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May 03 2017

St. Olaf College Paralyzed by Mob of Belligerently Oppressed Students of Color

The Affirmative Action cases who gravitate toward Black Lives Matter behavior on college campuses may be cognitively defective, but they have figured one thing out: the harder they push, the more civilization steps backward in its shameful eagerness to comply with even their most preposterous demands. So they keep pushing:

Racial unrest has wracked St. Olaf College, a small campus in rural Minnesota, with students essentially taking over the campus with aggressive protests that forced administrators to cancel classes on Monday so demonstrators could air their grievances in a day-long sit in.

The sit-in followed unrest on Saturday during which angry students blocked entrances to campus buildings and demanded redress for a string of alleged racial incidents on campus.

The racial incidents, apparently consisting mainly of typed notes that include the unholy n-word, are not only trivial, but almost certainly hoaxes.

There are reports that campus police attempted to remove the protesters, but eventually backed off.

You can’t maintain law and order when it comes to BLM types. That would be racist.

A source who reached out to The College Fix on Monday via email said a friend of hers was working in the library Saturday evening and was allegedly pushed aside by a throng of student protesters who demanded she turn over the library intercom for them to make an announcement.

“When she refused, they stormed the circulation desk and forcibly grabbed the intercom mic to make their announcement,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “They also ripped the phone out of her hand and off the wall when she tried to call the police.”

As if calling the police would do any good. Hasn’t she heard of the Ferguson Effect?

Over the last three days, protesters also put up signs that included language such as “I’m sick of white tears” and “F*ck your white complacency,” and additional signs have since been added, images provided to The College Fix show.

“The campus admins are allowing the commons area to become a bulletin board of complaints against white people. No action has been taken to remove the signs, and no students dare to touch them since there are newly-installed cameras everywhere,” the student who emailed The Fix said.

President David Anderson has responded to the thuggery by vehemently denouncing the probably fake racist notes and taking a “conciliatory tone” toward the mob.

Too bad the mob took down its comically extensive list of demands; I was going to set aside some time next weekend to read through them. They included sensitivity training, that is, forced brainwashing with their ideology.

Students who came to St. Olaf to learn instead of stage moonbat spectacles ought to issue a demand of their own: no more Affirmative Action admissions.

The thanks received for A.A.

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  • geeknerd

    I didn’t know there WERE any blacks in Minnesota.

  • Chuck Aston

    There are apparently way more than needed.

  • SineWaveII

    it’s “mizzou” all over again.

  • Wilberforce

    Do they expel students anymore? Ever?

  • bob

    I would love to see a college that had the backbone to tell these ingrates to fuck off. if they don’t like the school go to another school. If they are making it hard for other students to learn then kick they’re butts out. Too much black privilege going around.


    Euro-Christian males….

  • BiffWellington

    Sorry to say, but the only way to deal with this is to start thinning the herd.

  • Ol’ Uncle Lar

    Why do you suppose they cal Minneapolis “Mogadishu on the Mississippi”?

  • Jester
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  • JackisBack

    These young Negroes, Hispanics, Asians and other European-haters are just like ISIS. Violence is their currency

  • chris black

    Dave, I’m surprised you missed the recent kerfuffle over a Facebook comment about Keith Ellison. It was priceless!
    Also, many of us in Minnesota think this St. Olav deal is another hoax. How did the ‘racists’ know which cars belonged to black students, and place the notes on them?

  • ICEvictim

    cut off their Pell Grants

  • ICEvictim

    St Olaf is an expensive private college. So where did these street trash get the money to be there? Welfare of course.

    When I read the first postings on this I immediately smelled hoax written all over it. I’m guess these jerks will demand participation trophy degrees because of racism as well.

  • Taters

    Donna Hylton is an unrepentant killer who also spoke at the Women’s March. She kidnapped, beat, and burned a gay man, or at least a man she thought was gay or maybe she was lying about that too. Then she stuck a 3 foot metal rod up his rectum, tearing through his entire body. She killed him but she’s not remorseful. This is what the Democratic Party supports! Evil ! .

  • ontoiran

    that’s easy…you look for the 1000.00 car with 5000.00 worth of wheels on it.

  • ontoiran

    soon as i saw “newly installed cameras” it hit me. this is a social experiment to see how far a generation of pussies can be pushed

  • Class of 2001. I am the first KSTO Hall of Famer. Your blog and following comments are the brightest display of ignorance that will last forever. It is not worth debating any of you. I am superior no matter what race or gender you are. google me. I didn’t even need affirmative action but you need an IQ.

  • you are stupid then

  • who are you?

  • get an avatar

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  • ICEvictim

    I don’t exist.

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