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Jul 14 2017

Feminist Magazine Explains Why You Must Not Gender Your Pets

Progressives progress. Like the Geico commercials say, it’s what they do. No matter how insane their ideology, they always find a way to progress still further into lunacy — even when no normal person would think it could be possible, as with the transgender agenda. Now they tell us that it is politically incorrect to assign genders to pets. From the feminist revolutionaries at Medusa Magazine:

Pets cannot speak for themselves. They cannot tell you that they are being misgendered. It’s important not to make assumptions about what gender your animal is based off of its sex.

Hold on, it gets even crazier:

Sex and gender are separate things and are in no way intertwined. The sex of your pet is irrelevant. The only time you need to concern yourself with the sex of your pet is when you spay or neuter it (and this begs the question of whether or not we should perform operations on our pets without their consent). Animals can have diverse genders just like humans, and they can have diverse sexualities also.

Owners are advised to give their pets gender-neutral names and use gender-neutral pronouns. You wouldn’t want to offend your pet, which might be a trans-pet.

Also, it’s an important way to practice getting rid of gender norms all together [sic].

The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the liberal war on reality.

Maybe the liberal masterminds who guide the development of political correctness have a secret plan to make us so disgusted with the society around us that we withdraw from it. When we go inside our own lives, shut the door, lock it, and then hammer boards over it and do the same to the windows so that we don’t have to look at what the world is turning into out there, we put up less resistance.

princess doggie
Don’t make hurtful assumptions about his gender.

On a tip from Steve T.

  • Troy McClure

    I assumed the gender of the dog named Rachel Maddow was male.

  • Jeff

    “When we go inside our own lives, shut the door, lock it, and then hammer
    boards over it and do the same to the windows so that we don’t have to
    look at what the world is turning into out there, we put up less

    I’m sure they do indeed want this. It’s tempting, even knowing that. As Dennis Miller is fond of saying: “Tell me how much of my money you think you deserve, I’ll write you a check, then go away and leave me alone.” Of course, they will never go away and leave us alone, no matter what we do. Sooner or later, they’ll show up on your doorstep (literally or figuratively).

  • Mr. Freemarket

    I’m not closing windows or doors. I’m sitting in the dark with the 12 gauge in my lap.

    Come and get me.

  • rpp618

    Liberalism and Progressiveness are indeed mental disorders.

  • Torcer

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  • octa bright

    I have a spayed Pekinese. If there is petting, ATTENTION, treats, and especially CHEESE to be had she doesn’t care what you call her. I would guess most dogs are of this practical turn of mind.

  • ontoiran

    i think they’re trying to get us to laugh them off the stage. why don’t they just take a big step off a tall building already?

  • 127guy

    Just when you think liberals have hit bottom you find this kind of stuff. At some point these people do need to be rounded up and institutionalized.

  • J-

    When my dog (assuming xer identifies as a dog) gets pregnant because I don’t spay xer, is there a Planned Pet Parenthood I can take xer to for a dog abortion? Do I have to pay for that? Do we shout that abortion or is that offensive to the transmen that can’t have abortions?

  • CRC60

    What’s wrong with Dog and Bitch anyway?

  • MAS

    My Jack Russell (Ms Behavin’) only cares about the attention we give her and food. If she could talk (frankly we are surprised she can’t) she would tell these goofballs to resume taking their psych meds and play with her and her frisbee. Well that and fetch her a treat…the jury is still out on who owns whom.

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  • Jodie

    “Progressives progress”

    I’m old enough to remember when “progress” was a good thing.

  • FromNJ

    No, pets cannot speak for themselves.

  • Anonymous
  • Francesdguidry

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  • bigg_tomm_2000

    I’d like to say this lunacy would solve itself because most people would not pay money for that rag magazine as it is not even worth using for TP. However, I recall I used to enjoy Mad Magazine & the Weekly World News because I thought they were funny.

  • Bobcat

    Dude, pay attention. The sex may have been male but we have no idea about gender because Rachel the Dog (if that was indeed the dog’s name) couldn’t tell us.

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  • magic1114

    So if a person is supposed to give their pet a gender-neutral name, what should it be? Ladder? Doorknob? Hub cap? I can’t wait to see what kind of shit they come up with from day to day…

  • ICEvictim

    “Sex and gender are separate things …”
    what is the IQ of these morons??? I cannot believe any truly thinking person can accept such lunacy.

