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Sep 13 2017

Confirmed: Google Systematically Suppresses Conservative Thought on Internet

Anyone running a site like this one can give you anecdotal evidence. Now we have mathematical evidence. Google — Number One Gateway to the Internet — is using its alarming power to suppress traffic to conservative websites.

A new research report written by mathematician and DefyCCC editor, Leo Goldstein, alleged that Google’s search function is biased against conservative news sites, and specifically notes that the topics of climate change and general politics are impacted as a result.

Conducting his research through Alexa, Goldstein found the following:

Google’s search functionality “is found to be biased in favor of left/liberal domains,” and “against conservative domains” with what he calls a confidence of 95 percent.

The percentage of “hard-left” domain traffic which are referred to websites by Google Search are heavily disproportionate to that of more conservative-leaning websites

There appears to be evidence that “hard-left” domains have been “hand-picked” for prominent placement.

Google says that it has integrated new algorithms to reduce “misleading information.” To get an idea of what the fanatics running Google might regard as “misleading information,” consider what it did to a moderate guy like James Damore for expressing commonsense opinions.

Google “evaluators” flag content not only for being “misleading,” but also for being “offensive.” That might explain why, which used to get most of its traffic through Google, now gets hardly any.

Less traffic means less revenue. Less revenue means less time. Less time means less pushback against radical leftism on the Internet.

Google’s grip on power won’t last forever. But things are likely to get worse before they get better.

Not all tyrants use government.

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