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Aug 04 2017

Ijeoma Oluo Ventures Into Cracker Barrel, Denounces the Scary White People

It seems mulattos don’t come moonbattier than those with white mothers. Like Obama, Ijeoma Oluo is a case in point. She excreted this after venturing from Seattle out into Jesusland:

Any black activist types who think they are in physical danger from the whites who bestow all manner of special treatment upon them would have to be either morons or paranoid neurotics.

But it is doubtful that many genuinely believe America is a Procter & Gamble commercial. They are not afraid but merely full of crap, which they demonstrate by shouting stupid, phony things to prop up their stupid, phony ideology — for which white liberals lavishly reward them.

An apt response to Ijesarcoma:

On a tip from Guy B.

  • It’s quite tragic, the way liberals/blacks/multi-racials project such hatred and fear upon whites and conservatives.

    I’ve heard similar paranoid garbage from Hispanics and various other flavors of mixed race friends, and I have yet to see their fears materialize… ever.

    But they doggedly persist in their self-righteous paranoia. I think that’s because they cherish their status as potential victims.

  • Troy McClure

    Only one part of her initial tweet true, the word “Ass”. She is one indeed

  • grayjohn

    Sure they’ll let you out. What will really upset you is that no one cares that you walked in. If it was a sea of black faces you’d be advised to be careful or go somewhere else. The only person in there you’ve scared is yourself.
    Racist moron.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Oh, they’ll let you walk out of there, honey, but they will expect you to pay for your food.


    I feels sorry for her, it’s not like there is an entire continent she can go to and be free of the blue-eyed devils.


    Europeans are 11% of the world population, yet its we who have to be more accommodating and step aside. We are so near the cliff right now that another step aside and we will be over the precipice.

    How much more must we endure of this? Each time I re-read Mein Kampf, I realize if it were written by anyone with a tan now, it would be accepted as a eye-opening case study and blueprint.

  • Just met a dear friend – who happens to be an black woman — at a Cracker Barrel a couple weeks ago. We were both treated impeccably well.


    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,. I lived in black communities for 14 years. I had to worry every day that I would get my white ass killed when I walked out my front door. Living in Baltimore, I had white friends robbed, beaten rapped and killed for no reason other than they were white. This woman is a dumb as they come.

  • JackisBack

    Her hate
    Obama built that

  • Mack

    The CB nearest to me has a black manager and mostly black staff. So what.

  • Jester

    “will they let my black ass walk out of here?”

    So as you were trying to leave they all leaped up, put black masks on, and started beating you with bats while screaming and throwing Molotov cocktails?


    Oh no — wait.

  • C. S. P. Schofield

    “would have to be either morons or paranoid neurotics.”


  • The LIEberal Media ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Dated a black woman in ATL in the 90s and she loved going to Cracker Barrel.

  • The LIEberal Media ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    They may not like her over there cause she looks kinda like Rachel Dolezal, if you catch my drift..

  • FromNJ

    You can tell she’s a badass crusader because she’s flipping the bird in her Twitter profile pic.
    Oooooooo…. don’t mess with her!

  • Area man

    That’s the thing, lady. NO one even noticed you walked in. You are not near as important as you think you are.

  • Otis Longear

    I hear Mogadishu is nice this time of year. They don’t have Cracker barrels full of white devils.

  • BiffWellington

    No, they won’t let you walk out. You will have to actually pay for your meal. And this time, leave a tip!

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  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    I guess she couldn’t find a “N**ga Barrel” to go raise a stink in?

  • Joe Mama

    Perhaps it would feel more at home at the zoo.

  • sandyaz

    I tell you if my biracial granddaughter starts behaving like that I will beat her ass and I will tell her “go ahead, call the cops. See how far that gets you.”

  • k9style

    Maybe this dumb b!tch needs to visit Chicago for a while.

  • Ol’ Gringo

    There is a reason they call it “Cracker” Barrel.

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