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Jul 23 2017

Minimum Wage Hurts Immigrants

Liberals are mainly hostile to the native population in the USA and Canada, but at least they want to help immigrants, right?


The Left imports immigrants because they tend to rely on government wealth redistribution and vote accordingly. In the long run, there would be no point if the immigrants were not likely to remain poor and dependent. That’s why current policy brings in such vast numbers of unskilled, largely unassimilable foreigners from the Third World. It is also one reason progressives are so aggressive about jacking up the minimum wage:

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Cecil Henry

    More parasitism from the weaponized bureaucracy in Ontario:

    Politicians angry at the man!!

    Canadian man builds park stairs for $550 – even though city said project would cost $65G

  • Saxon Warrior

    Moonbats don’t run the world. Devious, manipulative, evil men rule the world. Moonbats are merely useful idiots.They think it’s all about equality, but it’s not – it’s all about the willful destruction of liberty and Christendom.
    Moonbats are stupid, they don’t realize that they are being used. Moonbats think that they are smart; their smugness and arrogance shows that, yet they are nothing but idiots. One of Aesop’s fables sums it all up:

    “The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit”

  • ramrodd

    these invaders are illegal aliens – NOT IMMIGRANTS


  • Maurice Miner

    It all comes down to (((who))) is controlling the agenda.

    Have a look around, take the Red Pill, and chill out. You will be awakened, eventually.

  • ICEvictim

    what ever happened to the five year economic sponsor requirement?? That needs to be immediately put back in place. It would stop a huge amount of this stuff.

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