  • ICEvictim

    is this some sort of Phishing attempt??

  • Torcer

    I believe its a genuine story..

  • jbspry

    “Feminism”…isn’t that a gendering phenomenon? In a just and inclusive world, there would be no feminism.

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  • Ray Garnett

    IQ – 212

  • grayjohn

    No. My dogs are not gender neutral. Two girls and one boy. As with humans, there are only two dog genders. Bring that shit ‘roud here and I’ll let them have you.

  • ICEvictim

    IQ – 2.12
    ya accidentally dropped a decimal point

  • K Vogel

    Can we re-open all those mental institutions now?

  • K Vogel

    There are 3 human genders. Male, Female, and Nutcase.

  • K Vogel

    This is an important concept for the left. If they weren’t separate, nobody could claim to be “transgender”, and they’d have one less victim group to exploit.

  • K Vogel

    Speciesist! No, really. I wonder if we now have to ask before speying and neutering?

  • K Vogel

    Don’t worry, “progressive” is just another misnomer. Like “liberal”.

  • K Vogel

    This is why they closed all those mental hospitals a few decades ago.

  • K Vogel

    Spayed? You monster! Did xe give you permission? LOL.

  • Peter Nelson

    It has to be satire – but these days it can be really hard to tell sometimes.

  • Gramsonfire

    I was wondering if this is a real magazine or is it a parody like the “ONION”?
    Nothing is too insane for these looney tunes! Apologies to Porky Pig!

  • Bill Paisley

    Oh, it has a great ring to it! I have no problem using it in every-day conversation. If you don’t mock these people constantly they tend to keep going.

  • Gregg White

    I was born a poor black child in Mississippi, grew up a rich old Polynesian dude in Chicago and retired a middle-aged, Cuban pole vaulter in Istanbul.

  • FromNJ

    That’s right! Good point.
    A pet should have the right to choose!!!

  • Manual Paleologos

    Actually, they are separate things. Sex is determined by the presence of X or Y chromosomes, and to a lesser extent by secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. plumbing. There are two sexes, male and female. Gender is a linguistic property of nouns. There are three genders, masculine, feminine, and neuter.

  • Raoul Duke

    That’s cultural apropriation. Or something.

  • ICEvictim

    I think you are over parsing this IMHO.

  • ICEvictim

    right on K Vogel!

  • 2dogal

    I had a male dog. Since I had him neutered, he’s now gender neutral??

  • Gregg White

    He’s now waiting for you to fall asleep so he can rip your throat out.

  • Alex Furlong

    “Is Medusa Magazine a Radical Feminist blog?”

    We do not consider ourselves as “Radical Feminists”, however, we do not reject the title. First and foremost because we do not consider it to be inflammatory. We do not think publishing articles online is in any way equivalent to, say, radical right wingers, who are responsible for several hate crimes and terrorist attacks. Radical Feminism gave women the right to vote. Radical anti-Feminism gave us the Ku Klux Klan. They are not the same thing.

    Damn. Poe’s Law is in effect. I know people this stupid. But I also know people this funny.

  • Alex Furlong

    No. Now that he has been neutered, the politically correct term is “feminist ally”.

  • TheTexasPaul .

    Well, Ice, you are wrong. Bill Nye says that gender is a sliding scale with many variations.
    Oh! I just read what I wrote. You are right after all!

  • Blindly_Wandering

    Best comment

  • Belial Issimo

    I read this piece to my dog Marie. She laughed and laughed.

  • ICEvictim

    yeah TTP, I love how the Peewee Herman of science is now an expert on gender. I guess he should know as he looks like he switch hits a lot.

  • Michael Bergsma

    Perfect. I wish I had thought of it.

  • MikeyParks

    Seriously, is this an Onion article? Nobody could be that lame. Even Leftie snowflakes aren’t that stupid. Or are they?

  • swimologist

    This pretty much sums up the article you just read:

    “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    ― Theodore Dalrymple

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  • Manual Paleologos

    Oh, yeah. I just wanted to have a little fun.

  • MAS

    No Mikey they are just that stupid. Well insane to be more accurate…

  • grayjohn

    What sort of genitalia do Nutcases pack I wonder?

  • ICEvictim

    got it! *grin*

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