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May 21 2017

Moonbats Tear Down Major Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans

Now for the coup de grâce in Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s campaign to purge New Orleans of Southern history:

Crews in New Orleans on Friday used a crane to lift a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee off its pedestal as the city removed the last of four monuments its leaders see as racially offensive.

History and heritage are now offensive. Consequently, they must be erased.

The Lee statue was a prominent landmark that stood on a 60-foot marble column. It was dedicated in 1884.

See here and here for earlier chapters in this sordid story. Eager to pander to black voters, Landrieu has been purging the city of major historical monuments on the grounds that Southern history does not conform to currently fashionable political views.

He called them “symbols of white supremacy” and a part of a movement “to rewrite history, to hide the truth, which is that the Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity.”

That is, the monuments that he has been tearing down so as to rewrite history are guilty of rewriting history. Only through lifelong practice can liberals achieve such mind-bending extremes of hypocrisy.

The Islamic State and the Taliban have been using methods similar to Landrieu’s to erase parts of history so as to consolidate control over the present.

City workers in New Orleans… no sorry, this is ISIS in Mosul.

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