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Jul 25 2017

Bernie Sanders Accused of Routinely Stealing Neighbor’s Paper

You may know of a successful populist who came by his ideology only recently, adopting it for opportunistic purposes. But Bernie Sanders is for real. This anecdote by WMAL talk show host Chris Plante would seem to confirm it:

The next-door neighbor… [Sanders’] neighbor on Capitol Hill called the Washington Post and told the Washington Post that they were cancelling their Washington Post subscription because their very expensive Sunday Post stopped showing up. Not there this week, last week, the week before, then it was there one week but the week before it wasn’t delivered, so I’m cancelling my subscription to the post because your delivery person never gets to me. I’m paying for it but it never gets to me.

WaPo investigated. Turns out a guy matching the description of Bernie Sanders had been running out to grab the paper as soon as it was delivered. He must have reasoned that since his neighbor had a paper and he did not have a paper, that gave him a right to take the paper, in accordance with redistributionist principles.

Sanders was kicked out of a hippy commune for being too lazy. During the height of the Cold War, as Mayor of Burlington, he had a Soviet flag on his wall. The guy is a true socialist. In return, socialism has been very very good to him.

Genuinely believes in his thieving, parasitical ideology.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • Bernie was too lazy for the hippies? Just when you thought someone could go no lower, they outdo themselves.

  • John27

    If that was my paper I’d set up a camera and have this dirtbag commie grifter arrested for theft.

  • JamesMacArthur

    “Bernie Sanders Accused of Routinely Stealing Neighbor’s Paper”
    —Obviously, the neighbor is ignorant about liberalism !!!!!

  • Rock ThisTown

    Yep, you might be really lazy if . . . . you’re lazier than Cheech & Chong.

  • The LIEberal Media ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    LLLOOOOOLLL ! ! ! A whole new kind of LOL ! ! !

    LIE-beralism sure is entertaining. If only it weren’t so damn destructive !

  • ScarletPimpernel

    The old commie was just redistributing fake news.

  • Torcer

    Does this actually surprise anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Left/libtard progressivism: lying-enabled entitled self-interest in action!

  • Eddie_Valiant

    THAT would be a reality video worth watching! It would be great to catch the POS stealing papers.

  • Rhondaarodriquez

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  • ICEvictim
  • ICEvictim

    how about an exploding die pack like the banks use, ha ha ha

  • Jacques Devin

    This bum and his wife just be in jail for bribery and his wife for fraud…

  • and

    Praise kek

  • and

    Decent meme .
    Praise kek

  • and

    Cheech and chong weren’t that lazy really .
    Watch those movies again , there’s a ton of work in farming let alone coordinating large cash sales of farmed product .

  • Eileen Kuch


  • Dave Mende

    Still better than The Hildabeast.

  • JohnEngelman

    WaPo investigated. Turns out a guy matching the description of Bernie Sanders had been running out to grab the paper as soon as it was delivered.


    If this really happened, where is The Washington Post article about the investigation?

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