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Jun 14 2017

NBC News Explains the Difference Between a Pistol and a Rifle

Whenever a shooting dominates the news, the liberal media brings forth a firearms expert to explain how guns work. Here we learn the difference between a pistol and a rifle:

Obviously, all rifles must be banned. The Founding Fathers could never have meant for law-abiding citizens to have access to rifles, considering that they go pop-pop-pop-pop.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Lefties still apparently don’t know the difference between “automatic” and “semi-automatic”.

  • GomeznSA

    I’d be willing to bet that they are still looking for muskets in the Constitution 😉

  • ICEvictim

    what a moron. The typical ignorant libtard telling us that you can switch a semi-auto to machine gun mode. *facepalm*

    As well as not knowing the feds carried semi-auto pistols. Too bad they didn’t switch those to machine gun mode [/snark]

  • MB.TrumpbotCruzbot

    Rifles go pop-pop-pop-pop? I’d be lost if it weren’t for MSNBC, this stuff is so confusing.

  • JAO


  • Torcer

    #Didn’t they already do this?
    Democrats wary of reviving gun debate too soon

    #GunSense=NonSense #2a #NRA

    Boot @MomsDemand from @Everytown

  • The officers could have been carrying revolvers. I understand they go “pow, pow, pow”.

  • Sufferfortribe

    The stupid… hurts.

  • FromNJ

    “He was carrying an AR-15 rifle, which means it can fire 15 rounds a second!”

  • Troy McClure
  • If ignorance was gold, anti-gunners could pay off the national debt overnight.

  • Super Genius Terry McAuliffe, who frequently speaks on the matter, cites 93 million Americans a day are shot. (Exactly how many people live in America, Terry??)

  • StephaneDumas

    Will they put their trust on the cops after they support blm who’s financed by evil rich white man Soros and co? These memes are still relevant.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    McCauliffe like to start the day with a few Budweisers. Funny how Terry boy doesn’t even slur his words!

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Only when they use a Kelloggs silencer. What she meant to say was “snap, crackle, pop”

  • He practices his lies in front of a mirror.

  • Sufferfortribe

    Bang Bang Bang! No, that’s not my gun. That’s the sound of me banging my head on the wall……..again.

  • Redlist Renegade

    And if Bullshit were electricity all of the IDIOTS on the Left would be a Real Powerhouse !!!

  • Redlist Renegade

    And leap tall buildings with a single bound !!!

  • Buffalobob

    I would live to hear her explanation on Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

  • In four more days, Terry’s America is a graveyard.

  • bigpete

    Pop, pop, poppoppop – there go the last of her brain cells.

  • I’m looking to get some real bargains in real estate next week!

  • Ah, they might be except for all that resistance! ; )

  • Dan Northrup

    Ahem, I believe the technical term is pew, pew, pew.

  • Debbiedrochester

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  • ICEvictim


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Not to mention that some media liberals don’t know that much…

  • Steven Yarnell

    Would’ve loved it if NBC had a backbone and invited a historian on along with that dimwit! The historian would school that dimwitted woman by saying that the muskets of yesterday are the rifles today. The ammo type and outward appearance have changed, while the layout has remained pretty much the same!

  • gary

    the stupid is strong in this one

  • Steve

    I have a popcorn popper and it goes pop pop pop

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    So, two updates.

    First, it seems the shooter used an SKS. If it wasn’t modded to accept detachable magazines, it wouldn’t have been categorized as an “assault rifle” under any of the current or proposed bans. It seems the shooter also had a 9mm handgun (make/type unspecified), which he did not fire. Anyway, no not at all like an M4 or AR.

    Second, Ms. Pop Pop Pop has since apologized for getting it wrong, blaming the pressures of being on live TV. No corrections from NBC as of now (any minute now, I’m sure; yep).

  • Eddie_Valiant

    Naw, she meant “snap crackle pop” like the cereal she had for breakfast.

  • cieran58

    Seems this info babe shares the usual extensive knowledge of firearms that our esteemed legislators possess …. and he STILL holds public office…

  • Steve2

    I can just imagine all the moonbat lemmings watching this and recoiling in horror at all those scary gun-sounding words, just like they’ve been told they should do.

  • Rock ThisTown

    And go faster than a speeding bullet!

    “Sir, do you know why I stopped you? Your bullet was speeding so I’m afraid I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

  • BiffWellington

    If only her brain had a switch…

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  • Sarthurk

    If only she had a brain…

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