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Apr 20 2017

BBC Bans Meat on Mondays

The date on this story is April 1. Maybe it was an April fool’s joke. Regardless, it is good for a laugh:

BBC employees are fuming after their staff canteen banned meat from its menu on Mondays – with workers accusing the corporation of ‘forcing its agenda’ on them.

The joke is that BBC is infamous for forcing its over-the-top, far-left agenda on viewers at public expense. Why should its employees be exempt?

Still more hilarious: BBC thinks banning meat in their cafeteria on Mondays will improve the environment by arresting climate change.

Less hilarious: what these authoritarian wankers impose on their own employees, they will egg on the government (of which they are an appendage) to impose on everyone else.

If it’s good, moonbats will ban it.

On a tip from Steve T.

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