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Jul 02 2017

Maxine Waters: TrumpCare Will Kick 700,000,000,000 People Off Medicaid

Seven hundred billion. That’s how many Americans will be kicked off Medicaid if the GOP gets its reboot of ObamaCare passed, according to prominent Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters. She even seems to be saying this is just in Kentucky:

Good thing TrumpCare/ObamaCare 2.0 isn’t going anywhere. If 700,000,000,000 will be denied government-funded healthcare in Kentucky alone, the total number for the whole country must be well into the trillions. Canada will need to brace for refugees when those trillions pour over the border as refugees, in a desperate search for the socialized healthcare without which we clearly could not survive. If Canada were an island, it would capsize like Guam.

On a tip from Jester.

  • Perhaps we should start looking to add an amendment similar to Amendment 25 but for those serving in Congress with diminished intellect.

  • 127guy

    Good idea and I’m sure the Congress would function much better with the 10 members who would be left. Term limits anyone?

  • RKae

    And we’re going to need that health care… what with 93,000,000 people being killed by guns every 24 hours!

  • Anonymous
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  • Mack

    She reminds me of the cranky old church lady who in the coffee hour after divine services *****s at the kids if one dares ask for a second cookie.

  • C. S. P. Schofield

    I just noticed something. Look at her face; that’s Nancy Pelosi in blackface!

  • Buffalobob

    One nitwit interviewing another nitwit.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Maxine Waters has proven time and again that she’s not the sharpest tool even among the blunt tools of the moonbat box.

  • Saxon Warrior

    I thought they were being killed more than that. 25 hours a day, eight days a week, 400 days a year.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Perhaps Nancy can claim that she’s really Black, like Rachel and Sean.

  • Saxon Warrior

    Except that the cranky old church lady can count and actually knows the difference between a second coffee and a third one.

  • Jack Bauer

    Remember when people would ask: “have you flipped your wig”…as a euphemism signifying that you have to be crazy? It’s almost like that expression was custom made for “Mad Maxine”!

    It would be funny, apart from the fact that this woman participates in making decisions that affect millions of Americans…..and for that, we should highly embarrassed.

  • MAS

    Sharp as a bag of marbles is Maxine.

  • James McEnanly

    This may explain some of the vote counts in Democrat controlled areas Between this and the 93,000,000 dead every day from gun violence according to Terry McAuliffe,I am not confident in their ability to do simple arithmetic

  • Paul Matthys

    Zillions, Maxine, zillions indeed …

  • “I don’t really know what they’re talking about” -Maxine Waters
    Truer words were never spoken!

  • Sandy Reardon

    “Diminished intellect”?– I think you meant batshit crazy

  • Just for comparison, 700 billion is about 590 billion more people that have existed in the history of the planet. (Estimated number through 2011: 107,602,707,791).

  • Lanadchristensen

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  • Bobwhite

    Just think, without gerrymandering Americans would be happily ignorant of that incredibly ignorant woman’s existence.

  • bob

    she is a complete idiot. no one so stupid should be within 100 miles of congress. We need i.q. test before someone is allowed to run for office or vote.

  • bob

    the only good reason to keep abortion legal.

  • BiffWellington

    Yes, its quite clear that you don’t really know what anyone is talking about, Maxine. Especially yourself.

  • MollyPitcher 2

    If you really listen, you’ll hear that she actually is talking about 700 billion dollars in Medicaid cuts. She can’t articulate anything, but it was clear to me that she jumped from people being cut to a wild guess at how much money that is. She can’t add 2+2. She needs to just stop, but she is loving all of the attention. Her constituents don’t know she pulls these figures outa her butt.

  • littlefish

    man dat kinda money bee buying lots of KFC

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