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Apr 19 2017

MSNBC Counterterrorism Analyst Calls on Islamic State to Bomb Trump Property

Liberals have provided propaganda support for Muslim terrorists going back even before September 11. Now, they want something in return:

An MSNBC contributor wrote Tuesday on Twitter that he hoped the Islamic State would bomb President Donald Trump’s property in Turkey.

Counterterrorism analyst Malcolm Nance was responding to a tweet of an image of Trump Tower Istanbul that was alleging the property was the reason Trump called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to congratulate him on his controversial referendum win over the weekend.

Nance later deleted his tweet. But he couldn’t make it go away:

Ironically, during the election Nance raved that Trump “is the ISIS candidate.” It doesn’t take much to qualify as a counterterrorism analyst on MSNBC — just a far-left outlook and a head rattling with loose screws.

On tips from TCS III and Everyday President.

  • jeffunde

    Careful. Don’t want people to “misinterpret” exactly what you said.

    – How can you “misinterpret” what he wrote.

  • grayjohn

    Soliciting a known terrorist organization to commit an act of terror should get him a few years in a federal prison. Maybe Interpol would like to discuss it with him too?

  • MiloMason

    “MSNBC Counterterrorism Analyst Calls on Islamic State to Bomb Trump Property”

  • ICEvictim

    just another blazing azork trying to gin up some interest so he doesn’t get sent to work in the mail room.

  • Jester

    If this had been about Obama, the Secret Service, FBI, DOJ, and NSA would be tagging and bagging him as we speak; and the media circus would be labeling him a racist, KKK, white supremacist, etc. etc. for weeks and years. Instead, it’s “move along, nothing to see here.”

  • Bob Katt

    Maybe someone should post the gps grid for that asshat.

  • Bob Katt


  • OldSailor

    Sorry to say this piece of Moonbat guano is a retired Navy veteran and was part of the intelligence community.

    How in the name of Captain Noah did he manage to enlist and complete a career with views like his?

  • OldSailor

    I read about him elsewhere. They can’t tag him as a white racist, KKK, bigot or white supremacist … he’s a member of a privileged minority, he’s black.

  • Bob Katt

    He was a chief petty officer for gods sake. Make us some coffee homey.

  • Bob Katt

    And a dumb ass too.

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