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Aug 09 2017

Relax, Bill Clinton Said He Made Us Safe From North Korea Nukes

Looks like we might be heading to war with increasingly belligerent, nuclear North Korea. Yet this can’t be, because Bill Clinton assured us years ago that the problem had been solved:

Actually, Clinton is largely responsible for the nuclear menace posed by North Korea, as discussed previously (see here and here). He dispatched fellow left-wing boob Jimmy Carter to negotiate a deal that resulted in American taxpayers funding North Korean nuclear reactors, in addition to feeding its army, while the hostile commies* gave us nothing but empty assurances in return.

The full price of electing liberals does not become clear until long after they have left office. Just wait until the bill comes due for putting Obama in a position to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.

On a tip from Torcer.

*I mean North Korea, not Clinton and Carter.

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