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Jun 06 2017

Transitioning From Harvard to Reality

Sometimes the transition from college to real life can be a little rocky for pampered P.C. millennials:

Lately parodies like this can barely keep a half-step ahead of reality.

Via Allie Stuckey.

  • Sufferfortribe

    Hahahahaha, I’d hire her in a heartbeat.

  • WMD

    This has to be a joke…

  • bo ure

    She seems nice.

  • MAS

    Thanks for letting me know this was a parody Dave. Seriously, I can’t easily tell the difference these days.

    Life in The Onion world…

  • Actually I agree with WMD – I cannot believe this is NOT a parody.

    Then again…

    If true, then she might have made it through her first day had she not copped that abusive attitude to her boss. But I doubt it, because her excuse for being late was not acceptable. She made it clear she doesn’t take her job seriously. Won’t follow simple, necessary rules. Doesn’t consider coming in on time to be important. Is not a team player. Is not punctual. Cannot be trusted.

  • Yeah it’s DEFINITELY a parody…

    By this one:

    Allie StuckeyVerified account
    The Conservative Millennial vlogger. @TheBlaze contributor. Speaker to college students. Expert on millennials. Lover of cats.

  • Ironically, your headline could actually have a double meaning. “Reality,” of course, is the first name of America’s Traitor of the Day, Reality Winner, of which a radicalized snowflake can actually emulate with a high degree of reliability.

  • From Harvard to Reality…Reality Winner, that is…

  • Mr. Freemarket

    And then she files a suit against her white male boss for sexual harassment. And the company settles for 20k.

  • Buffalobob

    That is most likely a parody, however it is very close to the truth.

  • Dan Northrup

    This happened, can confirm, I am patriarchal white male boss.

  • NotKennedy

    Send her to Larry Flynt, he offers flex-time.

  • Carolinemstamper

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  • Libraryguy

    It is spookily realistic.

  • Libraryguy

    Whaaaat? is she trying to look like a man here? It is working.

  • NotKennedy

    Make a video for the rest of us 😉

  • ICEvictim

    I could not have thought up a more accurate depiction of the infantile Participation Trophy Generation. A hat tip to the creators!!

  • ICEvictim

    truer words were never said Libraryguy

  • Silence Dogood

    I’m no type sure if I want to laugh at her or choke her out.

  • magic1114

    I think a visit with the chiropractor might be in order. My neck hurts like hell from all the head shaking I’ve been doing listening to these morons…

  • magic1114
  • MB.TrumpbotCruzbot

    She’s a gem.

  • Silence Dogood

    Bloody IPhone and the stupid autocorrect.

    Is this confirmable? After watching this a couple of times, it almost seems staged.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Lately parodies like this can barely keep a half-step ahead of reality.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    I’ve been a fan of Oleg Atbashian for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the Cube is just not as funny as it used to be. Not because Oleg’s graphics are any less brilliant, or because the regulars on the cite are any less clever. It’s because, as Dave stated above, the leftists have already transcended the most outrageous satire.

  • SNuss

    Can’t you do both?

    I think that The Onion is going to have to shut down, because the idiocy of Liberal reality is surpassing satire.

  • Torcer

    This is why it is very advantageous to alight here at several intervals during the day..

    Now, if that is not a parody… and one would hold out the possibility of that being the case.. That video should go viral to shame every last snowflake in the nation…

  • Torcer

    I suspect that they are finding it very difficult to stay ahead of absurdity of those people..

  • TED
  • ICEvictim

    yep, the phrase, “It’s hard to top that,” keeps coming to mind every time I read the news.

  • TED


  • TED
  • TED

    ONLY the LEFT rewards for WORTHLESSNESS, BUT you must be an ICON of one (or two) of their AGENDAS!!

  • TED

    Speaking of REALITY….

  • TED
  • TED
  • TED
  • Torcer

    BTW, does someone have a link to that video?

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    And yet, so far, they have continued to rise to the challenge. I question their sanity, but I cannot question their resolve.

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