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Mar 20 2017

WaPo Alters Headline to Maximize Bleeding Heart Spin, Detract From the Actual Issue

The most important part of a newspaper article is the headline, not only because it tells you how to interpret the following story, but because the headline is often the only part of the article people read. That’s why an adjustment was urgently required when someone botched the headline of a Washington Compost article intended to make us weep for the plight of foreigners who invade our country in contravention of our laws and then sponge off the welfare state.

Before and after revision:


That’s better. The new version ought to be far more effective at tugging on the heartstrings.

At first, it probably did not occur to anyone at WaPo that people would object to illegal aliens collecting food stamps — which is the real story here.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Troy. Hat tip: Twitchy.

  • ramrodd

    they are not immigrants………


  • Jack Bauer


    Hey Washington Compost:

    My grandparents were IMMIGRANTS, ya’ know……
    They came into the country through Federal Immigration via Ellis Island, then later on studied and were tested as a condition of citizenship. Oh…BTW, they also learned English, and though they struggled to raise families during the Depression, they never took a dime of government assistance.

    These other people you’re talking about. You know, the ones who just walked into the country uninvited and started demanding the taxpayers take care of them…

    I think you meant to say ILLEGAL ALIENS……NOT “immigrants

    BIG friggin’ difference!!

  • Rotohammer

    Probably want to skip filing for the earned income tax credit this year, too.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Ironic headline, considering that the writer, Caitlin Dewey, looks like she’s never gone hungry herself for more than a few seconds.

  • geeknerd

    Jack Bauer,
    If they don’t like the term “illegal immigrants,” how about the term “immigration criminals”? If they’re using somebody else’s Social(ist) Security number, they’re also “identity thieves.”

  • TrueConservative
  • TrueConservative
  • Mr. Freemarket

    BTW, I’m not sure what “Natives” are in this graph. I’m pretty sure that there is scientific consensus that humans originated in Africa. Therefore, everyone who came to North America came from somewhere else.

    Therefore, there are no “Natives.”

  • Momster

    Folks…this is what winning looks like! Trump promised that it would happen quickly and it is. Win-win-win situation!

  • Jack Bauer

    That works…lol.
    So does “criminaliens”……

  • grayjohn

    Crap, garbage, balderdash, malarkey, Consume feces and expire lying sjw progressive swine.

  • They forgot the memo that said “Don’t mention that illegal immigrants are getting government handouts!”

    Or maybe it just got distributed without it’s proper cover sheet and so didn’t get to them?

  • OK now why is there no “reply” button… because it’s awaiting moderation? I want to know the source.

  • Well in this context I think “natives” means simply those who were born here. I was, so I’m a “native”. There are people who became “naturalized” here but were not born here so they’re “citizens” but not “natives”. I think that’s the point.

    My question is that since those who were born here are both “natives” and “citizens”, generally at least, does the latter include the former? I would think so, but I want to see the raw data.

    Without any citation this is about as worthless as “global warming art”.


    Plus what about that… acne? Is that acne poorly disguised with makeup?

  • the right reverend

    you must be my cousin…..if you had 2 dozen uncles that served in WWII you have paid your due

  • ICEvictim

    any illegals that take welfare payments should be arrested, put into slave labor camps and credited the infamous $15 an hour until they pay it all back. Of course there should be a billing for room and board at the camp.

  • ICEvictim

    man oh man TC, I sure wish I could get away with that, ha ha!

  • tfhr

    Then starve. Problem solved.

  • Angierpoe

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