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Jul 29 2017

Socialism Does Not Advance Its Own Objectives

As the great Milton Friedman observed long ago, socialism does not advance its own supposed objectives regarding equality and social justice:

That was before the current nightmare began to unfold in socialist Venezuela, where only those in power or with connections are getting enough to eat. Already Friedman had seen the same tragedy play out repeatedly.

At this point in history, you cannot be a socialist without being laughably ignorant, frighteningly malevolent, or both.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • SteveMGD

    ‘Socialism Does Not Advance Its Own Objectives’
    I would say that socialism doesn’t advance its stated objectives. But it advances its real objectives just fine.

  • FromNJ

    MSNBC’s queen moonbat Joy Reid is on Twitter blaming Venezuela’s current death spasm on Donald Trump.
    Not socialism.

  • Anonymous

    From good ol’ Nineteen Eighty-Four (about you-know-what):

  • Torcer

    According to Joy Reid Venezuela’s troubles are Tump’s fault:

    Super sleuth Joy Reid traces Venezuela’s collapse all the way back to Donald Trump via @twitchyteam

  • Nexusfast123

    Venezuela has been subject to interference from the IMF and was on Clinton’s hit list when she was sec of state and no doubt still is. First you stuff the finances, then you create a crisis and then you steal the peoples resources. Friedman pushed a perverse agenda. The only free market he and others promoted was one free for rent extractors – free for bankers, cartels, landlords, etc.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Sure Venezuela collapsed from a rich OPEC nation to being a burnt out hellhole where people are starving and death squads shoot protesters, but does Hug Chavez and his daughter care? Hugo croaked and his daughter is a Billionaire. At least she got something out of it. If Hillary can make her little talentless daughter rich and a problem at least as bad as she is do you think she’ll care it destroyed America?
    Altruism is an amazing thing. Only great actors who can fool the masses can get away with that pretentious crap. Hillary doesn’t care about “public service”. Too much like work. Neither does fake Indian Fauxahontas. They didn’t go to college to work like the taxpayer. They just want the masses to worship them. Like Evita Peron or Imelda Marcos. The Death Squads only affect the little people.

  • 127guy

    How come liberals never up and move to Denmark and Norway, places they drone on about endlessly?

  • KHarn

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but can tell you the problem with socialism/communism in a nutshell.
    No matter how “pure” your leaders’ motives are, no matter how kind and educated they may be, they always HAVE TO resort to force and tyranny. The reason is simple: there will always be people who want to do things that benefit themselves instead of “the collective”. These people must be CRUSHED without mercy or else others will follow their example and the socialist/communist dream will fall apart.

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