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Apr 18 2017

Free Tampons in Men’s Bathroom at University of Wisconsin–Madison

The rejection of objective scientific reality at the lunatic asylums that were once known as institutions of higher education is complete:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is rolling out a new pilot program to provide free menstrual products in several of its campus bathrooms — including some men’s restrooms.

Even to ask what possible need there could be for tampons in the boys’ room is to lapse into thoughtcrime. According to liberal dogma, some men menstruate.

Free (i.e., paid for primarily by people who will not use them) tampons will be available in the men’s room in a building called Red Gym.

The three-level Red Gym houses the institution’s Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Campus Center, the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiative, Multicultural Student Center and a variety of other student and academic programs and divisions, according to its website.

All of this perverted/multiculti hogwash is heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Guys and girls alike are advised to use the restrooms in buildings other than Red Gym if they value their privacy.

Free the Tampon
Political correctness requires free tampons.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Guy B.

  • BillyBobBob the Deplorable Bob

    Tampons are used by homosexuals when the sphincter gives out. Prior to that, Preparation H is used to shrink the anus to make it more appealing to their boyfriends. Sick but true…..and they’re not born that way.

  • JamesMacArthur

    “Free Tampons in Men’s Bathroom at University of Wisconsin–Madison”
    –OBOZO: thank-you, thank-you, thank-you !!!

  • Kevin R.

    The Democrats don’t have a big tent, they have a freak show.



    This just in:

    Racist sjw Moonbat Obamason goes on alla ackbah killing spree in Fresno:
    Suspect in Fresno shooting spree that killed 3 shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ when arrested

  • KauaiGoneGin

    As useless as tits on a hog. But, then what would you expect from useless idiots of the democrat socialist persuasion.


    I know something these sjws can do with their tampons, but I won’t say it out loud because this is a family site. Something to do with sunshine..

  • magic1114

    They just want all liberal men to have something to shove up their ass, gay or not… I say, try a zucchini if that’s your thrill.

  • Moniqueabryant

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  • ICEvictim

    JUST IN: several people in U of Minn. Admin and two professors of PoliSci have been taken to the downtown mental health facility. Apparently this act by UWM has stolen a major march on UM leaving the folks there shell shocked. Details at 11.

  • Me Here

    And you thought I was kidding when I said “stick it up your arse” <:o)

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