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Sep 10 2017

Concerned Mom Banned From Twitter for Objecting to the Corruption of Children by Pervert

Some views are so outrageous that Twitter bans those who express them. For example, thought criminal Elizabeth Johnston, machinating under the alias The Activist Mommy, was so extreme as to complain about Teen Vogue encouraging children to perform a deviant sex act that can spread AIDS and result in direct physical damage. Exhibit A, from her altercation with Teen Vogue editor Phillip Picardi:


Punishment was swift:

Not only has Twitter banned her, but YouTube will not allow her video commentaries to be monetized. While Johnston’s posts and views are controversial to some, none of what she has to say is new. Her views on homosexuality come from the best-selling book in the world — the Bible.

The Activist Mommy isn’t the only one who was enraged when Picardi published a teen girls’ guide to anal sex in a recent issue. Picardi responded to criticism by tweeting a picture too disgusting to show here.

The overlords of social media have no problem with him. On the contrary, they share an agenda.

On tips from Bodhisattva and Jester.

  • Frank

    ” .. Picardi published a teen girls’ guide to anal sex in a recent issue”
    Why would any parent permit a child to read that rag???

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Since it’s carried everywhere from libraries to malls to orthodontist offices to supermarkets, no parent has to “permit” a kid to read it. He or she can find it outside the purview of parents.

    You drop your kid off at the library and she comes home learning about lube from a mag placed in the “tweens” section. That’s why they put the articles there purposely — as an end-run around parents.

    This is all being done, by the way, as a way to butter up advertisers like K-Y Jelly and Gardasil. The more kids having sex, the more money rolls in.

  • Howard Lee Wilder

    Butter up? Ha! I see what you did there… Very apropos

  • calvin

    Butter up? Ha! I see what you did there… Very apropos

  • Eddie_Valiant

    @Activistmommy1 is back on Twitter.

    If you use Twitter, go to @pfpicardi and starting reporting him as a child molester. The more people do that, the faster these sh*theads will get tossed.

  • TED

    Ah YES, life today in the USA. MOM BANNED for having STANDARDS and wanting to protect her children from the LEFT!!!

  • TED
  • TED
  • TED
  • TED
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  • Anonymous
  • grayjohn

    Twitter loves all things corrupt and evil. You can tell by whom they censor. If it’s sick and depraved they will protect it. If it is decent and truthful they will destroy and delete it. Twitter is ass cancer.

  • KauaiGoneGin

    A Fascist oligarchy runs the world from gubmint to media and corporate entities beyond.

  • ICEvictim

    the Lavender Mafia’s rump rangers are among the current sacred cows.

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