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Apr 11 2017

Earth First! Direct Action Manual

Islam isn’t the only potential source of terrorism in the USA. Although enviromoonbats are centuries behind Islamic terrorists and too juvenile to catch up any time soon, they share crucial traits. Both are characterized by a pathologically narrow-minded devotion to their cause and a lack of significant moral constraints. Neither have much to lose, usually being total losers already. Eco-warriors who love the earth but aren’t so fond of their fellow humans and want to do something about it are referred to the Direct Action Manual published by Earth First! Erin Mundahl offers a review:

Earth First! supports violent actions against energy infrastructure development and the manual itself is essentially an ecoterrorist’s handbook, laying out techniques and approaches to stop various forms of energy infrastructure development. …

The Direct Action Manual … calls for “strategic civil disobedience,” while acknowledging that these actions are crimes. The Direct Action Manual’s radical tone is evident from its first line, which describes how activism is needed as “the staggering forces of greed push consumerism and the wholesale destruction of the Earth to unheard of levels.”

“Consumerism” means economic freedom, a.k.a. capitalism. It doesn’t take long for the commie red to appear beneath the green veneer that coats environmental extremism.

At the same time, the Direct Action Manual takes an expansive view of acceptable protest locations and actions, encouraging activists to bother opponents at home and even engage in vandalism.

“The possibilities are really endless, and you should let your imagination run wild,” the Direct Action Manual advises. “Do they only value money and property? Some slashed tires, paint stripper, and sand in the gas tank can certainly make them think twice about if their choices are worth it…Channel your inner younger sibling energy and you’ll be sure to make someone’s life hell.”

This is followed by a section detailing how to turn off lights and water at someone’s home or business and recipes for DIY stink bombs and “critter bombs,” involving a dead animal.

Lovely people employ lovely tactics.

When these pranks fail to prevent projects like the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines from meeting our energy requirements, enviromoonbats can be expected to escalate their infantile war against human civilization from the nuisance level to genuine terrorism, eventually resulting in serious property damage and loss of life.

No ecomoonbat’s library could be complete without it.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Even the graphic has the people all raising the classic closed fist communist salute.

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  • Jack Bauer

    Ya’ know, when you think about it, this environazism is virtually custom made for those with an otherwise “nothing” sort of life, but are nonetheless afflicted with an extreme “self-important” personality disorder. It’s perfect. They can convince themselves that they are a part of the elite team dedicated to saving the planet, and disrupt those evil forces (a.k.a. 21st Century technology and lifestyles), and save us all from extinction. This also fulfills a void that a lot of the anti-religion types have. This then becomes their de-facto religion.

    If other people’s property is damaged in the process….well so be it. Fascism has more than once rationalized tactics by using the analogy of “If you want to make an omelette, you have to be able to break a few eggs”.

  • 762×51

    Excellent! The time to close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat is drawing ever closer.

    Sooner is better than later.

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  • 762×51

    But you have to turn 12 tricks for that $

  • onion

    Every time an ignoramus posts some blithering article based on the voices in their heads, our sales double for a couple weeks.

    If you send us your address, we’d be glad to send you a complimentary manual or stack of magazines. Thanks again for the sales boost!

  • chesterarthur

    Earth First terrorists have homes with water service and cars to get to their activities,too.This could go both ways.

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  • Juan A. Cerveza

    Bill Nye “Is Not The Right” Guy Would Prefer an Ice Age Over the Current Warming

    The Nation Magazine didn’t even grasp that if what Bill Nye said is true, CO2 is the greatest gift man has ever been given. Forget New York flooding in 10,000 years due to global warming, New York would be covered in ice after just a few years of an ice age. Societies collapse and die during ice ages, they thrive during warming periods. Liberals are so blinded by their ideology they don’t even understand how insane their positions are. Possible death 10,000 years in the future due to warming, or certain death during an ice age. Bill Nye makes is sound like the certainty of death and misery during an ice age is preferable to continued warmth.
    read more:

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