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Sep 04 2017

March to Confront White Supremacy Flounders, Resorts to Hate Hoaxing

The March to Confront White Supremacy won’t be remembered for much, even if any of the handful of remaining participants (down to “about 35” as of a few days ago) actually make it to Washington. But at least it made the Hate Hoax List thanks to squeals of faux terror:

An armed man allegedly made threatening statements to March to Confront White Supremacy participants, briefly halting the group’s trek on Wednesday, according to organizers.

The man reportedly threatened to wait for the marchers with a gun at the McDonalds along U.S. 29 in Madison County, group organizers announced Thursday morning.

Sounds scary. How brave they are to march against white competence I mean supremacy in the face of such threats.

Then again…

Corrinne Geller, public relations director for the Virginia State Police, said there were no direct threats made against the marchers or any violation of the law.

“There was an individual who was in the vicinity of the marchers with a legal, open carry firearm on his person,” Geller said. “Local and state law enforcement personnel were aware of his presence.”

It is likely that if this individual had threatened to shoot the moonbats as implied, he would have been arrested. At best, any danger posed has been exaggerated for effect.

For those who never heard of the March to Confront White Supremacy,

The planned 118 mile march began at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville [last] Monday and is scheduled to end in D.C. on Sept. 6.

The purpose of the march, according to its website, is to “demand the removal from office [of] all officials who enable white supremacy, including President Trump.”

Marchers are also calling for the removal of all Confederate symbols and for charges to be dropped against people arrested for protesting white supremacists in Charlottesville, among other demands.

It would be a shame to shamble all that way, only to have their laughable demands ignored. Now that they have been immortalized on the Hate Hoax List, maybe any moonbats who stick it out all the way to D.C. will feel as if they have made an impact.

Actor Mark Ruffalo marches among the other hapless moonbats.

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