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Aug 16 2017

Now Brit Hume Is a Nazi — For Sharing an Article From The Atlantic

James Damore was sure right when he said,

“I’m a centrist, and they’re calling me a Nazi. That is a real problem.”

In the frenzy that has resulted from progressives’ eagerness to capitalize on their big propaganda coup in Charlottesville, even middle-of-the-roaders like Brit Hume qualify as Nazis. His sin was sharing an article from a publication generally regarded as well to the left of center:

Until recently Shaub was the director of the United States Office of Government Ethics.

The strategy is to present us with a binary choice: the ultraleft, as exemplified by Antifa, or “Nazis,” loosely defined as anyone who could find flaw with Antifa and its objectives. When the post-Charlottesville hysteria peters out, this strategy may well blow up in liberals’ faces, leaving the marginalizers marginalized.

On a tip from Torcer.

  • physicsnut

    It was RED DIAPER BABIES who wanted a DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT. and they still infest this country.

    CPUSA COMMIE AGENTS all over FDR’s administration.
    Here they are – with their KGB code names.


    Solomon Adler = “SACHS” in Golos-Bentley group – in Treasury Dept
    Virginius Frank Coe = “PEAK” – was in Treasury Dept – US rep to IMF
    Laurence Duggan = “FRANK” PRINCE” or “SHERWOOD”
    Noel Field – in State Dept
    Harold Glasser = “RUBLE” – Perlo Group – Treasury dept, War Production Board
    Alger Hiss = “ALES” in State Dept, FDR advisor at Yalta – worked for GRU – Chairman at UN conference
    Victor Perlo = “RAIDER” was at Treasury and War Production Board
    Abraham George Silverman = “AILERON” – Asst chief of Air staff – Silvermaster Group
    Nathan Gregory Silvermaster = “PAL” “ROBERT” Board of Economic Warfare
    William Taylor – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    William Ludwig Ullman – Silvermaster Group – at Treasury
    Henry Julian Wadleigh – at State Dept
    Harry Dexter White = “JURIST” “LAWYER” “RICHARD” asst Sec of Treasury – wrote a tax plan for Soviet Union !

  • FromNJ

    Basically anyone who voted for PDT is now a Nazi.
    Is that a step up from racist, bigoted, xenophobic homophobe?

  • Don’t know this Walter Shaub but reading his response my initial view is that he probably is intellectually unethical or cognitively addled.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    The Atlantic is about as limousine-liberal as a rag can get.

    The alt-left is heading for blood in the streets.

  • Anonymous

    Be a good Marxist or you’re an evil racist now. (Thanks, progressives!!)

  • Dan Northrup

    “I may not agree with what they say or think, but I will die for their right to say it.”
    Has now become….
    “I may not agree with what they say or think, so they have no rights.”

    Just look at the daily stormer, I don’t sympathize with nazis, but I do support their right to free speech. Just like the black panthers, or islam, or any other belief. The country has truly lost its way.

  • 127guy

    I follow a policy of politeness to a point after which a well-placed “F Off” works well. No charge – Brit.

  • StephaneDumas

    All it miss to that statue, is a thing showing a little “erection”….Sorry I couldn’t resist. 😉

  • Apparently anyone to the right of Rachel Maddow or left of Michael Moore is a Nazi.

  • Pork_Soda
    My general attitude towards those ponces is expressed most eloquently by Vyvyan from The Young Ones.

  • MAGA

    I take solace in the knowledge that ultimately the alt left will overplay their hand and lose public support.

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  • millard fillmore

    When Walter Blob grows up(he’s already a rather large slob),will he still be a spokesman for anti-American Snowflake Fascists?

  • Obama’s boyfriend

    What public support do they have now except for faculty lounge lossers, the MSM, and the denizens of the swamp?

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