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Jun 08 2017

Courtney Love Cobain Hammers Linda Sarsour in Twitter War

A little skankiness can be overlooked in light of the way Courtney Love Cobain has been laying into Islamomoonbat Linda Sarsour on Twitter. Sarsour, a main organizer of the ridiculous pussy hat marches, recently raised a small fortune off a hate hoax. Love isn’t liking it. This set off a Twitter war with Sarsour and other militant moonbats like Alyssa Klein. Some highlights:

When Sarsour predictably accused her of being an Islamophobe, Love Cobain responded appropriately:

One more:

She also observes that Sarsour stages publicity stunts with “zero sincerity.” In one tweet she remarks, “I know a rat when I see one.” Kudos on her keen perception.

On a tip from rpp618.

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