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Mar 20 2017

Dallas 911 Callers Have Been Getting Placed on Hold

One of the main reasons that you need a gun in the home whether leftists like it or not is that when seconds count, the police are minutes away — and that’s if 911 doesn’t place you on hold:

The city of Dallas has backed away from its claim that a T-Mobile “ghost calling” glitch flooded the city’s 911 call center and resulted in hundreds of calls being placed on hold.

No, it is not T-Mobile’s fault that Dallas doesn’t reliably respond to 911 calls. Now they are blaming abandoned calls:

Callers would hang up after dialing 911 and dispatchers were then obligated to return the call to determine if there was an emergency. But that created a long backlog of calls.

Lives are at stake.

Officials have been criticized for delayed emergency responses that may have contributed to the deaths of two people.

Emergency workers will probably do a great job once they get there. But don’t rely on Big Government to get them there soon.

Even assuming that you can get anyone on the phone.

On a tip from Lyle.

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