Cecil Henry

    We all know its just ‘wreckers’ that are preventing the socialist utopia from blooming in Venezuela.

    Why don’t you invite Bernie to come help you as a consultant. He’s your favourite fan.

  • MAS

    When you are a south American dictator for life it’s real important to make sure your military and police are well taken care of. If you don’t the SA dictator for life rules come into play…life becomes very short. This is actually good news, time for a military coup.

  • MAS

    The bus driver (Maduro was a bus driver) is about to get kicked to the curb…

  • OldSailor

    … and maybe be run over by his own bus.

  • MAS

    Wouldn’t that be a delicious irony?

  • irandom419

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